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Talking Monkeys In Space
Label: Comedy Central
Release Date: 2010-03-30
Duration: 67:23

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Song Title       Time
1Intro    00:32
2Black President/Illegal Weed/Gray Hair On My Balls    01:13
3I Made A Baby/Breast Milk    02:27
4Pulling Out Doesn't Work    01:42
5Anti-Pot Talking Dogs    02:53
6Pot Is Not For Everyone    01:51
7Pot Stops You From Doing Stupid Shit/Mount Everest    04:37
8I Didn't Come From A Monkey, I Came From Jesus/Evolution    01:44
9Telepathy/Ted Haggard Got Cured Of The Gay    02:59
10Mormons/Gay Marriage/Chimp Prostitution    02:13
11Tiger Escapes From Zoo, Frees Person From Life    04:55
12Dr. Phil And His Shitty Advice    03:25
13Touching Yourself Is Evolutionary, Don't Blow Yourself    02:53
14I've Been Caught Masturbating Twice    04:49
15Q&A - Two Very Gay Questions    02:16
16Q&A - Animal Dicks    01:09
17Q&A - Mike Goldberg    01:19
18Q&A - Mother Fucker Living On The Edge    04:37
19Q&A - 3 Questions, 2 Girls, 1 Cup    02:43
20Q&A - Rape Choke & Goat's Vagina    02:54
21Q&A - I Don't Want Shit On My Dick    01:20
22Q&A - Shut The Fuck Up Whore    02:15
23Q&A - Raising A Human Being    01:30
24Q&A - Sucking 1000 Dicks In Front Of Your Mom    02:44
25Q&A - Anal Lubricant    00:52
26Q&A - Taken A Lot Of Jobs Because I'm A Whore    02:21
27Q&A - Monkeys On Mushrooms    01:40
28Q&A - Crazy Bitches Jumping On Fighters' Dicks    01:00
29Outro    00:30

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