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2015-10-03 Chris Pratt Is Barely Recognizable Rocking a Full Beard
2015-09-30 First Look at Jennifer Lawrence's New Hair Color
2015-09-24 Chris Pratt and His Dinosaurs Will Be Back for More!
2015-09-23 Jurassic World Tops List of Most Movie Mistakes For 2015
2015-09-15 David Oyelowo Cast as Next James Bond
2015-08-14 Celebrities Who Go Above & Beyond For Their Fans
2015-08-13 Anna Faris Talks Chris Pratt Cheating Rumors
2015-08-12 Anna Faris Calls Chris Pratt Cheating Rumors 'Weirdly Stinging'
2015-08-12 Anna Farris on Chris Pratt/Jennifer Lawrence Cheating Rumors: “Devastating”
2015-08-12 Turns out Chris Pratt Paints Murals, Because He's Amazing at Everything
2015-08-06 10 Husky Celebrities You Want to Cuddle With
2015-08-05 Jake Gyllenhaal Continues His Dramatic Streak
2015-07-30 Jurassic World Sequel Announced
2015-07-25 'Jurassic World' Sequel Gets a Date
2015-07-24 A 'Jurassic World' Sequel Is Coming in 2018!
2015-07-24 EXCLUSIVE: Sneak Peek at the Marvel's 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Gag Reel
2015-07-24 Which Two Stars Are Returning To Jurassic World's Sequel?
2015-07-24 Universal Pictures Announces 'Jurassic World' Sequel for June 2018
2015-07-24 Chris Pratt to Return for 'Jurassic World' Sequel
2015-07-24 Martin Freeman Teases Marvel Role
2015-07-20 7 Things You Didn't Know About Chris Pratt
2015-07-12 Robert Downey Jr. Welcomes Chris Pratt Into the Marvel Universe
2015-07-08 4 Jurassic Park Movies Ranked
2015-07-04 Griff Furst Joins 'The Magnificent Seven' Cast
2015-07-02 Ant-Man Stars Give Advice To Spider-Man
2015-07-02 Box Office Report: June 26th - 28th
2015-06-30 'Guardians 2' Gets an Awesome Title
2015-06-30 Chris Pratt Impersonates Jason Statham in Cut 'SNL' Spoof
2015-06-30 Chris Pratt Wants to Be Fat
2015-06-28 Chris Pratt Warns He 'Might Go Back to Being the Fat Guy'
2015-06-25 'Indiana Jones 5' Slated for 2018 Release
2015-06-24 Chris Pratt Warns He 'Might Go Back to Being the Fat Guy'
2015-06-24 Chris Pratt Heads to Children's Hospital for Dinosaur Training
2015-06-23 Chris Pratt Re-Enacted the Jurassic World Raptor Training Scene at a Children's Hospital
2015-06-22 Zookeepers Are Imitating This 'Jurassic World' Raptor Scene
2015-06-21 'Jurassic World': Movie Review for Parents
2015-06-21 Happy Birthday! Chris Pratt Turns 36 Today
2015-06-21 Celebrities Support Charleston After Tragic Shooting
2015-06-19 Chris Pratt Gets Schooled by Dinosaur Experts
2015-06-19 'Jurassic World': Using Motion-Capture to Create Realistic Dinosaurs
2015-06-19 Jurassic World Movie Review
2015-06-18 Marvel Congratulates ‘Jurassic World' on Being ‘New Opening Weekend King'
2015-06-18 Dinosaurs Battle Emotions at the Box Office
2015-06-18 Marvel Congratulates 'Jurassic World' on Defeating 'The Avengers'
2015-06-17 Countdown to Chris Pratt/Jennifer Lawrence Space Romance Begins
2015-06-17 Countdown to Chris Pratt/Jennifer Lawrence Space Romance Begins
2015-06-17 Chris Pratt & Jennifer Lawrence's Sci-Fi Movie 'Passengers' Is Totally Happening!
2015-06-17 Jennifer Lawrence Almost Doubles Chris Pratt's Salary
2015-06-17 Jennifer Lawrence to Be Paid $8M More Than 'Passengers' Co-Star Chris Pratt
2015-06-17 Jennifer Lawrence Will Earn $20 Million for Upcoming Film
2015-06-17 An Extremely Accurate Retelling of 'Jurassic World,' Entirely in Emoji
2015-06-17 And Now for Some Mind-Blowing Nostalgia!
2015-06-17 Chris Pratt: Origins Story
2015-06-16 Jurassic World Has the Biggest Opening Weekend Ever
2015-06-16 This Is What Chris Pratt Demands in His Contracts
2015-06-16 Jurassic World Beats Avengers For Best Opening Weekend Ever
2015-06-16 Anna Faris Is "Jealous" of One of Chris Pratt's Jurassic World Raptors!
2015-06-16 'Jurassic' Dinos Crush the Box Office
2015-06-15 The Reason Why Jurassic World Has Set the Record for Biggest Global Debut
2015-06-15 Jurassic World Sequel Confirmed! Chris Pratt Already Signed on to Return
2015-06-15 'Jurassic World' and Its Dino-Sized Inaccuracies
2015-06-14 23 Guys That Should Always Be Shirtless
2015-06-13 Would Jurassic World's New Dinosaur Win in an Epic Showdown?
2015-06-13 'Jurassic World' Has a Brookstone? Product Placement Runs Wild in the Park
2015-06-13 'Jurassic World': IMAX Featurette
2015-06-12 'Jurassic World': Exclusive Cast Interview
2015-06-12 WATCH: Chris Pratt Shows Off His 'Jurassic World' Emotions
2015-06-12 'Jurassic World' Review: Big Dino Fun, but Not Such a Clever Girl
2015-06-12 Anna Faris Finally Joins Instagram
2015-06-12 Movie Premiere: 'Jurassic World'
2015-06-12 Jurassic World Has $18.5 Million Opening Night
2015-06-12 Jurassic World Projected For Up To $125 Million Opening
2015-06-11 Chris Pratt Sings 'Margaritaville,' Bryce Dallas Howard Plays 'Jessica or Bryce?' at 'Jurassic World' Premiere
2015-06-11 E! Looks Back at Chris Pratt in 2003