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Sylvester Stallone

Josh Brolin

Kellan Lutz

Ed O'Neill

Kobe Bryant

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Megan Fox

Henry Cavill

Robert Downey

Jason Statham

Billy Bob Thornton

Marisa Tomei

Diane Lane

Alex Pettyfer

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2012-02-27 Mickey Rourke on the Immortals Movie
2012-02-02 Celebrities Running For President?
2012-01-10 Mickey Rourke Is Amazing as King Hyperion
2011-12-22 The Immortals World Premiere in Los Angeles
2011-11-10 Mickey Rourke Explains Arm Wrestling Injury
2011-11-01 Carre Otis Opens Up About Mickey Rourke 'Abuse'
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2010-11-01 Christina Applegate Shows Off Baby Bump
2010-08-30 'Iron Man 2' - LA Movie Premiere
2010-05-24 SNTV- Mickey Rourke's Engagement Rumors
2010-05-12 One on One with Bai Ling
2010-05-11 SNTV - Iron Man 2's big premiere
2010-04-29 Mickey Rourke at Iron Man 2 Premiere