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Burt Reynolds Looks Strikingly Frail At Comic Con

5/12/2015 6:03pm EDT
Burt Reynolds Frail Appearance Shocks Fans At Comic Con Appearan
Burt Reynolds has stayed mostly out of the public eye in recent months, but the legendary actor made a public appearance at Philadelphia's Wizard World Comic Con this past Saturday. Reynolds was present for a Q & A session that went off without a hitch, but according to fans who saw him at the panel, the 79-year-old looked shockingly frail and feeble.

Fans first reacted when Reynolds entered the room with the assistance of a cane, and noted that he seemed to have low energy throughout the session.

Burt Reynolds Makes Rare Public Appearance at Comic Con via @Yahoo...

Why Is Burt Reynolds Auctioning Off All His Stuff?

12/3/2014 10:24am EST
Burt Reynolds: 'I Am Not Broke'
Burt Reynolds has slammed reports that he's auctioning off more than 600 items from his personal collection because he's strapped for cash.

The actor told ET: "I want everyone to know that contrary to what all the news outlets are saying, I am not broke. I have been dealing with a business dispute for many years as well as a divorce settlement."

He added, "I am simply selling some of my memorabilia that I have enjoyed for so many years but do not have use nor room for them anymore. Quite frankly, I am sick of so many pictures of myself in my own home."

Reynolds is selling clothing, movie...

15 Celebrities Who've Had Near-Death Experiences (NDEs)

10/31/2014 2:30pm EDT
15 Celebrities Who've Had Near-Death Experiences (NDEs)
Many celebrities have come close to death, whether through car crashes (Tracy Morgan), surfing accidents (Gerard Butler) or drug overdoses (Eminem), but only a handful have had what can be described as near-death experiences (NDEs). These are people who have died, seen something on the other side, and have come back to life.

In 2001, actress Sharon Stone ("Basic Instinct," "Total Recall," "Casino") had a brain aneurysm that nearly killed her. She described the incident to Katie Couric, saying she felt like she had been shot in the head. The impact was so great, she fell over the sofa.


Male Celebrities Who Have Had Plastic Surgery

10/1/2013 1:07pm EDT
Mickey Rourke
Usually we think about women when we think about plastic surgery in Hollywood. However, plenty of leading men had had some work done to keep their youthful appearance. Here are some male celebrities who have had plastic surgery...

Mickey Rourke

Despite never losing a matching during his three-year boxing career, the fights left Mickey's face disfigured. The actor says he went to the "wrong guy" for his cosmetic work. He had five operations on his nose and had to fix a broken cheekbone.

Bruce Jenner

Bruce had a facelift and nose job in the 80s during a rough period in his life. "I ...

Burt Reynolds 'Feeling Better' After Flu Scare

1/27/2013 11:18am EST
Burt Reynolds
Veteran actor Burt Reynolds is "feeling better" following his hospitalization with influenza, according to his representative.

The Boogie Nights star, who had been ill for several days, was taken to a medical center in Florida after struggling with worsening systems, and on Friday he was treated in the intensive care unit for dehydration.

Doctors expect the 76 year old to make a full recovery, and now his spokesperson has updated fans about Reynolds' condition.

Erik Kritzer reveals the star is expected to leave the hospital on Monday, and adds, "He is feeling better."

Burt Reynolds Hospitalized

1/25/2013 4:22pm EST
Burt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds has been hospitalized in Florida due to complications related to the flu. The actor, 76, has been sick for several days and was taken to a local medical center after struggling with worsening symptoms.He was treated in the intensive care unit for severe hydration on Friday.
Doctors expect him to make a full recovery, a representative for the star told

Reynolds was massively popular in the 1980s in films such as Smokey And The Bandit and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. In the 1990s he starred in the television series "Evening Shade." He has also appeared in th...

Burt Reynolds Says His Nude Photo Shoot Cost ‘Deliverance’ Co-Stars Oscar Nominations

10/29/2012 7:58am EDT
Burt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds still regrets posing nude for a women's magazine in the 1970s as he fears the centerfold hurt his movie Deliverance’s chances at the Academy Awards.

The actor caused a stir and became a sex symbol in 1972 after he stripped off and posed naked on a bearskin rug for Cosmopolitan magazine.

The photo was so popular among female readers it reportedly spawned Playgirl magazine, but Reynolds is convinced the commotion it caused had a negative effect on his Deliverance co-stars.

He tells U.K. TV show Piers Morgan's Life Stories, "I really can't (look at it). I'm very embar...

'Archer' Recap: 'The Man From Jupiter' (3.04)

1/20/2012 1:36am EST
Archer officially starts its third season with a great get: Burt Reynolds. Having Archer's hero in the house makes for a fantastic opening episode.

He comes into the picture when he and Archer are at the same bar; after trying and failing to pick up another random woman, Archer gets his face introduced to the bar by none other than his favorite actor. Unfortunately for Sterling, Burt Reynolds is there because he's meeting Malory for a date. Rather than throw up, as he would usually do, Archer decides to faint instead. "It was an involuntary reaction," he declares the next day, sp...

Q&A: You Should Know Who 'Archer's' H. Jon Benjamin Is

1/19/2012 1:10pm EST
H. Jon Benjamin
From the moment Archer star H. Jon Benjamin gets on the phone, I know I'm in for it.

He's joining me to talk about the FX comedy's third season, which officially starts tonight after a three-part preview in September, but he wastes no time cracking jokes at the expense of the network representative. "This woman has too many rules," he says, "It's not fair for anybody to have to sit through that." He tries in vain to have her line disconnected.

I stifle my laughter and get to my first question. "You're doing, of course, Archer and Bob's Burgers, and your Comedy Central show..."

"We all ...

Burt Reynolds' Cheeky Flower Prank Left LeAnn Rimes Blushing

11/27/2011 3:31pm EST
Burt Reynolds
Veteran actor Burt Reynolds had the female cast and crewmembers of his TV movie Reel Love blushing after sending them bouquets of flowers accompanied by a cheeky message alluding to a raunchy encounter.

His onscreen daughter Leann Rimes became one of Reynolds' many on-set targets and she admits his saucy prank had everyone in giggles.

She tells People magazine, "Burt Reynolds, who plays my dad in Reel Love, sent flowers to all of the women on set with a card that said, 'Thanks for last night.' He started with me - he's hysterical."

Burt Reynolds Slams Latest Facelift Rumors

8/30/2011 11:19am EDT
Burt Reynolds
Hollywood legend Burt Reynolds has denied longstanding rumours he's undergone a facelift, insisting he inherited his wrinkle-free skin from his father.

The Deliverance star is aged 75 but has the smooth skin of a much younger man, prompting observers to speculate he has had cosmetic surgery to preserve his looks.

Reynolds admits he went under the surgeon's knife to correct his eyes after shooting too many fight scenes in the 1980s, but he's adamant he has not had a facelift.

The actor tells Britain's OK! magazine, "I was never lifted. I would not have a problem with the truth, but I i...

Burt Reynolds Faces Losing His Florida Mansion

8/17/2011 8:45am EDT
Burt Reynolds
Veteran actor Burt Reynolds reportedly faces losing his Florida mansion after failing to pay off his mortgage debts.

The Smokey and the Bandit star owes almost $1.2 million in payments, dating back to last year, according to a new lawsuit.

Reynolds is reportedly trying to sell the sprawling property for $8.6 million, despite it being valued at just $2.4 million.

Now, officials at Merrill Lynch Credit Corporation are seeking a court order for the home to be sold, reports Britain's Daily Mirror.

The property includes a private cinema and hair salon.

Jill Clayburgh, 66, Dies Of Leukemia

11/6/2010 10:33am EDT
Jill Clayburgh
Hollywood veteran Jill Clayburgh has died. She was 66. The actress, who starred opposite Burt Reynolds in 1979's "Starting Over," passed away on Friday at her home in Lakeville, Connecticut, following a long illness.

Clayburgh's husband, playwright David Rabe, has revealed she suffered from chronic lymphocytic leukemia for over 20 years, reports the Associated Press.

She was nominated for two Academy Awards throughout her career, for her roles in "Starting Over" and "An Unmarried Woman," which won her the Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival in 1978.

Clayburgh later tur...

Burt Reynolds & Loni Anderson Reuniting For New Sitcom

10/6/2010 10:07pm EDT
Burt Reynolds
A new sitcom has brought former couple Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson back together, 15 years after they divorced.

The pair is set to play warring pensioners living in a retirement home in the untitled show, which being written by "All in the Family" creator Norman Lear, reports the National Enquirer.

Sources tell the tabloid that 74-year-old Reynolds hopes the show will kick start his career, following his recent lifesaving heart surgery, and Anderson agreed to cast aside the ex-couple's differences after their son Quinton, 22, intervened to broker the deal.

An insider tells the Enquir...

Burt Reynolds Feels 'Fabulous' After Surgery

4/27/2010 7:00pm EDT
Burt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds is feeling "fabulous" after undergoing heart surgery in February - he now wants to "live to be 199."

The 74 year old was diagnosed with clogged arteries after a routine check-up earlier this year, and immediately underwent an operation to correct the condition. The actor admits he was lucky doctors were able to spot the problem, and he's delighted with his renewed health since the surgery.

He tells, "I was a heart attack waiting to happen... My doctor said I needed to undergo bypass surgery immediately. I went home and shaved then had the operation the next day....

Burt Reynolds Recovering From Heart Surgery

3/3/2010 8:00pm EST
Burt Reynolds
Veteran actor Burt Reynolds is recovering after undergoing major heart surgery last week. The Hollywood icon, 74, was admitted to a Florida hospital last month, where he underwent a quintuple bypass.

He is now resting at home with 24-hour nursing care, according to Entertainment Tonight. Reynold's manager Erik Kritzer has dismissed reports the actor's operation was emergency surgery, insisting it had been scheduled weeks before.

However, he reveals the surgery was a success and claims the actor is already on the road to recovery.

Kritzer tells WENN: "Mr. Reynolds has been released fro...

'Whorehouse' Getting Updated

2/11/2010 6:20pm EST
Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton's 1982 movie "The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas" is to be revamped by the women behind "Legally Blonde" and the producers of the "Twilight" franchise. Screenwriters Karen McCulluh and Kirsten Smith will rewrite the film's script and plot, while Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey will produce the project.

Parton's film started life as a hit 1978 play. The new version will be a big-budget musical.

The original 1982 film, which also starred Burt Reynolds, featured Parton's love anthem "I Will Always Love You".

Image © Sylvain Gaboury / PR Photos

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2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Mega Diary

9/21/2009 9:55am EDT
Neil Patrick Harris
Ah, the Emmys. The one Awards show on TV that has a nonchalant attitude toward its honorees and the medium it seeks to honor. A ceremony that seeks to put on a funny show, not blow smoke up the behinds of the many winners mostly seem like they'd rather not be there.

Sure, the last couple years were awful, but this year we have the inimitable Neil Patrick Harris at the helm, and with the possibility that this may be Emmy's final year on broadcast television, they're certain to pull out all the stops and ratchet up the funny.

And with that stellar introduction, here is the 2009 Primet...

Video Game Movies: The Good, The Bad, And The Boll

2/25/2009 9:09am EST
Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li
With Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li arriving in theaters February 27, it’s time to take a look back at the video game movies that brought us to this point.

While video games run the gamut of quality - from very good to very bad - video game movies have typically been on the “poor” side of the critical spectrum. Games are written with interactivity in mind, and thus their storylines don’t always mesh with the film medium.

Still, there are a few titles one could argue are at least passable – even if fans of the video games they are based on do not find them loyal to the ori...

The Best Of Philip Seymour Hoffman

10/22/2008 9:57am EDT
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Synecdoche, New York, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, opens in select theaters Oct. 24. Hoffman plays a wild-eyed theater director who attempts to build a life-sized replica of New York City in preparation for an ambitious play. Check out our list of some of Hoffman's greatest works:

Cold Mountain

The star-studded "Cold Mountain" is a sweeping tale set in the final days of the American Civil War.

Boogie Nights

"Boogie Nights" is less a film about pornography than the serio-comic story of a group of misfits, losers, and lost souls who are embraced by Jack Horner (Burt R...

Slideshow: Hair Challenged Actors

10/21/2008 12:12pm EDT
Teutonic Dream boat
Having a bad hair day? well try having a bad hair week, or year, or life or career. Not everyone can have a mane like David Hasselhoff or locks like Brad Pitt or the thick and lustrous head of hair like Burt Reynolds, well maybe not Burt.

Here are some actors who have carried on, persevered and triumphed despite being focally handicapped.

Gary Busey

- Click pic for next page -

More Gary Busey


Mickey Rourke

- Click pic for next page -

More Mickey...

Slideshow: Native American Actors

8/7/2008 8:45am EDT
Adam Beach
There are several well-known celebrities that are proud to call themselves part Native American. Click through our slideshow of stars who trace their roots to American soil. A few may surprise you:

Benjamin Bratt

Stars in A&E's "The Cleaner"

More Benjamin Bratt Pictures

Adam Beach

Starred in "Comanche Moon," "Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee" and "Flags of our Fathers"

More Adam Beach Pictures

Lou Diamond Phillips

Known for his role in "La Bamba"

More Lou Diamond Phillips Pictures

Angie Harmo...

The 'That Guy' Encyclopedia, Letters L Through Z

5/29/2008 10:45am EDT
Danny Trejo
Throughout cinematic history, there has been a plethora of actors that, for some reason or another, never become a household name. So here is a cheat sheet of sorts, a brief encyclopedia on "That Guy." Part Two: Letters L-Z. If you missed the first installment, you can check it out here.

Stubborn General or Muslim, Harry Lennix

Lennix played Lock, the unbelieving general in Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions. He appeared in short bursts in TV shows such as Diagnosis Murder and ER before a longer stay on Commander in Chief. He played a Moor in Titus and a Muslim in 24. He is currently s...

'Deal' is No Big Deal as Career of Burt Reynolds Fades Away

4/24/2008 4:29pm EDT
(– Poor Burt Reynolds. As the No. 1 box-office star from 1978 to 1982, he revived his film career in 1997 with “Boogie Nights”. Since then, he has had the long, slow decline of “B” movies and bad remakes. Reynolds even tainted his own legacy by participating in the horrible 2005 redo of “The Longest Yard.”

Will he ever get the one last script that will return him to glory? The film “Deal” isn’t it. Reynolds plays Tommy Vinton: a mysterious stranger who begins observing young poker hotshot Alex (Bret Harrison).

Alex is from the Internet age and won an online co...

'Deal' is No Big Deal as Career of Burt Reynolds Fades Away

4/24/2008 9:46am EDT
(– Poor Burt Reynolds. As the No. 1 box-office star from 1978 to 1982, he revived his film career in 1997 with “Boogie Nights”. Since then, he has had the long, slow decline of “B” movies and bad remakes. Reynolds even tainted his own legacy by participating in the horrible 2005 redo of “The Longest Yard.”

Will he ever get the one last script that will return him to glory? The film “Deal” isn’t it. Reynolds plays Tommy Vinton: a mysterious stranger who begins observing young poker hotshot Alex (Bret Harrison).

Alex is from the Internet age and won an online co...

'Best Of The Little Guy' Sports Movies

2/11/2008 5:20pm EST
Little Giants
One week later, I'm still walking in circles around my house: pinching myself, reading newspaper articles, Tivoing ESPN, and gazing up at pictures of David Tyree. I just can't believe it. The New York Giants, my team, my sloppy, win ugly, stab me in the heart again and again until I'm either screaming or crying or laughing like a crazy person Giants have done the impossible-- they defeated the big, bad, *perfect* New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

It's like something out of a movie. Inspirational. Against all odds. Team victory. In my mind, it's already the greatest sports movi...

Celebrity Horoscope: Aquarius Are Honest And Open

1/29/2008 4:17pm EST
Sheryl Crow
Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18) is one of the Air signs, along with Libra and Gemini. People born under this sign are often very honest and open. They are never unkind and are always considerate of others. They are considered dreamers and can be somewhat unrealistic at times. They love everyone, sometimes even their worst enemies.

Aquarius women tend to be very elusive and mysterious. They are often open-minded and extremely tolerant of others. They consider marriage a very big step since they are independent by nature. They're not jealous people and are free-spirited and forgiving. Aqua...

15 Football Films Worth Watching

1/28/2008 12:14pm EST
We Are Marshall
This is a bittersweet time of year for all football fans - the season is over, and the Super Bowl peaks over the horizon. Then comes the pain of football withdrawal. What will we do on Sunday afternoons and Monday nights? We've compiled a list of movies that we hope will ease the misery.

Some football films have rousing, rough-and-tumble-scream-at-the-TV football action. This is the "Football Factor." They're just like watching a game with two great defenses. Others have an interesting football story. This is the "Heart Factor." Often there are a lot of both factors in each movie. Her...

Jason Statham Stars In Uwe Boll's 'In the Name of the King'; Opening Jan. 11

12/10/2007 6:00pm EST
In the Name of the King
A simple family man (Jason Statham) is forced to take up arms after an evil sorcerer (Ray Liotta) unleashes an army of bloodthirsty beasts that destroy his small village and capture his beautiful wife (Claire Forlani).

As the marauding forces overrun the land in an effort to overthrow the king (Burt Reynolds) and his loyal magus (John Rhys-Davies), the once peace-loving peasant and his two companions (Ron Perlman and Will Sanderson) venture into perilous, uncharted terrain on a daring rescue mission.

In this breathtaking fantasy adventure, director Uwe Boll conjures up a me...

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It: Starpulse Examines Plastic Surgery Among The Stars

12/4/2007 9:55am EST
Melanie Griffith
Beauty is a funny thing. Forever a concern for both the beautiful and un-beautiful alike, attaining and maintaining a consistent level of seemingly effortless attractiveness requires, for most of us, a lot of work.

Saturating our television shows, magazines and movies (with the exception of most French films, to their credit), conventional standards of beauty are as inescapable as they are unrealistic. They demand of us a level of aesthetic perfection that most of us simply cannot deliver - not even with the most expensive pills and potions at our disposal.

So, what's a regular ...