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Now Playing: Tom Selleck signs autographs for fans outside of the ABC studios On This Day: January 29
2014-01-29 Tom Selleck Let His Daughter Shape His Career
2013-12-18 CBS Won't Let Tom Selleck Shave His Mustache
2013-12-18 Will Tom Selleck Do '3 Men and a Baby' Sequel?
2013-12-18 Tom Selleck & Arsenio Reenact Chris Brown & Frank Ocean's Twitter Beef
2013-12-18 Ed Decter
2013-05-03 'Something About Mary' Screenwriter Says It Was Almost Completely Different
2013-05-03 'Client List' Writer Impressed With Jennifer Love Hewitt's Abilities
2013-05-03 Top 5 Celebrity Mustaches
2012-10-31 Movember Top Ten Taches
2012-10-28 Movie Re-Casts You Didn't Know
2012-10-09 Hollywood stars show what CBS has to offer in 2012! - Hollywood.TV
2012-08-28 Tom Selleck at The Grove
2012-01-05 Daniel Day Lewis Transforms Into Abraham Lincoln
2011-12-01 Tom Selleck signs autographs for fans outside of the ABC studios
2011-09-17 Blue Bloods Interview With Will Estes
2011-09-14 Tinsletowns Biggest Baseball Fans
2010-10-28 Hollywoods Biggest Baseball Fans
2010-10-27 Killers - Exclusive Interview With Katherine Heigl and Robert Luketic
2010-06-18 Killers - Clip - Skeet Shooting
2010-06-16 Killers - Clip - Trust Circle
2010-06-16 Killers - Exclusive European premiere
2010-06-11 Killers Movie Trailer [FULL HD]
2010-05-07 A reunion at the TV Land Awards
2010-04-19 Killers
2010-04-02 Stars gather for David Carradine's funeral

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