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2015-09-26 Blake Lively Has Given Birth!
2015-09-24 Watch New Dad Ryan Reynolds Fail Spectacularly at Building an Ikea Crib
2015-09-24 Every Moment From Ryan Reynolds's Week Looks Like a Sexy GQ Snap
2015-09-24 Ryan Reynolds Reveals Baby James Calls Him "Mama"
2015-09-23 Ryan Reynolds Jokes He's 'Lost All Cool' Since Becoming 'The Dad Guy'
2015-09-22 Ryan Reynolds Says a Lifelong Friend Tried to Sell Pictures of His Daughter
2015-09-22 Carly Fiorina Helps NBC's ‘Tonight Show' Dominate Late-Night Ratings Monday
2015-09-22 Ryan Reynolds Admits Daughter James Calls Him Mama
2015-09-22 Watch Ryan Reynolds Try to Build an IKEA Crib
2015-09-21 Take a Look at New Superhero Flick 'Deadpool'
2015-08-16 Mindy Kaling: Everyone Can Look Like Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively
2015-08-08 ‘Deadpool' Director: Ryan Reynolds Had ‘Green Lantern' Issues To Work Out
2015-08-07 'Deadpool' Trailer
2015-08-07 'Definitely, Maybe' Review
2015-08-07 Marvel at Comic Con
2015-08-06 Ed Westwick Dishes On The Text He Sent Blake Lively After Birth
2015-08-05 ‘Deadpool' Trailer: We Can Make You Better
2015-08-05 So Ryan Reynolds Is a Terrible Labor Coach
2015-08-05 ‘Deadpool' First Trailer Debuts Online
2015-08-05 Deadpool Trailer Red Band Version Officially Released Online
2015-08-05 Ryan Reynolds Reveals His Daughter James' First Word
2015-08-05 Ryan Reynolds Jokes About Baby James's With Conan
2015-08-05 Ryan Reynolds Ready to Unveil New 'Deadpool' Trailer
2015-08-03 Top 10 Celebrities Who Could Have Had Alternate Careers
2015-08-02 New Deadpool Trailers Coming Next Week
2015-08-02 20 Celebs You Never Realized Dated
2015-07-28 Movie Report: Self/Less
2015-07-21 Blake Lively Posts 'Perks of Breastfeeding' Bikini Shot
2015-07-17 'Self/Less': Featurette - New Beginning
2015-07-16 Ryan Reynolds Doesn't Want Daughter James to Say What?
2015-07-14 Ryan Reynolds Promises New 'Deadpool' Footage
2015-07-14 Pirated Footage From 'Suicide Squad,' 'Deadpool' Force Studios to Take Action
2015-07-14 Ryan Reynolds Worries His Daughter's First Word Will Be The F Word!
2015-07-14 Ryan Reynolds Met How Many 'Deadpool' Fans at Comic-Con?
2015-07-13 Ryan Reynolds Talks Deadpool at Comic Con
2015-07-13 Stan Lee Executes Greatest Superhero Selfie Ever
2015-07-13 Worlds Collide at San Diego Comic-Con
2015-07-13 Ticket or Skip It: 'Self/Less'
2015-07-12 'Deadpool' Cast Gives Dirtiest Interview Ever at Comic-Con
2015-07-12 Ryan Reynolds Hits Comic-Con as Deadpool
2015-07-12 Self/Less Is Ryan Reynolds' Sci-Fi Flick
2015-07-11 Ryan Reynolds on Helen Mirren
2015-07-09 E! Looks Back at Ryan Reynolds in 1998
2015-07-09 First Look at 'Deadpool' Villain Ajax
2015-07-09 Ryan Reynolds Doubts He Can Co-Star With Blake Lively
2015-07-09 Ryan Reynolds Calls His Wife Blake Lively the “Beyonce of Red Carpets”
2015-07-09 Deadpool Is The Last Superhero Ryan Reynolds Will Ever Play
2015-07-08 Ryan Reynolds Loves Deadpool's Suit, Loathes Green Lantern's
2015-07-08 2015 Comic Con Guide
2015-07-07 Ryan Reynolds Reveals What Scares Him Out About Parenthood
2015-07-07 Ryan Reynolds Is Hot Dad As He Promotes Self-Less
2015-07-07 Ryan Reynolds Develops New Fatherhood Fear
2015-07-07 "LIVE with Kelly and Michael": Ryan Reynolds Baby
2015-07-07 "LIVE with Kelly and Michael": Ryan Reynolds
2015-07-07 Celebrate Canada Day With Hollywood's Canadian Stars
2015-07-01 'Self/Less' Director Tarsem Singh Would Love to Direct Batman Franchise
2015-06-25 Justin Timberlake and David Beckham Share Father's Day Photos
2015-06-22 Celebs Share Adorable Father's Day Pics on Instagram
2015-06-22 The Best of Blake Lively
2015-06-19 Happy Father's Day to Hollywood's First-Time Dads
2015-06-16 23 Guys That Should Always Be Shirtless
2015-06-13 Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Dismiss Romance Speculation
2015-06-12 Jackie Chan to Star in 'The Foreigner'
2015-06-08 Deadpool Star Ryan Reynolds Says Filming Has Wrapped
2015-05-31 Ryan Reynolds Announces Deadpool Has Wrapped Filming
2015-05-29 Wolverine to Appear in Deadpool Movie?
2015-05-27 'Self/Less' Trailer
2015-05-16 Ryan Reynolds Shares First Picture of Baby James
2015-05-15 Ryan Reynolds Finally Shares First Photo of Baby James
2015-05-15 Jay Z Splashes Out to Buy Beyonce a Dragon's Egg
2015-05-13 Ryan Reynolds Joins Instagram! See the Hunky Star's First Photo From Upcoming Movie Deadpool
2015-05-12 Celebrity Closeup: Blake Lively
2015-05-12 How The Stars Celebrated Their First Mother's Day
2015-05-11 These Celebs Will Have Their First Mother's Day