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Now Playing: Michael Jackson was set to become the Billion Dollar Man if he had lived to perform his concerts in .. Charlie Sheen Skips Three Months Of Child Support
2014-04-04 'Celebrities at Home': At Home with Denise Richards
2014-03-31 Charlie Sheen Shows Up for Daughters' Career Day!
2014-03-23 John Mayer, Charlie Sheen & the Great Rolex Lawsuit
2014-03-20 Charlie Sheen's Pal Sold John Mayer $5 Million in Fake Watches
2014-03-19 Charlie Sheen Took Vicodin & Punched Through A Wall While Getting His New Ink Done In Mexico
2014-03-06 Darius McCrary: Charlie Sheen's Right, Prenups & Love Don't Mix
2014-02-24 Charlie Spreads the Sheen!
2014-02-19 Charlie Sheen Will Have Kids With Brett Rossi
2014-02-18 'Clue Dat': How Well Do You Know Celebrities?
2014-02-17 Charlie Sheen Engaged To Porn Star Brett Rossi
2014-02-17 Charlie Sheen Threatens to Put Ashton Kutcher in the Hospital
2014-02-07 Charlie Sheen Gets Busted
2014-01-25 Denise Richards Caused Charlie Sheen to Fake New Marriage
2014-01-07 Charlie Sheen Might Have Married His Girlfriend
2014-01-06 Robin Roberts Shares First Picture Of Her Longtime Girlfriend, Amber Laign, From Her Niece's Wedding!
2014-01-06 Top 10 Hot-Headed Actors
2014-01-05 Charlie Sheen Twitter Rants About 'Duck Dynasty' Star's Anti-Gay Remarks
2013-12-23 Charlie Sheen's Credit Card & Porn Stars Problems
2013-12-04 Sofia Vergara Is TV's Highest Paid Actor
2013-12-03 Stars Ridiculously Overpaid Gigs
2013-11-16 Charlie Sheen Sticks Up For Toronto Mayor Rob Ford
2013-11-15 Charlie Sheen Dodges Contempt Bullet for Violating Gag Order
2013-11-13 Charlie Sheen's Kids Being Tested for Drugs
2013-11-12 Charlie Sheen Ready to Apologize to Former Boss Chuck Lorre
2013-11-11 Charlie Sheen Trying to Make Amends with Chuck Lorre
2013-11-11 Charlie Sheen's Twin Troubles
2013-11-09 Top 10 Celebrity Womanizers
2013-11-05 Charlie Sheen and Peter Greenaway Will Attend Baja Fest
2013-10-31 Roeper's Machete Kills Review
2013-10-13 Danny Trejo On Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Lady Gaga
2013-10-03 Zac Efron Partied With Charlie Sheen During The Height Of His Addiction!?
2013-09-20 Charlie Sheen Calls BS On Story He Partied With Zac Efron
2013-09-20 Charlie Sheen Receives His High School Diploma
2013-09-15 Charlie Sheen Finally Graduates High School
2013-09-13 Selma Blair Threatening to Sue Charlie Sheen
2013-09-13 Charlie Sheen Graduates High School, Gets Diploma on ‘Tonight Show’
2013-09-13 Selma Blair Demands $1.2M, Threatens Charlie Sheen With Potential Lawsuit
2013-09-13 Charlie Sheen Hiding Past Hook-Up With Selma Blair?
2013-09-12 Charlie Sheen's Lesbian Daughter On 'Two Men' Revealed
2013-08-08 Amber Heard, Charlie Sheen, Michelle Rodriguez in "Machete Kills" New Full Trailer
2013-08-04 Denise Richards' Evolving Relationship With Charlie Sheen
2013-07-29 First Look: Denise Richards' Evolving Relationship With Charlie Sheen
2013-07-26 Denise Richards Gains Custody of Charlie Sheen's Twins
2013-07-19 Charlie Sheen Is a Grandfather Now
2013-07-18 Charlie Sheen Using Former Co-Star To Get Out Child Support Payments
2013-07-12 Charlie Sheen Searching For The Loch Ness Monster
2013-07-11 Charlie Sheen Files Legal Docs To Get Out Of Paying Child Support
2013-07-03 Farrah Abraham Says Charlie Sheen Is 'Meaner Than Amanda Bynes'
2013-06-27 Selma Blair Fired From Anger Management After Feud With Charlie Sheen
2013-06-19 Selma Blair Officially Fired After Fight With Charlie Sheen
2013-06-19 Charlie Sheen Fires Selma Blair From 'Anger Management'
2013-06-19 Selma Blair Responds After Charlie Sheen Fires Her
2013-06-19 Charlie Sheen Allegedly Fires Selma Blair from 'Anger Management'
2013-06-18 Charlie Sheen Fires Selma Blair After She Complains About Him
2013-06-17 Charlie Sheen Angry at Farrah Abraham For Leaking Texts
2013-06-14 Charlie Sheen Reportedly Slams Farrah Abraham Over Text Leak
2013-06-14 Charlie Sheen's Must-Read Rejection of Farrah Abraham
2013-06-14 Farrah Abraham Sexting Charlie Sheen
2013-06-13 Denise Richards Reveals Current Relationship Status With Charlie Sheen
2013-06-12 Charlie Sheen's Childhood To Blame For His Troubled Ways
2013-06-06 Charlie Sheen Goes Back To His Birth Name
2013-05-28 Charlie Sheen's Real Name Makes a Comeback
2013-05-25 Charlie Sheen Ditches His Stage Name For Birth Name
2013-05-24 Denise Richards Calls Charlie Sheen 'Greatest Ex': How They Make It Work
2013-05-17 Government Deems Charlie Sheen Graffiti 'Too Political'
2013-05-14 Denise Richards: Why Charlie Sheen Is The Best Ex Ever
2013-05-14 Charlie Sheen & Denise Richards Bound By Gag Order In Brooke Mueller Case
2013-05-08 Brooke Mueller Checks Into Hospital, Charlie Sheen Approves
2013-05-06 Brooke Mueller Loses Custody of Charlie Sheen's Kids
2013-05-03 Charlie Sheen's Kids Taken From Brooke Mueller, Given To Denise Richards
2013-05-03 First Look: Heidi Fleiss' Big Mistake With Charlie Sheen
2013-04-25 Charlie Sheen Kisses and Grabs Lindsay Lohan At Scary Movie 5 Premiere
2013-04-13 Charlie Sheen Goes All-In: Scary Movie 5 Premiere
2013-04-12 Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen Premiere 'Scary Movie 5'
2013-04-12 Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan at "Scary Movie V" Premiere
2013-04-12 Charlie Sheen Kisses Lindsay Lohan at the Scary Movie 5 Premiere
2013-04-12 Charlie Sheen Candidly Speaks About Lindsay Lohan Rumors
2013-04-11 Charlie Sheen Defends Lindsay Lohan's Honor On 'Leno'
2013-04-11 Charlie Sheen Explains Why He's Rooting For Lohan
2013-03-28 Lindsay Lohan's Pre-Rehab Schedule Includes Charlie Sheen
2013-03-22 Will Lindsay Lohan Ditch Charlie Sheen Before Rehab?
2013-03-21 Charlie Sheen Finally Explains Daughter's Bullying At School
2013-03-19 Charlie Sheen To Be Prosecuted Over Dog Poo Threats?
2013-03-18 Charlie Sheen Enlists Fans To Get Revenge On Daughter's School
2013-03-14 Top WTF Moments: Charlie Sheen, KStew & Kim Kardashian
2013-03-15 Charlie Sheen Fathered 22-Year-Old With Flight Attendant?
2013-03-14 Lindsay Lohan Turns Down Charlie Sheen As A Mentor
2013-03-04 Charlie Sheen Helps Lindsay Lohan Pay For Red Carpet Gown
2013-02-13 Charlie Sheen Offers to Pay Half of Lindsay Lohan's Dress
2013-02-13 Top 10 Crazy Charlie Sheen Moments
2013-02-07 Charlie Sheen Has a Message For Future Goddesses
2013-02-06 Why Charlie Sheen Says He Won't Ever Marry Again
2013-02-05 Why Charlie Sheen Regrets Giving Lindsay Lohan So Much Money
2013-01-31 Lady Gaga Wanted To Give Lap Dance Charlie Sheen With Britney Spears
2013-01-17 Charlie Sheen Says Lindsay Lohan Refused To Rehearse With Him
2013-01-17 Exclusive: Charlie Sheen Talks About Becoming a Grandfather
2013-01-16 Charlie Sheen Is Going to Be A Grandpa
2013-01-15 Charlie Sheen Implies He's Back On Drugs, Wasn't During 'Meltdown'
2013-01-15 Charlie Sheen Paying For Bieber Paparazzo Funeral

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