Christopher Reeve Videos

Now Playing: Famous Movie Roles Rejected by Top Stars Exclusive: What Christopher Reeve Taught Barbara Walters About Humor
2014-06-30 'FanAddicts!': Living in His Superman Collection
2013-09-22 Top 10 Career Ruining Movies
2013-09-15 'Man of Steel': The Importance of Superman's Heroic Woman
2013-06-16 'Man of Steel' Sparks Superman Media Memories
2013-06-13 Top 10 Superman Movie Trivia
2013-06-06 The History of Superman on TV and Film
2013-06-04 No - Trailer No. 1
2012-12-21 Famous Movie Roles Rejected by Top Stars
2012-11-15 Top 10 Movie Superhero Portrayals
2012-05-03 'Smallville' Remembers Christopher Reeve
2011-11-28 Behind The Scenes: Casting The Original Superman

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