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Now Playing: Steve Jobs's Widow Takes Aim at Hollywood Biopic Steve Jobs's Widow Takes Aim at Hollywood Biopic
2015-10-05 Movie Trailer: 'Steve Jobs'
2015-09-30 Billy Eichner Joins Cast of ‘Neighbors 2'
2015-09-25 'Steve Jobs' Trailer 2
2015-09-19 Chloe Grace Moretz Offers Sage Life Advice At Teen Choice Awards
2015-08-17 Is Jerrod Carmichael the New King of Comedy?
2015-08-07 10 Husky Celebrities You Want to Cuddle With
2015-08-05 Seth Rogen and Zac Efron Ready for 'Neighbors 2'
2015-07-27 Chloe Grace Moretz For Seth Rogen Neighbors Sequel
2015-07-24 At 37 James Franco Will Enter Manhood After Bar Mitzvah
2015-07-23 Comedian Amy Schumer Makes Film Screenwriter Debut
2015-07-15 Top 10 Canadian Actors
2015-07-05 'Steve Jobs' Trailer
2015-07-03 Celebrate Canada Day With Hollywood's Canadian Stars
2015-07-01 James Franco Spoofs Shia LaBeouf in His Underwear
2015-06-03 'Steve Jobs' Teaser Trailer
2015-05-20 Watch the First 'Steve Jobs' Trailer
2015-05-18 Steve Jobs - Trailer No. 1
2015-05-18 Dominic Cooper To Play Jesse Custer In 'Preacher'
2015-04-18 This Day In History: April 15th
2015-04-15 James Franco on 'The Interview': 'We Never Felt We Were Doing Something Wrong'
2015-03-27 11 Classic Seth Rogen Quotes
2015-03-15 Seth Rogen Dismisses Sony Office Pot ‘Stench' Story
2015-03-06 2015 MTV Movie Award Nominees
2015-03-05 Amy Pascal Can'??T Move Into Her New Office Because It Smells Like Seth Rogen's Weed
2015-03-05 Justin Bieber Begs Seth Rogen: "Come On Man ... Roast Me!"
2015-03-03 Justin Bieber Begs Seth Rogen to Roast Him
2015-03-03 Justin Bieber Begs Seth Rogen to Roast Him
2015-03-03 Justin Bieber Begs Seth Rogen to Roast Him on Comedy Central
2015-03-01 Justin Bieber Wants Seth Rogen to Roast Him During His Comedy Central Special
2015-02-27 Channing Tatum's EPIC Sony Hack Email Ft. Timothy DeLaGhetto & KingBach - Drama
2015-02-26 Will Ferrell's Latest Film Will Be 'The House'
2015-02-26 Seth Rogen and James Franco's Bromance Alive and Well
2015-02-25 'The Interview': Deleted Scene
2015-02-15 EXCLUSIVE: Behind the Scenes With the Adorable Puppy of 'The Interview'
2015-02-14 Seth Rogen And Zac Efron Teaming Up for 'Neighbors 2'
2015-02-09 'The Interview': Frodo Baggins Clip
2015-02-05 'The Interview': Take Him Out Clip
2015-02-05 Bradley Cooper Supports 'American Sniper'
2015-02-03 'The Interview' Unscripted: Bro Date
2015-01-28 'The Interview' Unscripted: Bro Tips
2015-01-28 'The Interview' Unscripted: Dictator Name
2015-01-28 Restaurant Bans Seth Rogen And Michael Moore
2015-01-27 ‘The Interview' Is Officially Streaming On Netflix Now
2015-01-25 Rupert Murdoch Rips "Hollywood Leftists" Over 'American Sniper'
2015-01-24 North Korea Mistakenly Lashes Out at Berlin Film Fest Over 'The Interview'
2015-01-23 Kid Rock Says 'F— You' to Seth Rogen, Michael Moore Over 'American Sniper' Criticisms
2015-01-23 Kid Rock Snipes at 'Piece of Sh-T' Michael Moore
2015-01-23 Blake Shelton Defends 'American Sniper'
2015-01-22 “American Sniper” Stirs Up Controversy As It Brings In Big Box Office Bucks
2015-01-21 Seth Rogen: 'American Sniper' Reminds of Nazi Propaganda Film In 'Inglourious Basterds'
2015-01-20 American Sniper Reminds Seth Rogen of Nazi Film?
2015-01-20 Bradley Cooper's Insane Diet for 'American Sniper'
2015-01-20 Seth Rogen Clarifies 'American Sniper' Tweet, Says Everything Was Blown Out of Proportion
2015-01-20 James Franco's Film Talents Explored with a Look at His Top Three Roles
2015-01-15 Mindy Kaling at Her 'Good Housekeeping' Cover Shoot
2015-01-14 Hollywood ‘Spoiled Brats' Are Easy Targets at Golden Globes
2015-01-12 Escape to the Movies: 'The Interview' Review
2015-01-11 Dennis Rodman -- 'The Interview' Was Cool with Me
2015-01-09 3 Movies in 2014 We Wish Hackers Had Taken Down
2014-12-31 'The Interview' Becomes Sony's Highest Grossing Online Release
2014-12-30 'Interview' Rakes in More Than $15 Million Online
2014-12-29 "The Hobbit" and "The Interview" Close 2014 with Impressive Sales
2014-12-29 "Unbroken" a Good Fix for the Holiday Box Office
2014-12-27 Seth Rogen Makes Surprise Appearance at The Interview Screening on Christmas
2014-12-26 Sony's 'Interview' Sells Out Cinemas Across U.S.
2014-12-26 Seth Rogen Surprises Fans At Midnight Screening
2014-12-26 'The Interview' Leaks Online to File-Sharing Sites [UPDATE]
2014-12-26 'Interview' Screening Keeps Austin Weird
2014-12-26 Everything Is Satirized in 'The Interview'
2014-12-25 Sony Reverses Course, Releases "The Interview"
2014-12-25 Screening Surprise: 'The Interview' Star Drops In
2014-12-25 Seth Rogen Surprises Fans at Los Angeles Screening of "The Interview"
2014-12-25 Streaming Release of 'Interview' Test for Industry
2014-12-25 “The Interview” Co-Star, Filmmaker, Make Surprise Visit to Midnight Screening