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2015-07-02 Live from International Space Station
2015-05-17 What to Do During a Torndado
2015-04-01 Celebrities Call For Dolce & Gabbana Boycott Over 'Synthetic Babies' Remarks
2015-03-16 The Dirt on the New Series 'Dig'
2015-03-15 Al Roker in Nipple Tassels and Fifty Shades of Grey Bondage Gear Can't Be Unseen
2015-02-18 Kanye West Is At It Again - This Time Upstaging Matt Lauer
2015-02-16 Today Show Hosts Shoot Superbowl Ad
2015-01-17 Angelina Jolie Opens Up About "Absurd" Chicken Pox, Showing Louis Zamperini 'Unbroken'
2015-01-03 Angelina Jolie Calls Contracting Chickenpox "So Absurd," Loves Shiloh Jolie-Pitt's Suit and Tie Ensemble
2015-01-02 Al Roker Earns Guinness World Record With 34-Hour Marathon Weather Broadcast!
2014-11-15 Naked Kim Kardashian Butted From Spotlight By Al Roker's #Rokerthon Weather Coverage!
2014-11-13 Al Heads for the Record Books?
2014-11-07 'Ghostbusters' Reunion Brings Out Bill Murray, Who's Ready for 'Ghostbabes'
2014-11-06 A Wild Week on 'WUWA'
2014-10-05 'Wake Up With Al': Kurt Busch Interns With Al
2014-09-29 Savannah Guthrie And Baby Vale Visit Today
2014-09-29 A Wild Week on 'Wake Up With Al'
2014-09-07 'Wake Up with Al': Stephanie Gets Her Kicks
2014-09-03 'Wake Up with Al': A Week to Remember on WUWA
2014-09-03 Vivica A. Fox on How 'Kill Bill' Training Helped for 'Sharknado 2'
2014-07-27 Judah Friedlander: 'Sharknado 2' Most Important Film Made on Climate Change
2014-07-27 Director Anthony C. Ferrante on Endless Celebrity Cameos in 'Sharknado 2'
2014-07-27 Can You Go Commando to the White House?
2014-02-21 'Today Show' Brings Back Co-Hosts from '80s
2013-12-30 Al Roker Oversleeps, Misses Show For First Time in 39 Years
2013-08-06 Paula Deen Cancels 'Today Show' Interview After Admitting to Using N-Word
2013-06-21 The Rachael Ray Food Quiz: Bizarre Foods Edition
2013-04-04 Al Roker: 'I Pooped My Pants at the White House'
2013-01-08 You've Got Al Roker
2011-12-22 'Today' Show Recreates the Royal Wedding