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Forgotten Friday Flick - 'Rent-A-Cop' From 1987

12/18/2015 12:15pm EST
Forgotten Friday Flick - 'Rent-A-Cop'
We’re back focusing on the tough guys of cinema and with the holiday season in full swing it felt right to add a little Christmas cheer to our bitter bravado – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick! Today we’re following a cop down on his luck hunting a killer. Seems his big bust went bust and he’s taking the fall, so he does the only thing an ex-cop can do. Strap on a Santa suit, check that naughty list and keep your eyes peeled for shoplifters as a…"Rent-A-Cop!"

Tony Church is a Chicago cop on the eve of a big drug bust. The plans are set, the staging in motion and everyone is at th...

James Remar Spills On 'Unnatural' And More

10/14/2015 12:20pm EDT
Interview: 'Unnatural' Star James Remar On '48Hrs.', Hugo Posh A
Viva la After Dark Films and their new 8 Films To Die For 2015! Why such unbridled praise you ask? During a recent kickoff event and party celebrating the upcoming 2015 crop of 8 Films To Die For I got to scratch a dream interview off my bucket list. Seems awe-inspiring and iconic actor James Remar is in one of the aforementioned 8 Films – an old fashioned creature feature set in winter laden Alaska called "Unnatural" – and was at the party ready to chat. Collecting my thoughts from years of past work questions, Remar graciously agreed to be grilled by yours truly and it was everything ...

Blu-ray Review: 'Dexter: The Complete Series Collection'

11/15/2013 9:20am EST
For those who are newbies (like me!) or those who simply wish to enjoy the kills and thrills all over again we’re checking out the massive, cool and highly collectable whopping 25-Disc Blu-ray Showtime series set "Dexter: The Complete Series Collection," out now on both DVD and Blu-ray from Paramount and CBS Home Entertainment.  Seeing as this set is uber-long so is our coverage for your convenience.  So we’re examining the blood spatters here in sections that include capsulated reviews of all eight seasons, a looks at the extras and even dissection the packaging to see if this puppy is wor...

Blu-ray Review: 'All Superheroes Must Die'

1/30/2013 11:00am EST
All Superheroes Must Die
Tired of the good guy always coming out on top?  Then check out the getting even with the heroes outing "All Superheroes Must Die" out now from Image Home Entertainment.  Review of bad vs. good below!



   Title: "All Superheroes Must Die"

   Grade: 4 1/2

   Cast: Jason Trost, Lucus Till, James Remar

   Director: Jason Trost

   Rating: Not Rated

   Runtime: 78 minutes

   Release Company: Image Home Entertainment



The Flick: "All Superheroes Must Die" is a great example of how to engage an audience without the benefit of big bucks.  Dir...

'Dexter's' James Remar Helps Injured Homeless Man

8/15/2012 10:58am EDT
James Remar
Dexter star James Remar played a real life hero last week when he went to the rescue of a wounded homeless man.

The actor spotted the man outside a grocery store in Los Angeles on Friday, so he went into the shop and bought bandages and antiseptic cream.

Remar, who formerly worked as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), then dressed and cleaned the head wound and advised the man how to stave off an infection, according to

A representative for Remar insists the actor was just doing his best to help.

TV On DVD: 'Dexter: Season Five'

8/18/2011 3:10pm EDT
This week, CBS Home Entertainment released season five of Showtime's hit series Dexter on DVD and Blu-Ray. Here's my look inside the DVD version.

The Show

After a spectacular fourth season (I don't know about you, but I have a really hard time watching John Lithgow in those 3rd Rock from the Sun reruns now), Dexter had a tough act to follow. While I don't dislike season five as much as some fans, I can see where their disappointment comes from - it's a worthwhile go, but the standard was set high and it didn't quite get there.

Julia Stiles (10 Things I Hate About You) is the season...

Video Game Movies: The Good, The Bad, And The Boll

2/25/2009 9:09am EST
Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li
With Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li arriving in theaters February 27, it’s time to take a look back at the video game movies that brought us to this point.

While video games run the gamut of quality - from very good to very bad - video game movies have typically been on the “poor” side of the critical spectrum. Games are written with interactivity in mind, and thus their storylines don’t always mesh with the film medium.

Still, there are a few titles one could argue are at least passable – even if fans of the video games they are based on do not find them loyal to the ori...

'Dexter' Season Finale: Do You Take Dexter Morgan?

12/15/2008 1:14pm EST
"Dexter" ends its best season yet with what may well have been its Best. Episode. Ever.

This episode was thrilling from the start with investigation of Miguel Prado's slaying taking center stage and instantly putting Dexter in jeopardy from the slain ADA's brother Ramon. This led to a meeting between the two that revealed a bit of Dexter's humanity.

Ramon pulled a gun on Dexter in front of his wedding party before his rehearsal dinner. This led to Ramon's brief incarceration and when Dexter came to visit his former best friend's brother in jail, he revealed more of himself tha...

'Dexter' Recap: 'I Had a Dream'

12/8/2008 12:37pm EST
There's anti-climaxes, there's the beginning of "Lost in Space" episodes, and then there's last night's episode of "Dexter", which took the artform to new heights. Or maybe lows.

Just when we thought Dexter had found himself in his toughest predicament yet, presumably locked in the trunk of the skinner, we find out that he'd simply been kidnapped by. . .The Organizers of his Bachelor Party! How hilarious. He even punched Masuka in the face by mistake! Oh, this show is just so darn silly!

Of course, Dexter's complete lack of interest at the booze-soaked stripper fest, gave us a...

'Dexter': Go Your Own Way

12/2/2008 9:38am EST
For this entire season of "Dexter" the whole skinner storyline seemed about as useful as a hangnail. It was almost a plot device to move the characters around where the producers needed them for each episode. Now it has taken on a life of its own, and maybe given Dexter his greatest challenge ever.

Before we get to that; however, let's look at the devolving relationship between Miguel and Dexter. The serial killer, it seems, is regretting his decision to make a friend, as Miguel's slaying of Ellen Wolf has broken Dexter's code and led to his wanting to extricate himself from Miguel'...

'Dexter' Recap: 'About Last Night'

11/24/2008 12:35pm EST
Dexter and Miguel have officially hit a rough patch, as the lawyer defied the serial killer by doing something much worse than the other ever did. This may sound like a bad lawyer joke, but it was actually the premise of one the best episode in this series' canon.

It turns out that the bit of homicide hinted at in the previous episode actually happened: Miguel went ahead and offed the innocent-according-to-Dexter Ellen Wolf. The forensics inspector quickly solved the case, discovering blood traces and ultimately the body, underneath a freshly dug grave.

This would eventually lea...

'Dexter' Recap: 'The Damage A Man Can Do'

11/17/2008 10:49am EST
It seems Dexter and his new friend may have a whole lot more in common than the show's main character, or his viewers, ever thought.

On Sunday's installment, Miguel finally joined Dexter in his favorite hobby: killing. The target was a compulsive gambler who pays his debts by beating to death those who can't pay theirs. Miguel turned Dexter onto the victim, but nobody could have expected how thrilled the ADA would be by the act.

It turns out that Miguel has a dark passenger of his own, one born out of beatings from his father. It is this revelation that convinces Dexter to al...

'Dexter Recap': 'Easy as Pie'

11/10/2008 1:37pm EST
In a sort of cathartic episode for its main character, last night's installment of "Dexter" saw the titular serial killer let go of a bit of the past while reaffirming his twisted take on morality.

The past he let go of was personified in the death of Camilla, the lady from the police records office who knew more about Dexter's past than anybody, including his sister or fiancé. She'd been at end of the line, dying of cancer over the last episode, until she got the bad news that her condition had slowed to the point that she'd be forced to suffer for another month.

While Camilla d...

'Dexter Recap': 'Sì Se Puede'

11/3/2008 2:03pm EST
The biggest question on "Dexter" has nothing to do with its titular hero, his sister, his fiancée or anybody else we've come to know over the two-plus seasons of the show. No, the question has entirely to do with the new addition to the cast, Jimmy Smits' Miguel Prado, and that question is this: How far will Miguel Prado go?

That's precisely what Dexter was wondering last night as he presented Prado with a task to test his mettle. This involved a member of Dexter's "Top Ten" list, a member of the Aryan Brotherhood who got a away with a brutal murder several years ago, and his still r...