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2015-06-12 Jackie Chan to Star in 'The Foreigner'
2015-06-08 Deadpool Star Ryan Reynolds Says Filming Has Wrapped
2015-05-31 Ryan Reynolds Announces Deadpool Has Wrapped Filming
2015-05-29 Wolverine to Appear in Deadpool Movie?
2015-05-27 'Self/Less' Trailer
2015-05-16 Ryan Reynolds Shares First Picture of Baby James
2015-05-15 Ryan Reynolds Finally Shares First Photo of Baby James
2015-05-15 Jay Z Splashes Out to Buy Beyonce a Dragon's Egg
2015-05-13 Ryan Reynolds Joins Instagram! See the Hunky Star's First Photo From Upcoming Movie Deadpool
2015-05-12 Celebrity Closeup: Blake Lively
2015-05-12 How The Stars Celebrated Their First Mother's Day
2015-05-11 These Celebs Will Have Their First Mother's Day
2015-05-06 Mark Ruffalo Demands Marvel Release More Black Widow Merchandise
2015-05-04 2015 Met Gala: Insider Scoop on Fashion's Biggest Night!
2015-05-01 Blake Lively Posts Steamy Shirtless Pic of Hubby Ryan Reynolds
2015-04-29 Blake Lively Says She Can't Wait to Get Older
2015-04-29 Blake Lively Posts Shirtless Pic of Husband Ryan Reynolds
2015-04-28 Wolverine Finale to Be Penned by Blade Runner Writer
2015-04-25 Blake Lively Embarrassed by President Obama Encounter
2015-04-25 Ryan Reynolds: 'Deadpool on the Way'
2015-04-25 Blake Lively Shares the Secret to Her Slim Post Baby Body
2015-04-23 Blake Lively Embarrasses Herself in Front of President Obama, Asks Him to Leave Ryan Reynolds a Second Voicemail
2015-04-23 Why Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Fight Over Their Baby
2015-04-22 Blake Lively on Baby James
2015-04-15 11 Pre-Breakup Homes of Celebrity Couples
2015-04-14 Ryan Reynolds the Victim of Hit-and-Run
2015-04-14 OMG! Ryan Reynolds Is Unrecognizable With Burned and Scarred Face on Deadpool Set
2015-04-14 Ryan Reynolds Is Uninjured After Being Hit by a Car in Canada
2015-04-14 Blake Lively Reveals Why She Kept Baby James' Name A Secret
2015-04-14 Ryan Reynolds ''Obsessed'' With Game of Thrones, Jokes Wife Blake Lively
2015-04-14 Ryan Reynolds Victim of Hit-and-Run
2015-04-13 Ryan Reynolds Is a Victim of Paparazzo Hit-and-Run
2015-04-13 Ryan Reynolds Is OK After a Hit and Run in Vancouver
2015-04-13 Ryan Reynolds Struck In Vancouver Hit And Run
2015-04-13 Ryan Reynolds Hit by Car in Reported Hit-and-Run in Vancouver
2015-04-13 'Woman In Gold': Justice Clip
2015-04-10 Inside Secret Celebrity Weddings
2015-04-10 "Sisterhood" Cast Serve As Godmothers for Blake Lively's Baby
2015-04-10 Here's Ryan Reynolds' Reaction to Deadpool's Death
2015-04-09 Ryan Reynolds Suits Up To Film Deadpool in Vancouver
2015-04-07 Blake Lively Busts Ryan Reynolds Gazing Lovingly at Helen Mirren
2015-04-06 Ryan Reynolds Gives Us His Word That ‘Deadpool' Will Be Rated R
2015-04-03 Deadpool Will Be Rated R
2015-04-02 Deadpool Movie To Be Rated R...For Reals!
2015-04-02 Ryan Reynolds Wants His Daughter to Have a "Normal" Job: "Barista" or "Flight Attendant"
2015-04-02 Ryan Reynolds Wants His Daughter to Have a "Normal" Job: "Barista" or "Flight Attendant"
2015-04-02 Ryan Reynolds Is Still Devastated About Zayn Malik Leaving One Direction: "I Refuse to Believe This"
2015-03-31 Swoon! Ryan Reynolds Shows Off Bulging Biceps as Blake Lively Gushes Hunky Hubby ''Rocks My Socks''
2015-03-31 Ryan Reynolds Wants R-Rated ‘Deadpool's R
2015-03-31 Ryan Reynolds Poses With a Cute Kid at the Gym, but All We See Is His Giant Bicep
2015-03-31 'Deadpool' Movie Costume Unveiled
2015-03-29 First Look at Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool Costume
2015-03-29 Woman in Gold - Trailer No. 1
2015-03-24 Ryan Reynolds Finally Reveals Official Name of Baby Girl
2015-03-20 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Set to Be Brutal
2015-03-19 Gemma Arterton: Ryan Reynolds Makes an Adorable Psychopath in The Voices
2015-03-19 Ryan Reynolds Is Teaching Blake Lively How to Work on Motorcycles
2015-03-18 Why Does Taylor Swift's Cat Owe Her 40 Million Dollars?
2015-03-16 'Woman In Gold': MovieBites
2015-03-14 Blake Lively and Penn Badgley Maintain an ''Amicable Silence"
2015-03-14 Blake Lively Shares Some Hilarious Memes--and One of Them Features Gossip Girl's Blair and Chuck!
2015-03-13 Blake Lively Shares Some Hilarious Memes--and One of Them Features Gossip Girl's Blair and Chuck!
2015-03-13 Blake Lively Just Sent Ryan Reynolds a Secret Message and We're Dying to Know What It Means!
2015-03-05 Ryan Reynolds' Hot Body Gets Taken Over by Ben Kingsley in Self/Less Trailer
2015-03-05 Hugh Jackman Up for Wolverine Cameo in 'Deadpool'
2015-03-04 Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Think Baby James Is Either "Allergic" to Sleep or Protecting Them From Monsters