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Now Playing: The Show Girl - Comic-Con 2010 'MythBusters' in 30 Seconds
2015-02-13 Adam Savage on His Lifelong Obsession With Recreating Movie Props
2014-11-04 'MythBusters': Ewok Log Smash
2014-01-04 The Inventern - Episode 2
2013-10-01 Inventern - Episode 1
2013-09-25 'Mythbusters': Man Vs. Car
2013-06-25 'Mythbusters': Will Jamie Be Able to Ride His Bike Over Water?
2013-06-25 MythBusters: Zombie Kari
2013-06-19 'Mythbusters': Bathroom Hygiene Myth
2013-06-11 'Mythbusters':Shake & Quake Earthquake Safety
2013-06-11 'Mythbusters': Manhole Mishap Myth
2013-06-11 MythBuster Vs. Race Car
2013-06-11 Mythbusters: Inappropriate Bathroom Interviews
2013-05-29 'MythBusters Deadliest Catch' After-Show
2013-05-23 'Deadliest Catch' Crossover After-Show With MythBusters
2013-05-23 'Mythbusters': JATO 3 Rocket Car Results
2013-05-23 'Mythbusters': Star Wars Vs. The Matrix
2013-05-23 'Mythbusters': 'Deadliest Catch' Chaos
2013-05-09 'Mythbusters' on 'Deadliest Catch': Crab Pot Goes Boom
2013-05-09 'MythBusters': MythBuster Superpowers
2013-05-05 Celebrities Among Winners in Google Glass Contest
2013-04-01 Mythbusters: Savagely Funny
2013-01-15 MythBusters: Explosive Art High-Speed
2012-12-06 MythBusters: Explosive Art Multiangles
2012-12-06 Mythbusters: Scorpion Filled Coffin
2012-11-28 Mythbusters: How to Hide a Dead Body
2012-11-28 Mythbusters: Scary Movies
2012-11-28 Mythbusters: Halloween Special Aftershow
2012-11-28 Mythbusters: Creepy Shooting Locations
2012-11-28 Mythbusters: Memories of the Potty Dance
2012-11-28 Mythbusters: Haunting Sound Frequencies
2012-11-28 Mythbusters: High Speed Needle Throw
2012-11-28 Mythbusters: Uncomfortable Experiments
2012-11-28 Mythbusters: Speeding Up Needle Velocity
2012-11-28 Mythbusters: Breaking Glass With a Needle
2012-11-28 'MythBusters' Tackle Turkey With Alton Brown's Help
2012-11-15 MythBusters: Bridge Boom High-Speed
2012-10-25 MythBusters: Hail Vs. Hull
2012-10-25 MythBusters: Hyneman in the Zone
2012-10-25 MythBusters: Bridge Boom Multiangles
2012-10-25 MythBusters: Hail Hijinx Aftershow
2012-10-25 MythBusters: The Hyneman Lunge
2012-10-25 MythBusters: One Jumper Jumping
2012-10-25 MythBusters: Party Balloon Pile-Up Aftershow
2012-10-25 MythBusters: A Hail of a Storm
2012-10-25 MythBusters: You WILL Flinch
2012-10-21 Mythbusters: Could Jack Survive the Titanic's Crash?
2012-10-15 Mythbusters: Mini-Jack and Mini-Rose
2012-10-15 Mythbusters: Awkward Questions
2012-09-09 Caged MythBuster Adam Savage Busts a Move
2012-06-10 Adam Savage on MythBusting with President Obama
2012-06-10 Adam Savage's Journey: From Making to 'Mythbusters'
2012-06-10 MythBusters' Adam Savage on Relationship with Jamie Hyneman
2012-06-10 The Show Girl - Comic-Con 2010
2011-09-14 Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman From MythBusters Interview
2011-09-13 Myth Busting with Adam Savage