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Now Playing: 'Pixels': Demands Clip 'Pixels': Demands Clip
2015-06-30 'Pixels': Featurette - The Fire Blaster
2015-06-30 'Pixels': Featurette - Lady Lisa
2015-06-30 8 Celebrities Who Love Playing Tennis
2015-06-29 2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back: 'Inside Out', Spider Gwen & Rose McGowan
2015-06-25 Adam Sandler's Sexist Casting Call Is Latest Scandal For Star
2015-06-24 Selena Gomez, Adam Sandler Return in New 'Hotel Transylvania 2' Trailer
2015-06-24 Rose McGowan Callls Out Upcoming Adam Sandler Film's Sexist Casting
2015-06-24 Rose McGowan Shames Adam Sandler After Sexist Casting Call
2015-06-23 Rose McGowan Says New Adam Sandler Movie Wants Auditions in Push-Up Bras
2015-06-23 'Hotel Transylvania 2' Trailer
2015-06-19 'Pixels': Featurette - Arcade Characters
2015-06-18 Hotel Transylvania 2 - Trailer No. 2
2015-06-17 Brad Pitt Movie ‘War Machine' Will Debut on Netflix
2015-06-09 'Pixels': Pac-Man 35Th Anniversary Clip
2015-05-22 'Pixels' Trailer 2
2015-05-22 Pixels - Trailer No. 2
2015-05-20 Where's the New Hollywood Film Set?
2015-05-15 An Australian Critic Ruined the Rotten Tomatoes 0% Rating for 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2'
2015-05-08 Adam Sandler Comedy Causes More Controversey
2015-05-05 How Genndy Tartakovsky Directs Mel Brooks
2015-04-29 Bloody Wounds Dug Up in New Adam Sandler Native American Movie
2015-04-27 Vanilla Ice -- Cool Down, Native Americans ... Adam Sandler's Not Trying to Be Kevin Costner
2015-04-27 Iron Man Vs. Darth Vader
2015-04-26 Chris Columbus Dishes on 'Pixels', 'Goonies', 'Gremlins' and 'Home Alone'
2015-04-26 Navajo Actress Explains Why She Left Adam Sandler 'Ridiculous 6' Set
2015-04-25 Navajo Actress Explains Why She Left Adam Sandler 'Ridiculous 6' Set
2015-04-25 Pixels - Trailer No. 1
2015-04-24 Native American Actors Walk Off Set of Adam Sandler's Netflix Movie
2015-04-24 Native American Actors Quit Sandler Movie Over Racist Jokes
2015-04-24 All About Upcoming Release 'Pixels'
2015-04-17 The Best of Adam Sandler
2015-04-02 Top 10 Actors Who Broke Type-Casting
2015-03-24 Aliens Attack and Pixelate in PIXELS - Trailer Time
2015-03-23 Celebrities Playing Basketball in Spirit of March Madness
2015-03-20 'Pixels' Trailer
2015-03-19 First Look: Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Peter Dinklage Battle Aliens in 'Pixels'
2015-03-18 'Pixels' Official Trailer #1
2015-03-18 Adam Sandler Reveals His Hilarious Revenge for Getting Fired From SNL on Conan
2015-03-07 The Cobbler - Trailer No. 1
2015-03-06 Adam Sandler Remembers Chris Farley's Funny Eating Habits
2015-03-06 That Time Michael Keaton Used 'I'm Batman' as a Reason to Pay for Dinner
2015-03-06 Adam Sandler and Bob Barker Recreate Epic ‘Happy Gilmore' Fight!
2015-03-05 Sandler Returns with 'The Cobbler'
2015-02-26 Jorge Garcia Joins Adam Sandler's Netflix Comedy 'Ridiculous Six'
2015-02-17 Cheri Oteri Explains Why She Wasn't Involved in the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special
2015-02-17 'SNL 40': Digital Short
2015-02-16 'SNL' First Impressions
2015-02-12 What It's Like to Get the Call for 'SNL'
2015-02-12 'SNL' Stars Reveal Their Favorite Sketches of All-Time
2015-02-12 'SNL' Stars Share Their Favorite Moments with Lorne Michaels
2015-02-12 FLASHBACK: ‘Billy Madison' Turns 20: Behind the Scenes With Adam Sandler in ‘94
2015-02-11 Amy Pascal's Sony Tenure Featured Ups and Downs
2015-02-07 'The Cobbler' Trailer
2015-02-05 Behind the Scenes at 'SNL'
2015-02-05 Lorne Michaels Reveals 'SNL' Casting Regrets
2015-02-05 Adam Sandler's First Netflix-Exclusive Movie Has Its Cast
2015-01-28 Adam Sandler Assembles Stellar Cast for Netflix's Ridiculous 6 Movie
2015-01-27 Kid Rock Says 'F— You' to Seth Rogen, Michael Moore Over 'American Sniper' Criticisms
2015-01-23 Cameron Diaz Scoops Up Three Razzie Nominees for Her Work in Sex Tape and Annie
2015-01-14 Check Out Who Won at the 2015 People's Choice Awards
2015-01-08 Best Moments at 2015 People's Choice Awards
2015-01-08 Adam Sandler Heads Forbes' List of Overpaid Actors for Second Year
2014-12-24 Adam Sandler Is Hollywood's Most Overpaid Star
2014-12-24 Depp Joins Sandler on Forbes' Most Overpaid Actors List
2014-12-24 Top 10 WatchMojo Top 10s of 2014
2014-12-22 Sony Hack: 'Pineapple Express 2 Revealed
2014-12-22 'Men, Women & Children': De-Friend Clip
2014-12-20 'Top Five' Clip
2014-12-11 'Men, Women & Children': You Didn't Respond Clip
2014-12-07 Film Clip: 'Top Five'
2014-12-04 Film Clip: 'Top Five'
2014-12-04 Chris Rock on What It Means to Be a Celebrity in 'Top Five'
2014-11-25 'Men, Women & Children' Trailer 2
2014-11-13 Top Five - Trailer No. 1