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Are These Stars One-Hit Wonders?

5/25/2015 10:00am EDT
Hollywood Stars Who Were Total One-Hit Wonders
"One-hit wonder" tends to be a term for musicians only. Someone puts out a hit record. For a few brief moments, they bask in that sweet hit-record glow. Then they fade into obscurity forever (hopefully obscurity still comes with its share of royalty fees).

It's time we spread the "one-hit wonder" label around a little. You don't have be (briefly) musically inclined to be a one-hit wonder. One-hit wonders are just as common in Hollywood- actors, directors and such.

Click ahead to find ten of the one-hit wonder-iest.
Everyone on "Seinfeld" who isn't Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Julia Louis-Dreyfus ...

10 Celebrities Who've Been Caught In Racist Scandals

6/4/2014 8:00pm EDT
10 Celebrities Who've Been Caught In Racist Scandals
Justin Bieber recently made headlines after a video surfaced of the star making a racist joke when he was 15 years old. The pop star apologized profusely, telling fans: "I'm very sorry. I take my friendships with people of all cultures very seriously and I apologize for offending or hurting anyone with my childish and inexcusable mistake. I was a kid then and I am a man now who knows my responsibility to the world and to not make that mistake again."

Unfortunately, the story doesn't end there. Additional footage from the video was leaked showing Bieber joking about joining the Ku Klux Klan...

10 Craziest Celebrity Rants Caught On Tape

4/23/2014 3:00pm EDT
10 Craziest Celebrity Rants Caught On Tape
Celebrities often live in a manner that most of us can only dream about. We read the gossip columns because we often envy the good life that we see on these pages.

But there is of course a darker side to our celebrity worship. Sometimes the stars we look up to and want to emulate have a bad day at the office, just like the rest of us. It is these moments that are often the most entertaining for many star watchers, because it reveals that our favorite untouchable big shot is human after all.

Here are 10 of the craziest celebrity rants ever caught on tape.

Alec Baldwin's Voicemail Mess...

Michael Richards Making His Television Comeback With 'Giant Baby'

12/5/2012 2:12pm EST
Michael Richards
Former Seinfeld actor Michael Richards is set to return to TV in a new comedy with fellow ex-sitcom stars Kirstie Alley and Rhea Perlman.

Richards has remained largely out of the spotlight since suffering a breakdown in 2006 after he was filmed hurling racist remarks at a group of fans during a stand-up routine in Los Angeles. He is now preparing to make a comeback in a new show called Giant Baby with former Cheers stars Alley and Perlman.

In the series, Alley will play a fictional Broadway star who reconnects with her long-lost son after the death of his adopted mother, while Perlman w...

Michael Richards Had A Breakdown After Comedy Club Rant

9/29/2012 7:00pm EDT
Michael Richards
After he was filmed making racist remarks at a group of fans during a stand-up routine in Los Angeles in 2006, former "Seinfeld" star Michael Richards suffered a breakdown.

Richards performed at the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood in November, 2006, when he grew enraged by a group of black guests in the audience, who allegedly disrupted his gig. The actor then proceeded to shout obscenities at them, calling one heckler the "N" word.

The incident was captured on camera and went viral, marring Richards' reputation and causing him to stay away from the spotlight until the controversy blew o...

Michael Richards Sued For Punching Paparazzo

9/12/2010 9:10am EDT
Michael Richards
"Seinfeld" star Michael Richards has been targeted in a new lawsuit over allegations he randomly attacked a photographer in a street.

In papers filed on Friday, photographer Brendon O'Neal claims the actor lashed out at him in Los Angeles last month, punching him in the face and knocking him to the ground before he "proceeded to kick (O'Neal) numerous times, directing the blows to (O'Neal's) arms, hands, and camera."

The photographer is seeking unspecified damages for "great mental, physical, and nervous pain and suffering" and medical expenses, according to


Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Walk Of Fame Gaffe Was 'Spectacular'

5/11/2010 10:53pm EDT
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Former "Seinfeld" star Julia Louis-Dreyfus was secretly thrilled when Hollywood Walk of Fame officials misspelled her name on her new pavement star - because the gaffe became headline news all over America.

Hollywood bosses were left scrambling after realizing they got the actress' name wrong on her plaque - just hours before they were due to unveil it at a ceremony on May 4.

Organizers were left red-faced after embossing the tribute with the name 'Luis' instead of 'Louis' and omitting the hyphen between her surnames.

They hurried to create a temporary replacement in time for her dedicat...

'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Recap: ' The Table Read'

11/16/2009 9:37am EST
Curb Your Enthusiasm
And here we are, finally at the place we'd been waiting to get to since the season began - a place of nothingness, a place of "Seinfeld". Of course, that didn't mean we had to leave "Curb Your Enthusiasm" completely behind in the process of returning to its predecessor.

The episode revolved around the table read and dress rehearsals for the "Seinfeld" reunion special. Those scenes were pretty much run-of-the-mill behind-the-scenes TV stuff, not a whole lot new, but it was a bit thrilling to see the rulers of 90s television back in their element.

The uniquely "Curb" touches came in t...

The Essential 'Weird Al' Yankovic - 2 CDs, 38 Songs, Out Now; Win It!

11/15/2009 10:33pm EST
Welcome to the wild world of "Weird Al" Yankovic - a world populated by a Pennsylvania Dutch gangsta-rapper ("Amish Paradise") and a serial-killing Saint Nick ("The Night Santa Went Crazy") - a world where people frantically search for their Liquid Paper, hallucinate about the floating disembodied head of Colonel Sanders and dream of one day visiting "The Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota." Yankovic, a three-time Grammy Award winner and the biggest selling comedy recording artist in history, shows no mercy to cultural milestones of every stripe - from Jurassic Park and Star Wars to the hi...

Estelle Harris (Mrs. Costanza) Suggests Her 'Curb' Episode Will Work If They 'Cut The Crappy Fake Seinfeld Dialogue'

10/13/2009 9:30am EDT
Mrs. Costanza
We're excited to see the cast of Seinfeld back on Curb Your Enthusiasm. The premise of a fictional reunion show is good enough to get Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Michael Richards and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the same room. Now it looks like we'll get to see their famous supporting cast too.

Estelle Harris, who played George's mom along with Jerry Stiller as his dad, has shot her appearance for Curb Your Enthusiasm. "We've done it," Harris said. "I was asked and I did. I was invited. I was so pleased to be invited."

Unfortunately, Harris suggested that the fictional Seinfeld reunion...

'Seinfeld' Cast Makes 'Reunion' Appearance On 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

10/5/2009 10:04am EDT
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Finally, the moment of nothingness for which we've all been waiting. On last night's episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm", aptly titled "Reunion", Larry David's old cohorts, the cast of "Seinfeld", joined him on screen in unison for the first time in more than a decade. Yes, this titular throwback to the nineties was something "Curb" devotees had been expecting for the many months leading up to this season, but that didn't make moment any less sublime.

In the most meta of all meta-plots, the old gang rejoined Larry in order to set up a reunion episode. No, not the reunion episode that ser...

'Seinfeld' Cast Reunites On The Cover Of Entertainment Weekly

8/27/2009 12:18pm EDT
NEW YORK - This week's Entertainment Weekly goes on the set for a Seinfeld reunion with Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld), George (Jason Alexander), Elaine (Julia Louis Dreyfus), and Kramer (Michael Richards) as they join old pal Larry David for the new season of HBO's cult hit Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Over the last six seasons, viewers have come to expect the outrageous from Curb, Larry David's exploration of a man named Larry David whose self-conscious series about curmudgeonry and comeuppance is about to take a turn for the surreal by reuniting the cast of his old, pathologically revered NBC sitcom...

Exclusive: Tim Meadows On 'The Bill Engvall Show' And His Favorite Moments On 'SNL'

7/9/2009 10:59am EDT
Tim Meadows
Tim Meadows joins us to discuss the upcoming season of "The Bill Engvall Show" (premiering July 18 on TBS). He continues the discussion -- that we had previously begun with Nancy Travis -- about the state of the American sitcom and looks back at his favorite moments on "Saturday Night Live," throwing out the first pitch at a Cubs game and tries to answer why, actually, did he sign that SNL 30 year contract.

Mike: How did you get involved with "The Bill Engvall Show"? I've followed your career for some time; I really like you on the show but, I admit, I didn't completely see this one comi...

Top Celebrity Freak Outs - Can They Bounce Back?

7/2/2009 2:52pm EDT
Mel Gibson
Celebrity is something of a double edged sword. On one hand you could make millions and be adored by fans all over the world, but it also means the loss of privacy and the constant nitpicking of the mainstream critics. One slip up is all it takes for your face and words to be scattered over magazines and blogs, but sometimes the controversies are worth being taken to task for.

Here's a look at some of the celebrities who lost their mind or temper at the wrong time, and whether or not they have managed to bounce back from the incidents. What do you think of these moments in celeb history...

Check Out 'Night Court' Season 2, On DVD Feb. 3

1/24/2009 7:20am EST
Night Court
Disorder in the court! Judge Harold T. Stone, Dan, Bull and Selma return for a rollicking second season of dispensing justice to the assorted nuts of Night Court. New to the courtroom: Noo Yawk-savvy defender Billie Young and Vietnam vet Mac Robinson, the court clerk.

On the 22-episode docket: an invisible man, a mogul madam, a lovelorn nun, hookers, pickpockets, flashers, wackos, weirdos, gonzos and great guest stars, including Michael Richards, Stella Stevens, Jack Gilford, John Astin, Lou Ferrigno and, as substitute defender Christine Sullivan, Markie Post, who will become a full-t...

Scandalous Celebrity Moments

8/14/2008 9:15am EDT
Paris Hilton
Celebrities are no strangers to scandals, but sometimes they are known more for the elusive incidents rather than their career. Here are the top celebrity scandals:

NBA star Kobe Bryant's sexual assault case in Colorado.

Kobe was arrested in 2003 in Eagle, Colorado at The Lodge and Spa at Cordillera after a nineteen year employee accused him of rape. After Kobe admitted to the sexual encounter and bought his wife an enormous rock so she'd forgive him for cheating on her, the assault case was dropped.

OJ Simpson murder trial.

In June 1994 OJ Simpson's ex-wife Nicole ...

10 Worst TV Shows Of The Last 10 Years

1/25/2008 1:52pm EST
According to Jim
There have been some truly phenomenal television shows produced over the last 10 years. Works of art that will continue to be appreciated and discussed for years to come. But what's the fun in talking about that?

For each great show created since 1998, there have been at least five or six terrible ones. Often these truly odious programs have a mercifully short lifespan. Occasionally, one will unexpectedly survive and thrive, shining proudly on screen and mocking the infinitely more creative, entertaining and intelligent programs that it has outlasted.

Acknowledging the fac...
READ MORE's South Park Season 11 Recap

11/29/2007 3:35pm EST
South Park
You thought I was done, didn’t you?

Its 15 weeks until the premiere of season twelve. What’s a girl to do until then? How about reflecting on the good times? In the fictitious little town of South Park, Colorado, Kyle has to stab Jesus in the neck to save Easter, Cartman jumps over the homeless, Stan exposes Bono as a piece of s--t, and Kenny dies... again. And we’re not even half way through the season. Let’s face it, what’s a commentary without a recap?

With Apologies to Jesse Jackson

"The clue is people who annoy you."

Stan becomes a social outcast when his dad blurts ...

Celebrity Birthdays, July 24

7/24/2007 3:00am EDT
Jennifer Lopez
Happy Birthday to "The Ring" actress Daveigh Chase (1990), "Mrs. Doubtfire" actress Mara Wilson (1987), "X-Men 3" actress Anna Paquin (1982), "Firefly" actress Summer Glau (1981), WWE Diva Torrie Wilson (1975), singer/actress Jennifer Lopez (1969), "Melrose Place" actress Laura Leighton (1968), "The West Wing" actress Kristin Chenoweth (1968), actor Kadeem Hardison (1965), controversial baseball superstar Barry Bonds (1964), country singer Pam Tillis (1957), "Good Will Hunting" director Gus Van Sant (1952), "Wonder Woman" star Lynda Carter (1951), "Seinfeld" actor Michael Richards (1949), "...

Starpulse Top 10 of 2006: #1. Racism In Tinseltown

12/25/2006 5:00pm EST
Mel Gibson
A lot of strange, crazy and even predictable things happened in the celebrity world during 2006; however, no one was prepared for the racial tensions and outbursts from well-known and respected actor/director Mel Gibson and Seinfeld star Michael Richards.

No stranger to debatable material, Mel began the year shooting his latest controversial epic, Apocalypto, about the end days of the Mayan civilization. And in May he pointed his finger at President Bush, comparing the U.S. leader to the barbaric Mayans portrayed in his new film.

But it was Mel's barbaric ways that would steal th...

Celebrity Birthdays, July 24

7/24/2006 3:00am EDT
Jennifer Lopez
Happy Birthday to "The Ring" actress Daveigh Chase (1990), "Mrs. Doubtfire" actress Mara Wilson (1987), "X-Men 3" actress Anna Paquin (1982), "Firefly" actress Summer Glau (1981), WWE Diva Torrie Wilson (1975), singer/actress Jennifer Lopez (1969), "Melrose Place" actress Laura Leighton (1968), "The West Wing" actress Kristin Chenoweth (1968), actor Kadeem Hardison (1965), controversial baseball superstar Barry Bonds (1964), country singer Pam Tillis (1957), "Good Will Hunting" director Gus Van Sant (1952), "Wonder Woman" star Lynda Carter (1951), "Seinfeld" actor Michael Richards (1949), "...

Regis & Kelly to Host 'Seinfeld' Special

11/14/2005 10:02am EST
Regis Philbin and co-host Kelly Ripa will host the four stars of Philbin's favorite hit series in an exclusive, one-hour Seinfeld edition of Live with Regis and Kelly on Nov. 23.

Stars Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander and Michael Richards reunite on "Live" to talk about the release of the DVDs Seinfeld: Season Five and Seinfeld: Season Six. It's their only joint appearance in support of this latest release of "Seinfeld" episodes, and the first time "Live" has devoted a full show to the cast of another program.

In addition to showing favorite clips and outtakes...