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Now Playing: Rock Of Ages - Exclusive Interview With Paul Giamatti, Malin Akerman And Russell Brand Celebrity Drug Addicts
2014-01-27 'Rock Of Ages' Director Checks Into Rehab
2013-12-10 Adam Shankman Admits Troubles Night Before Entering Rehab
2013-12-10 Adam Shankman Is In Rehab! Director&Hollywood Friend Of Zac Efron&Cory Monteith Seeks He...
2013-12-10 Top 4 Entertainment Stories of the Day
2013-12-10 Nicole's Big Audition #CandidlyNicole
2013-08-13 Lets Get Animated #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene
2013-08-13 Spring Glade #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene
2013-08-13 The Woman In The Box #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene
2013-08-13 The Man In The Mirror #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene
2013-08-13 Dance It Out #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene
2013-08-13 If a Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words...#CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene
2013-08-13 Channing All Over Your Tatum #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene
2013-08-13 Emotional Rollercoaster #CandidlyNicole Deleted Scene
2013-08-13 Nicole's Big Audition - Episode 16 Sneak Peek
2013-08-06 Glee News Pop: RIP Cory Monteith
2013-07-15 Cory Monteith: 'He Was Super Committed to Getting Sober'
2013-07-15 RIP Cory Monteith
2013-07-15 Cory Monteith News Pop: Cory Monteith:"He Was Super Committed to Getting Sober"
2013-07-14 Entertainment News Pop: Beyonce Honors Trayvon Martin After George Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict
2013-07-14 It May Surprise You How Tom Cruise Is Doing
2013-03-13 The Pacifier - Exclusive Clip
2012-12-12 Rock of Ages Behind the Scenes
2012-10-15 Rock of Ages Movie Excerpt
2012-10-15 Rock of Ages Trailer
2012-10-15 Bedtime Stories Movie Review for Parents
2012-08-16 Step Up Revolution - Interview with Adam Shankman, Scott Speer, Jamal Sims&Stephen 'tWitch' Bo...
2012-07-26 Flash Mobbing With the Cast of Step Up Revolution
2012-07-26 Rock of Ages Movie Review for Parents
2012-06-24 Rock Of Ages - Cast and Director Interview
2012-06-15 Rock Of Ages - Exclusive Interview With Adam Shankman, Julianne Hough And Mary J. Blige
2012-06-15 Rock Of Ages - Exclusive Interview With Paul Giamatti, Malin Akerman And Russell Brand
2012-06-15 Rock Of Ages - Clip - Five Minutes And Go
2012-06-14 Rock Of Ages - Clip - We Built This City
2012-06-14 Rock Of Ages - Clip - What About Drew?
2012-06-14 Adam Shankman on Tom Cruise's ROA Abs and Casting Katie Holmes in a Musical
2012-06-13 Cruise: There's no halfway in rock and roll
2012-06-11 Rock Of Ages - European Premiere Report
2012-06-11 Rock of Ages
2012-06-08 COMING SOON - Tom Cruise, Mary J Blige,&Alec Baldwin in ROCK OF AGES movie preview
2012-05-10 Rock of Ages Musical Preview
2012-04-24 From Broadway to the Big Screen: Rock of Ages Trailer
2012-04-15 Bedtime Stories Movie Review
2011-07-14 Unscripted With Adam Sandler and Keri Russell
2011-06-21 Tom Cruise hires Axl Rose's singing coach!
2011-04-15 SNTV - Tom ready to rock out?
2010-10-28 SNTV - Tom Cruise Ready to Rock Out
2010-10-28 Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin to host Oscars in 2010
2009-11-04 Adam Sandler&Russell Brand in Bedtime Stories
2008-12-24 Bedtime Stories - Clip - Big on cows
2008-12-24 Bedtime Stories - Clip - The ending
2008-12-24 Bedtime Stories - Premiere Report

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