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Birth Name: Shawn Ryan
Born: 10/11/1966
Birth Place: Rockford, Illinois, USA

Born on Oct. 11, 1966 in Rockford, IL, Ryan made his first foray into theatrical writing as a theater and economics major at Middlebury College in Vermont, where he won the Sony Pictures Television Comedy Playwright Award in 1989. The win allowed him to move west to Los Angeles the following year, where Ryan landed an internship on the Paul Reiser sitcom, "My Two Dads" (NBC, 1987-1990), on which he sold a story idea and earned his first onscreen credit. He spent a few years kicking around before landing a staff writing position on "Nash Bridges" (CBS, 1996-2001), which starred Don Johnson as a flashy, top-shelf police inspector in San Francisco. Ryan climbed the ladder on the series, moving ... Continue Bio >>

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