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Now Playing: Charlie Sheen Calls Denise Richards "Worst Mom Alive" in Hate Twitter Rant Charlie Sheen Calls Denise Richards "Worst Mom Alive" in Hate Twitter Rant
2015-06-22 Charlie Sheen Treated for Food Poisoning at L.A. Hospital
2015-06-10 Charlie Sheen -- Dripping Wet ... Over Justin Bieber!!??
2015-05-28 Another Top 10 Celebrity Falls from Grace
2015-05-26 Martin Sheen Talks About Charlie Sheen's Public Meltdown and More
2015-05-26 Charlie Sheen Knows What's Wrong With Tiger Woods
2015-05-08 The Worst Possible People to Be in a Car Share With
2015-05-03 Jon Cryer Withdrew Support for Charlie Sheen After ‘Troll' Insult
2015-04-16 Why Jon Cryer Knew He Had to Put Charlie Sheen in His Memoir
2015-04-08 Jon Cryer Talks Dating Demi Moore & Post-Divorce Prostitutes in New Memoir
2015-04-07 Charlie Sheen -- Blasts Obama for Final 4 Picks ... 'He's Wasting Valuable Time!'
2015-03-21 Charlie Sheen -- Blasts Obama for Final 4 Pics ... 'He's Wasting Valuable Time!'
2015-03-20 Charlie Sheen Slams Chuck Lorre Over ‘Two And A Half Men' Finale
2015-03-11 Denise Richards Is The Coolest Mum In Town
2015-03-10 Charlie Sheen -- Chuck Lorre Was Stupid to Diss Me ... Watch Your Back
2015-03-10 'Two and a Half Men' Stars and Creator Talk 'Undignified' Goodbye
2015-02-20 'Two and a Half Men' Finale Brings Back Charlie ... Kinda
2015-02-20 'Two and a Half Men' Finale Takes Down Charlie Sheen
2015-02-20 Charlie Sheen Wants to Run for President in 2016
2015-02-12 10 Awful Crimes Committed By Famous Celebrities
2015-01-27 Bradley Cooper on 'American Sniper' and More
2015-01-13 Charlie Sheen Slams Kim Kardashian
2015-01-07 Charlie Sheen Apologizes After Expletive-Filled Twitter Rant at Kim Kardashian: ''I'm an Idiot as Often as I'm a Genius''
2015-01-07 Charlie Sheen Apologizes to Kim K for Brutal Rant
2015-01-07 Charlie Sheen Apologizes for Insulting Kim Kardashian
2015-01-07 Charlie Sheen to Kim K ... 'Go F Yourself' ... And Your Ass Is 'Gross' and 'Giggly'
2015-01-06 Charlie Sheen Goes on Epic Rant Against Kim Kardashian
2015-01-06 Robin Wright's Love Life Explored
2014-12-30 Will Charlie Sheen Return for the 'Two and a Half Men' Finale?
2014-12-18 Charlie Sheen to Reprise Famous Role
2014-12-18 Ashton Kutcher Is "Terrified" by Two and a Half Men Series Finale... Because It Involves Charlie Sheen?
2014-12-12 Charlie Sheen Settles With Brooke After Booze, Abuse Allegations
2014-12-09 Jon Cryer on His First Audition for "Two and a Half Men"
2014-12-05 If Celebs Were Your Uber Driver
2014-11-16 Charlie Sheen's Ex Brett Rossi Overdoses
2014-11-04 Charlie Sheen's Ex-Fiance Overdoses Three Weeks After Split
2014-11-04 Charlie Sheen Will Not Ask for Brett Rossi to Return Engagement Ring
2014-10-21 Top 10 Famous Douchebags
2014-10-19 Charlie Sheen And Fiance Split Just Weeks Ahead of Wedding
2014-10-17 9 Weird and Wonderful Charlie Sheen Quotes
2014-10-12 Charlie Sheen Rips Accusing Dental Technician As 'Jobless Troll' in Epic Ti
2014-10-03 Charlie Sheen Under Investigation for Pulling Knife on His Dentist
2014-10-02 Charlie Sheen Investigated For Allegedly Brandishing Knife on Dentist
2014-10-02 Helping People Spread Contagious Kindness
2014-09-20 History's Best (and Worst) Tippers
2014-09-15 Charlie Sheen Sends Waiter $1000 Dollars After NFL Player Tips 20 Cents
2014-09-12 7 Actors Who Almost Played Batman
2014-08-24 See a Young Charlie Sheen Slam His First Ever Movie
2014-08-09 Charlie Sheen: 'I'm So Hammered'
2014-07-16 Katherine Heigl Will Work Hard To Change The Perception That She Is A Diva
2014-07-15 Charlie Sheen's Fiancee: 'We're Thinking of Having Kids'
2014-07-14 Charlie Sheen -- All Geared Up For Sportscasting Debut
2014-05-26 Rihanna Shells Sheen Again!
2014-05-24 Two And A Half Men To End After Season 12: Will Charlie Sheen Return?!
2014-05-14 Charlie Sheen Skips Three Months Of Child Support
2014-04-04 Charlie Sheen Shows Up for Daughters' Career Day!
2014-03-23 John Mayer, Charlie Sheen & the Great Rolex Lawsuit
2014-03-20 Charlie Sheen's Pal Sold John Mayer $5 Million in Fake Watches
2014-03-19 Charlie Sheen Took Vicodin & Punched Through A Wall While Getting His New Ink Done In Mexico
2014-03-06 Darius McCrary: Charlie Sheen's Right, Prenups & Love Don't Mix
2014-02-24 Charlie Spreads the Sheen!
2014-02-19 Charlie Sheen Will Have Kids With Brett Rossi
2014-02-18 'Clue Dat': How Well Do You Know Celebrities?
2014-02-17 Charlie Sheen Engaged To Porn Star Brett Rossi
2014-02-17 Charlie Sheen Threatens to Put Ashton Kutcher in the Hospital
2014-02-07 Charlie Sheen Gets Busted
2014-01-25 Denise Richards Caused Charlie Sheen to Fake New Marriage
2014-01-07 Charlie Sheen Might Have Married His Girlfriend
2014-01-06 Robin Roberts Shares First Picture Of Her Longtime Girlfriend, Amber Laign, From Her Niece's Wedding!
2014-01-06 Top 10 Hot-Headed Actors
2014-01-05 Charlie Sheen Twitter Rants About 'Duck Dynasty' Star's Anti-Gay Remarks
2013-12-23 Charlie Sheen's Credit Card & Porn Stars Problems
2013-12-04 Sofia Vergara Is TV's Highest Paid Actor
2013-12-03 Stars Ridiculously Overpaid Gigs
2013-11-16 Charlie Sheen Sticks Up For Toronto Mayor Rob Ford