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2014-08-30 Gwyneth Paltrow's Surprising New Beau
2014-08-14 9 Celebrity Couples You Won't Believe Existed
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2014-07-16 David Arquette And 4 Other 'One-Upping' Celeb Exes
2014-07-03 Met Gala Is A Sexy Must Be Seen Fashion Show
2014-05-07 Ryan Reynolds: 'I Give My Pets Voices'
2014-05-05 Gemma Arterton Takes on Darker Role in 'The Voices'
2014-04-27 Scarlett Johansson Compares Her Fiance to Ryan Reynolds
2014-04-09 Report: Scarlett Johansson Is Pregnant
2014-03-04 Did Leighton Meester And Adam Brody Get Hitched In A Secret Ceremony?
2014-02-19 'The Change-Up' Movie Review
2014-01-27 Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds Talk Working Together in 'R.I.P.D.'
2014-01-23 'Safe House' Review for Parents
2014-01-23 Ryan Reynolds Says Airplane Story About Him Getting Puked On Is Not True
2013-11-12 Ryan Reynolds Talks Friendship With Michael J. Fox
2013-11-12 On This Day: October 23
2013-10-23 Ryan Reynolds Strips Shirtless After Passenger 'Vomits' on Him
2013-10-21 Blake Lively & Ryan Reynold's Kinky Romance Revealed
2013-09-26 Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Wedding: Actress' Sister Robyn Brought Back The Teen Witch Dance!
2013-09-23 Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold's $36 Anniversary Dinner
2013-09-10 Johansson Set to Walk Up the Aisle a Second Time
2013-09-05 Johansson Engaged, Williams Broadway Bound
2013-09-05 Johansson Engaged, Williams Broadway Bound
2013-09-05 Blake Lively Is Turning 26
2013-08-24 Blake Lively Says Her Greatest Passion Is Life With Ryan Reynolds
2013-07-30 None
2013-07-28 Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Are a 'Cheesy' Couple
2013-07-22 Ryan Reynolds' Bad Skydiving Experience Left Him With a Fear of Flying
2013-07-20 Model & Actress Marisa Miller LIVE
2013-07-19 Ryan Reynolds to Drop TWO Flops This Weekend!
2013-07-18 New Movies: Bruce Willis Reprises Role in 'Red 2'
2013-07-18 An Inside Look at 'R.I.P.D.'
2013-07-17 Turbo (2013) Movie Review
2013-07-17 Ryan Reynolds Talks About Being an A**Hole as a Teen
2013-07-17 DreamWork's 'Turbo' NYC Premiere
2013-07-16 Jeff Bridges Calls Ryan Reynolds a Sweet Soul
2013-07-16 Ryan Reynolds On The Set Of "R.I.P.D."
2013-07-15 Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson on Turbo
2013-07-12 The "Turbo" Premiere: Ryan Reynolds On The Red Carpet
2013-07-11 Ryan Reynolds Reveals Why A Baby Would Make His Life Better
2013-07-11 Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie Say Ryan Reynolds Is A Cheater On The Today Show
2013-07-10 Ryan Reynolds Talks "Turbo", Taking On Matt Lauer and Indy 500 Winners
2013-07-10 Blake Lively Joins Hubby Ryan at NY Premiere of 'Turbo'
2013-07-10 Blake Lively Wows as She Supports Husband Ryan Reynolds at Turbo Premiere
2013-07-10 Blake Lively Dispels Pregnancy Rumors At Ryan Reynold's Movie Premiere
2013-07-10 Ryan Reynolds on His Relationship with Blake Lively
2013-07-09 Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Want A Bunch Of Kids
2013-07-09 Ryan Reynolds Says He's Terrified of Having Sons
2013-07-09 Ryan Reynolds Talks 'Deadpool' Movie Status
2013-07-08 Ryan Reynolds Talks About Being The Underdog At "Turbo" Premiere
2013-06-30 Ryan Reynolds, Snoop Dogg Go International
2013-06-27 Ryan Reynolds Needs Wardrobe Approval From Blake Lively
2013-06-27 R.I.P.D. 2013 Preview
2013-06-16 Young Ryan Reynolds Wooed Teenage Melissa Joan Hart
2013-06-14 Prince Harry and The Highlights From The Chime For Change Concert
2013-06-04 Usher Defends Justin Bieber's Reckless Antics
2013-05-30 Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds Star In R.I.P.D. Trailer In HD
2013-04-22 'R.I.P.D.' Trailer - Featuring Jeff Bridges, Ryan Reynolds
2013-04-20 Was Jealousy The Cause Of Ryan Reynolds & Scarlett Johansson's Divorce?
2013-04-09 Scarlett Johansson Opens Up About Ex Ryan Reynolds
2013-04-09 New at the Box Office: Tina Fey and Paul Rudd in 'Admission'
2013-03-22 Ryan Reynolds' Secret Weapon In Landing A Girlfriend
2013-03-19 "The Croods" Premiere
2013-03-14 Ben and Jen's PDA, a Leather-Bound "50 Shades of Grey" Journal, and More
2013-03-12 The Croods Premiere: Ryan Reynolds
2013-03-11 Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively at NY Premiere of 'Croods'
2013-03-11 Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Ditch Oscars For Hospital Visit
2013-02-27 Ryan Reynolds and Snoop Dogg in "Turbo" HD Trailer
2012-12-22 Blake Lively's Wedding Pics and Holiday Plans Revealed!
2012-12-21 Top 8 Shocking Celebrity Couple Moments of 2012!
2012-12-21 The Nines - Unscripted
2012-12-16 The Reel Deal With Mr. Moviefone
2012-12-16 Waiting - Trailer