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Beam Me Up Scotty, James Doohan's Ashes Permanently Returning To Space

June 21st, 2013 7:01pm EDT
James Doohan in Star Trek
Star Trek star James Doohan, along with series creator Gene Roddenberry and Roddenberry's wife Majel Barrett, who appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation are all heading to space as a part of the Sunjammer Cosmic Archive (SCA) announced by memorial spaceflight company Celestis and partner Sunjammer on Thursday.

The two companies are working with NASA to launch a new "Solar Sail" spacecraft which will be sent to deep space in November 2014 and orbit the sun perpetually. The craft will carry on board the remains of the Roddenberrys and Doohan, along with Sci-Fi author Arthur C. Clarke and...

'Star Trek' Collection For Sale

April 26th, 2010 4:00pm EDT
Star Trek
A collection of Star Trek memorabilia once owned by the show's late creator Gene Roddenberry is set to be auctioned off this summer.

The sale, which will be run by Julien's Auctions, includes hand-annotated scripts, costumes from the show, and Roddenberry's own studio pass. The auction will also feature items donated by the series' lead actor William Shatner - a custom Harley-Davidson motorcycle, a Golden Globe nomination certificate and a plaque to commemorate his star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

All proceeds from the sale will go to the creator's charity, the Roddenberry Foundation, ...

New Trailer for J.J. Abrams' 'Star Trek' Breaks Download Records

March 12th, 2009 12:21pm EDT
Star Trek 2007
The new trailer for J.J. Abrams Star Trek had more than 1.8 million downloads during its first 24 hours on and has gone on to become the most popular HD download ever on the site with more than five million downloads in its first five days. The trailer made its exclusive debut on on March 6th giving fans a sneak peak of this summer's highly anticipated Star Trek for viewing on their Mac or PC, iPhone or iPod with video.

From J.J. Abrams (Mission: Impossible III, Fringe, Lost and Alias), producer Damon Lindelof and executive producers Bryan Burk and Jeffrey ...

William Shatner: A Man Of Many Talents

July 17th, 2008 12:25pm EDT
William Shatner
William Alan Shatner is a man of many talents. With over fifty years of acting experience, he is a critically acclaimed musician and author, and at seventy-seven he revels in his status as a titan of popular culture. Just one glimpse of the man's face brings on a deluge of images and names: Captain James Tiberius Kirk; long………… dramatic……… pauses; list could go on for pages. Below you will find the career of William Shatner broken down into a few categories, starting from his humble beginnings in the 1950s all the way through to the man we have today.

Early career


'Star Trek The Tour' Makes North American Debut Jan. 18

December 6th, 2007 9:23am EST
Star Trek
SEE Touring Productions and Metropolitan Talent present "Star Trek The Tour," the largest interactive Star Trek exhibit ever, which makes its North American debut on January 18th for a limited engagement at the Queen Mary Dome in Long Beach, CA.

This unprecedented event will give the public the opportunity to step inside the "Star Trek" world and become active participants in the legacy that has captured the imagination of generations: From the chance to sit on a starship bridge from the Original TV series to traveling through space on motion simulators, "Star Trek The Tour" offers th...

'Star Trek's' New Lt. Uhura Consults Nichelle Nichols

October 3rd, 2007 9:30am EDT
Zoe Saldana
Zoe Saldana is taking her much-coveted role as Lt. Uhura in the upcoming Star Trek prequel so seriously she has called on the 74-year-old who first created the part for advice. Saldana has turned to "Star Trek" veteran Nichelle Nichols for help in a bid to give her iconic sci-fi character a full history.

And Nichols is thrilled the young actress is taking the role so seriously.

She tells MTV News, "I have a few things to tell her - where Uhura came from, what her feelings are, what her background is and how she came to be. Also, what qualities that were necessary for her to be c...

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