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'Machete Kills' Trailer Brings The Stars And The Action

5/30/2013 5:03pm EDT
Machete Kills
Machete is back – on orders from the President of the United States.

In the new trailer for grindhouse flick Machete Kills, Danny Trejo returns as the former Federal agent Machete. After having a stay of execution from none other than the President of the United States, he’s hired to take on an eccentric billionaire arms dealer who wants to spread chaos across the world.

Amusingly, the President is “newcomer” Carlos Estevez – the first time ever Charlie Sheen has been credited in a film with his real name. And that eccentric billionaire? He’s played by Mel Gibson!

The trailer is just a...

Charlie Sheen's Twin Sons To Remain In The Care Of Ex-Wife Denise Richards

5/8/2013 3:43pm EDT
Charlie Sheen
A Los Angeles judge ruled on Tuesday that Charlie Sheen's twin boys Max and Bob will be staying in the care of his ex-wife Denise Richards while their mother, Brooke Mueller, undergoes treatment for her prescription drug addiction.

The two four-year-olds were taken from Mueller's home on Thursday by the Department of Children and Family Services, officials for which called her home an "unsafe environment" for the children.

Richards, who took custody of the kids so they could be with their half-sisters Sam and Lola, accompanied Sheen and Mueller's lawyers to court on Tuesday, where a judge...

Brooke Mueller May Check Into Rehab For 20th Time

5/6/2013 5:02pm EDT
Brooke Mueller
Following the removal of her children from her home by Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family services, Brooke Mueller has checked into a medical center to battle prescription drug abuse.

Mueller voluntarily admitted herself to the UCLA Medical Center to receive treatment. The two children she had with ex Charlie Sheen, Bob and Max, have been put into the care of Sheen's other ex-wife Denise Richards.

"Despite reports to the contrary, Brooke is currently at UCLA Medical Center where she has been since being admitted May 3," Mueller's rep said, referring to rumors that she wa...

Charlie Sheen Says Ex-Wife Denise Richards Will Give His Sons A Safe, Stable Environment

5/4/2013 9:43am EDT
Charlie Sheen
After his twin sons were removed from their mother's home on Thursday, Charlie Sheen gave his ex-wife Denise Richards permission to look after them.  

Sheen and Brooke Mueller's four-year-old boys will temporarily stay with Richards until officials determine a permanent housing situation during a hearing next week. L.A. County D.C.F.S. officers decided Mueller's home was an "unsafe environment" due to her suspected drug use.

Sheen is pleased that Richards stepped in to look after his kids. When Mueller underwent treatment in rehab in 2011, Richards did the same thing, according to

Denise Richards Is Taking Care Of Ex Charlie Sheen's Other Ex's Kids

5/3/2013 6:12pm EDT
Denise Richards
Denise Richards deserves a lot of gifts this upcoming Mother's Day. She was recently awarded temporary custody of her ex-husband Charlie Sheen's twin sons. Officials reportedly removed Bob and Max from their mother Brooke Mueller's home as a result of her drug use.

A source told Radar, "Social workers felt that Bob and Max weren't safe in Brooke's care."

Mueller has reportedly been to rehab more than 19 times.

It isn't the first time Richards has jumped in to take care of the twin boys. Last year she was their guardian while Mueller was in rehab. There's no explanation why Sheen, who div...

Charlie Sheen Threatens The Media: 'Leave Denise Richards Alone'

5/1/2013 2:36pm EDT
Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen has slammed the media over ongoing speculation surrounding his ex-wife Denise Richards' new thinner look, insisting she is incredibly healthy.

The Blonde and Blonder actress attracted criticism last week after images of the actress looking skinnier than usual appeared online, prompting gossips to suggest that the mom of three had adopted an extreme diet.

Richards hit back at the claims on Monday, saying, "I don't know why lately I've been getting so much flak for it... I have a very healthy lifestyle and I'm busy."

Now, Anger Management star has come to his ex's defense ...

Weekly Celebrity Twitter Roundup: Coachella, Stoned Dogs & Boy Problems All In The Same Place

4/13/2013 10:30am EDT
Rupert Grint
Welcome to Starpulse's Weekly Celebrity Twitter roundup, once again serving you the best from the celebrity Twitterverse.

 To start, here's the very cool 'Lego House' music video by Ed Sheeran, starring your favorite smiley ginger, Rupert Grint, put side by side with a fan made Lego Stop-Motion video.

 Well here it is. The Lego stop motion version of the Lego House video ! -

— Ed Sheeran (@edsheeran) April 11, 2013

I heard Lindsay Lohan cried on "Late Show" with David Letterman. Why? Did he tell her there was no vodka in the green room????

— Lisa Lampanel...

Charlie Sheen Claims Lindsay Lohan Had 'Anger Management' Crew 'Held Hostage'

4/11/2013 11:40pm EDT
Anger Management
Charlie Sheen has confirmed reports suggesting Lindsay Lohan regularly arrived late to work while filming a guest spot on his TV show Anger Management.

The Mean Girls actress, who recently starred with Sheen in Scary Movie 5, plays herself in an upcoming episode of popular sitcom, and the actor has admitted he felt like a "hostage" on his own set because he had no control over his pal's tardy behavior.

Rumors suggested Lohan was often late to set and attempted to walk away with pricey jewelry from the shoot, and on Wednesday Sheen addressed the gossip during an appearance on The Tonight...

Lindsay Lohan, Brooke Mueller & Other Celebrities Who Have Gone To Rehab Multiple Times

4/2/2013 3:00pm EDT
Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller
Brooke Mueller's answer to her addiction to Adderall is rehab - for the 19th time. Charlie Sheen's ex, and the mother of his twin sons, is back in treatment after allegedly overdosing on the prescription drug, which is used to treat Attention Deficit Disorder. She is surely number one on the list of stars who've gone to rehab the most number of times.

But Mueller isn't the only star who has needed a little help kicking an addiction. Sheen has reportedly received treatment at least five times since 1990. Lindsay Lohan, who co-stars with Sheen in the upcoming "Scary Movie 5" and "Anger Manag...

Charlie Sheen Unleashes Twitter Tirade After Daughter Was 'Bullied Out Of' School

3/14/2013 8:55am EDT
Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen launched into an angry online rant on Wednesday over allegations his daughter has been bullied at school.

The Anger Management star claims Sam, his nine-year-old child by ex-wife Denise Richards, has been "bullied out of" an educational facility in California.

In a lengthy post on his page, he writes, "This is a legitimate call to arms. my daughter Sam was bullied out of... school and then called a liar. it's on!

"If you have a rotted egg, a roll of toilet paper or some dog s**t; I urge u to deliver it with 'extreme prejudice' to their KamPuss run by trolls a...

Charlie Sheen Offers To Be Lindsay Lohan's 'Mentor'

3/4/2013 9:18am EST
Charlie Sheen & Lindsay Lohan
Just when you think things can't get any weirder in Hollywood, they do. Charlie Sheen thinks Lindsay Lohan could benefit by hanging out with him as opposed to mixing with her "dress-shredding club buddies."

This comes from the guy who not too long ago insisted he was made of tiger blood and cavorted with porn stars.

Over the past 18 months Lohan has gotten mixed up in a series of legal troubles. She currently faces jail time for violating her probation on a jewelry theft charge by allegedly lying to police officers about a 2012 car crash.

It gets worse. On Friday, a judge questioned the ...

Lindsay Lohan To Romance Charlie Sheen In 'Anger Management'

2/26/2013 10:33am EST
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen are teaming up again for his FX series "Anger Management." According to, the actress will play herself in an upcoming episode.

Lohan will romance Sheen's character Charlie Goodson after becoming one of his therapy patients.

Sheen and Lohan worked together on "Scary Movie 5" and have struck up a friendship. Last year the actor reportedly gave her $100,000 to pay off a tax debt.

Sheen also offered to pay for a gown she wore to an amFAR event earlier this month. Lohan has since been accused of ruining the $1,750 dress she borrowed for it. When she...

Charlie Sheen Covers Costs Of Injured Girl's Therapy Dog

2/15/2013 2:14pm EST
Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen has offered to cover the costs of a therapy dog for a young teen, who was injured when she fell from an amusement park ride in 2010.

Teagan Marti suffered brain, spine, pelvis and internal injuries when she plummeted 100 feet from the Terminal Velocity attraction at Extreme World in Wisconsin after the ride's safety nets failed.

On Thursday, the Anger Management star shelled out $10,000 to aid her in her recovery by supplying the 15 year old with a specially-trained Golden Retriever puppy, who will help her during rehabilitation.

Marti tells the Associated Press, "I thin...

Charlie Sheen: 'I Was Doing Too Much Testosterone Cream'

2/6/2013 9:36am EST
Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen is convinced testosterone cream is to blame for his highly-publicized 2011 meltdown.

The actor staged a series of bizarre media interviews and an ill-fated comedy tour after a public feud with bosses of his hit TV show Two and a Half Men led to them firing him over his erratic behavior.

Sheen has vehemently denied allegations alcohol and drugs were the root of his problems as he attempted to recover from the loss of his show, and now he confesses he believes a topical solution he used to boost his energy levels and libido was the cause.

He tells Katie Couric, "I think I ...

Charlie Sheen: 'I Was Broke During My Tour'

1/20/2013 9:37am EST
Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen scheduled his ill-fated one-man comedy tour because he was so broke he couldn't afford to pay his bills.

The actor suffered a highly public meltdown and was fired from his sitcom Two and a Half Men in 2011 following a nasty feud with show bosses.

Sheen's bizarre antics became headline news and he appeared to capitalize on his notoriety by setting off on a comedy tour of the U.S. and Canada, called My Violent Torpedo Of Truth/Death Is Not An Option.

However, many of the shows were met with mixed reviews from audiences, and some disastrous gigs ended in walkouts and heckling....

Lady Gaga Wanted Charlie Sheen For X-Rated Music Video

1/17/2013 3:43pm EST
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga once called Charlie Sheen and asked him to appear in one of her music videos. 

The former Two and a Half Men star was put in contact with the pop superstar when they were both cast in new movie Machete Kills, and Sheen reveals the singer called him up with an interesting offer. 

The actor claims Gaga wanted him to feature in a music video set in a strip club and he accepted her offer, but the Poker Face hit maker never moved forward with the plans. 

Sheen tells, "We didn't share any scenes (in Machete Kills) but I actually spoke to her on the phone. She wanted...

Charlie Sheen Says Lindsay Lohan Wouldn't Rehearse Scenes For 'Scary Movie 5'

1/17/2013 10:47am EST
Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen grew frustrated with Lindsay Lohan on the set of Scary Movie 5 because the troubled actress refused to rehearse their scenes together. 

Lohan shares the screen with the former Two and a Half Men star in the new horror spoof, but she was dogged by rumors of on-set drama after reportedly missing her flight to the shoot and skipping wardrobe fittings. 

Sheen has now revealed that although he "felt bad for her," he was also annoyed when Lohan refused to rehearse with him. 

He tells, "I felt bad for her. I was with some of her team the night before making sure ...

Charlie Sheen To Be A Grandfather!

1/15/2013 8:37am EST
Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen, 47, is to become a grandfather.

The former Two and a Half Men star's daughter Cassandra Estevez is expecting her first child with her husband Casey Huffman.

The couple's happy news was announced by Sheen's ex-wife, Denise Richards, who writes in a post on, "I guess some of you have heard... Charlie Sheen is going to be a Grampa... yes GRAMPA! His beautiful daughter Cassandra is gonna be a mama..."

The 28 year old, whose mother is Sheen's former high school girlfriend Paula Profit, married Huffman in California in 2010.

Roman Coppola Denied Film Insurance After Hiring Charlie Sheen

1/14/2013 9:53am EST
A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charlie Swan III
Director Roman Coppola wasn't able to land insurance for his new movie A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III after casting formerly embattled star Charlie Sheen as his lead.

Sheen was fired from TV sitcom Two and a Half Men in March 2011, following a much-publicized breakdown which began when he trashed a hotel room in New York.

After losing his job on the sitcom, Sheen fell into a downward spiral and spent several weeks making bizarre public appearances before hitting the road on an ill-advised comedy tour.

As a result, financial backers were hesitant to support Coppola's upc...

Charlie Sheen Helps To Pay For Paparazzo's Funeral

1/10/2013 8:45am EST
Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen has donated $12,000 to the family of the paparazzo who was killed while attempting to photograph Justin Bieber.

The Anger Management star handed over the check to help cover funeral costs for snapper Christopher James Guerra, who was struck by a car in Los Angeles while working on New Year's Day.

Despite being a regular paparazzi target himself, Sheen admits he was heartbroken by the accident.

In a statement, he says, "A tragic incident like this erases the line between the photographer and the subject. It's an unforgiving moment that begs us all to be human and work as ...

Charlie Sheen Is Dating Another Porn Star

1/5/2013 3:00pm EST
Charlie Sheen & Georgia Jones
Charlie Sheen and adult film star Georgia Jones were photographed kissing in Mexico earlier this week, prompting rumors the two are a couple.

The "Anger Management" star celebrated the New Year in Cabo San Lucas where he was joined on vacation by his rumored lover Jones.

Images posted by show the actor smooching the denim romper-clad XXX star, who was holding a cigarette in one hand and a beer bottle in the other. Sheen, 47, held a cigar.

The twosome partied into the early hours together on New Year's Eve with the actor's rocker pals Slash and Rob Patterson at local bar El...

Charlie Sheen Apologizes For Homophobic Slur

12/31/2012 3:30pm EST
Anger Management
Charlie Sheen has apologized after he was caught using a homophobic slur while a hosting show in Mexico on Friday.

The former Two And A Half Men star was filmed shouting profanities as he opened his new rooftop bar Epic at the El Ganzo hotel in Cabo San Lucas.

In video footage of the launch, Sheen asks the crowd from onstage, "How we doing? Lying bunch of f**got a**holes, how we doing?"

The controversial actor has now spoken out about the incident, telling, "I meant no ill will and intended to hurt no one and I apologize if I offended anyone."

However, Sheen's sincerity came...

Charlie Sheen Summoned To Testify In Property Dispute

12/28/2012 9:59am EST
Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen has reportedly been called to testify in court in a real estate feud involving his former mother-in-law.

Moira Fiore, whose daughter is Sheen's ex-wife Brooke Mueller, has filed a lawsuit over allegations she missed out on receiving a commission when the actor purchased a home because it went to his real estate agent, Marty Trugman.

Fiore claims the Wall Street star asked her to find him a property, and she enlisted Trugman when he allegedly promised to hand over 25 per cent of his commission.

She maintains Trugman failed to hand over her earnings from the sale, but he t...

Lindsay Lohan Refused To Kiss 'Scary Movie 5' Co-Star Charlie Sheen

12/22/2012 9:26am EST
Lindsay Lohan
Apparently, even Lindsay Lohan has standards - the actress wouldn't kiss her "Scary Movie 5" co-star Charlie Sheen.

Even though both stars signed releases ensuring neither of them had cold sores (caused by the herpes virus), the actress insisted on rewrites so she didn't have to get up close and personal with Sheen, according to

Lohan was reportedly concerned about Sheen's wild past, which includes lots of partying and cavorting with various woman (not unlike Lohan's own past). A couple of years ago Sheen displayed erratic behavior (including claiming to have tiger blood) and at...

Denise Richards Promises To Be There For Charlie Sheen's Twin Boys

12/21/2012 10:28am EST
Denise Richards
Denise Richards has vowed to be on hand to look after her ex-husband Charlie Sheen's twin boys with Brooke Mueller as their mom tries to get a grip on her addiction issues.

The former Bond girl took in Sheen and Mueller's kids, Max and Bob, three, when their mother entered a treatment facility to deal with a prescription pill problem earlier this month.

It is believed the children will remain with Richards over the holidays, as Sheen is filming his new show Anger Management, and the actress insists she will always be there to take in the twins whenever Mueller needs her.

She tells Us ...

Slash Joins Charlie Sheen On 'Anger Management'

12/18/2012 2:18pm EST
Rock star Slash has teamed up with his friend Charlie Sheen to record a special episode of his new TV show Anger Management.

The former Guns N' Roses star has revealed he recently stepped into the studio with Sheen to record a cameo appearance for the upcoming second season of the hit sitcom.

In a post on his page, he writes, "Just did a cameo on Anger Mngmt . Charlie's working w/a (with a) great bunch of people of there."

Sheen previously turned out to support Slash when he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles in July, and the guitarist has said of...

Lindsay Lohan Thanks Charlie Sheen For $100,000 Loan With Bouquet Of Flowers

12/17/2012 10:46am EST
Lindsay Lohan
Too little too late? Charlie Sheen is finally getting the thanks he asked for a generous deed. The actor reportedly gave his "Scary Movie 5" co-star Lindsay Lohan $100,000 to help settle her debts, but he later complained when she didn't thank him for the favor.

The actor discovered the 26-year-old actress owed more than $233,904 in taxes to the Internal Revenue Service, and he recently claimed he gave her some money to tide her over while she was waiting to receive payment from a project.

He explained, "She's a very good and decent young lady that is just going through a lot. They owed ...

This Week's Celebrity Hero: Denise Richards For Taking Care Of Charlie Sheen's Twin Sons

12/12/2012 9:03am EST
Denise Richards
Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen got divorced in 2006, but the actress is still taking care of his messes. Richards has agreed to take care of her ex-husband's twin sons with Brooke Mueller for the holidays as their mother goes to rehab to battle addiction problems.

The two women have been friends for some time, and Mueller reportedly asked the actress to watch her three-year-old sons Max and Bob while she dealt with her prescription pill problem. Sheen is busy filming "Anger Management," and Richards will watch the boys for "an indefinite period of time," according to

Richards ...

Charlie Sheen Donates $75,000 To Child Cancer Patient

12/11/2012 7:17pm EST
Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen has donated $75,000 to a charity set up in aid of a child fighting cancer after he heard about her plight from a police officer.

The former Two and a Half Men star was told about the youngster by a cop in Hermosa Beach, California, who revealed a colleague's 10-year-old daughter named Jasmine Faulk had been diagnosed with Childhood Rhabdomyosarcoma, a cancer which forms in the soft tissue of muscles.

Sheen was so moved he wrote a check for $75,000 for the Hermosa Beach Police Association, whose members have started a fund in Jasmine's honor.

In addition, Eddie Braun, She...

Charlie Sheen To Lindsay Lohan: 'I'm Still Waiting For A Thank You'

12/11/2012 12:38pm EST
Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen is still waiting for a thank you from Lindsay Lohan after he reportedly loaned her $100,000 to help pay her debts.

The actor is said to have given the 26-year-old the generous sum after discovering she owes more than $233,904 to the Internal Revenue Service.

Sheen has not confirmed the exact amount he handed to his Scary Movie 5 co-star, but tells Entertainment Tonight the payment was money Lohan was owed from a project.

However, Sheen admits Lohan has yet to acknowledge his generosity.

He says, "She's a very good and decent young lady that is just going through a lot....