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Now Playing: Best Celebrity One-Liners of 2014 Best Celebrity One-Liners of 2014
2014-12-22 Idris Elba for Bond and More
2014-12-22 Sony Hack: 'Pineapple Express 2 Revealed
2014-12-22 President Obama Flubs James Franco's Name
2014-12-20 President Obama and George Clooney Disagree With Sony
2014-12-20 Seth Rogen Hounded by Photogs After 'Interview' Debacle
2014-12-19 Sony Releases New Trailer for The Interview After Canceling Movie's Release Over Hacking Threats
2014-12-19 Sony Slammed by Hollywood for Cancelling The Interview
2014-12-19 Stars at People Magazine Awards Reflect on Sony Cyber Hack
2014-12-19 Seth Rogen and James Franco Beef Up Security
2014-12-19 George Clooney's Petition to Support Sony's Release of 'The Interview”'
2014-12-19 Sony Cancels December 25 Release of 'Interview'
2014-12-18 Newt Gingrich: Sony Hacking Is An Act of War
2014-12-18 Sony Pulls the Plug on 'The Interview'
2014-12-18 Sony Pulls 'The Interview' From Theatrical Release
2014-12-18 'The Interview' Fallout Continues!
2014-12-18 'The Interview' Will Not Be Shown in Theatres, Sony Cancels Dec. 25 Release
2014-12-18 'Kill Kim' Film Axed Amid Threats
2014-12-18 Celebrities React To Sony Canceling 'The Interview'
2014-12-18 Rob Lowe Stays Mum on Sony Comments
2014-12-18 Carl Bernstein -- I'm Going to Dig Into the Sony Hack Scandal
2014-12-18 Seth Rogen -- I Got Nothin' to Say About My Ill-Fated Flick
2014-12-18 Sony Cancels Plans To Release 'The Interview'
2014-12-18 Celebrities Roar Over Sony's Decision to Cancel ‘The Interview' Release
2014-12-18 Stars Express Anger Over "The Interview" Film Cancellation on Twitter
2014-12-18 Celebs Respond to 'The Interview' Cancellation
2014-12-18 Movie Munch Roundup: 'The Interview' and More
2014-12-17 James Franco and Seth Rogen Cancel All Media Appearances for The Interview After Most Recent Threat
2014-12-17 Terror Threat Published, Rogen & Franco Cancel 'The Interview' Press
2014-12-17 Seth Rogen and James Franco Cancel Future 'The Interview' Appearances
2014-12-17 The Hollywood Hacking Scandal: Is No One Safe?
2014-12-16 "The Interview" Premieres and Taylor Swift Gets Unforgettable Birthday Serenade
2014-12-13 Sony Nails 'The Interview' at Festive, Hack-Free World Premiere
2014-12-12 Seth Rogen -- My Boss Has Massive Balls
2014-12-12 No Coverage at 'The Interview' Premiere
2014-12-11 Sony Hacked Emails: Embarrassing Inside Look At Company
2014-12-11 'The Interview' -- No Media for James Franco and Seth Rogen
2014-12-11 Sony Refuses Red Carpet Interviews at 'The Interview' Premiere
2014-12-11 Sony Hackers Release A-List Aliases
2014-12-10 Seth Rogan Says Kanye West Rapped His Upcoming Album For Him In A Limo
2014-12-10 Franco and Rogen Really Did Get 'Naked and Afraid'
2014-12-09 Sony Hackers Demand 'Movie Of Terrorism' Be Pulled, Or Else
2014-12-09 James Franco, Seth Rogen Address Sony Hack
2014-12-07 Rogen and Franco Make Light of Sony Hack on 'SNL'
2014-12-07 Seth Rogen and James Franco Were Paid Handsomely for ‘The Interview’
2014-12-05 New 'Interview' Leak -- Seth Rogen Tops James Franco in Salary Dept.
2014-12-04 Seth Rogen and James Franco Call the Shots in 'Freaks and Geeks' Game
2014-12-03 Did The Film 'The Interview' Spark Hack Attack?
2014-12-02 'The Interview' Trailer
2014-11-30 'The Interview': Featurette - Behind The Scenes
2014-11-30 Not Even Spielberg Can Make a 'Last Starfighter' Sequel
2014-11-26 Sony Drops Steve Jobs Biopic: Will It Ever Happen?
2014-11-20 If Celebs Were Your Uber Driver
2014-11-16 James Franco and Seth Rogen Take on Naked and Afraid
2014-11-14 The Interview - Trailer No. 2
2014-11-08 The Comeback, Starring Lisa Kudrow, Makes a Comeback
2014-11-07 Michael Fassbender in Talks to Replace Christian Bale as Steve Jobs
2014-11-05 James Franco Interviews Orlando Bloom and It's Hysterical
2014-11-05 Christian Bale No Longer Playing Steve Jobs in New Biopic
2014-11-04 Christian Bale Quits StevevJobs Biopic
2014-11-04 Christian Bale & Seth Rogen Teaming for Steve Jobs Biopic
2014-11-02 Seth Rogen Cast as Steve Wozniak in Jobs Biopic
2014-11-02 James Franco Hits A-List Jackpot with 'Zeroville'
2014-10-28 The 2014 New Yorker Festival Trailer
2014-10-21 Seth Rogen Hosts Prom Fundraiser
2014-10-20 Top 10 Comedy Movies: 2000s
2014-10-19 Top 10 Comedy Movies of All Time
2014-10-19 Seth Rogen Jokes That He's Hiding Kim Jong Un As An 'Interview' Marketing Ploy
2014-10-17 Waka Flocka Flame Offering $50,000 to Be His Blunt Roller
2014-09-18 Top 10 Celebrities in Music Videos
2014-09-10 Wrong Spelling in Fifth 'Terminator' Title
2014-09-01 Sony's Kim Jong-Un Assassination Comedy 'The Interview' Delayed
2014-08-08 'The Interview' Movie, Dinklage Selfies and More Hollywood Happenings
2014-07-03 A Look At North Korea Send-Ups In Pop Culture
2014-06-27 Kim Jong Un Calls Movie 'An Act of War'