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2014-11-26 Angelina Jolie Vows to Cook to 'Become a Better Wife'
2014-11-25 Angie Not Quitting Career
2014-11-21 Angelina Jolie on Working With Brad: 'It's Not Easy for Us'
2014-11-21 Maddox Jolie-Pitt Is a PA on Angelina & Brad's Movie
2014-11-20 Angelina Jolie Defends Brad Pitt as a 'Great Man'
2014-11-18 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Walk Their First Red Carpet as a Married Couple at Unbroken World Premiere
2014-11-17 Everything You Need to Know About the 1st MLK Biopic
2014-11-12 Top 10 Actors Who Can Pull Off Foreign Accents
2014-11-11 Hollywood Heartthrobs Way Back When
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2014-11-06 Who Are The Top 5 Tabloid Targets?
2014-11-06 Are Politics in Angelina Jolie's Future?
2014-11-05 ShowBiz Minute: People's Choice, CMAs, Cumberbatch Engaged
2014-11-05 Angelina Jolie Says Marriage 'Does Feel Different'
2014-11-04 Box Office Top 3: 'Nightcrawler' Crawls to #1
2014-11-03 The Lowdown on 'Fury'
2014-10-31 Escape to the Movies: 'Fury'
2014-10-28 Fury Actor Logan Lerman Talks Emotions on Set
2014-10-28 Box Office Top 3: 'Ouija' Profits From Halloween Movie Void
2014-10-27 Fury Star Logan Recalls Claustrophobic Tank Experience
2014-10-24 'Bio Shorts': Anne Rice - Mini Biography
2014-10-24 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Jon Bernthal on 'Fury' Cast Fights
2014-10-22 'Fury': Exclusive Interview With Cast & Director
2014-10-22 Logan Lerman and David Ayer Back on Military Grounds
2014-10-22 'LIVE with Kelly and Michael': David Muir on His Brad Pitt Interview
2014-10-21 D.C. Gets a Dose of Hollywood with Jay Leno, Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon
2014-10-21 Brad Pitt's 'Fury' Rolls Into 1st at the Box Office
2014-10-21 'Fury' Stars Talk Violent and Gritty Filmmaking
2014-10-21 'Fury': Exclusive LFF Closing Gala Premiere
2014-10-21 'Fury' Role Helped Brad Pitt Be a Better Father
2014-10-20 Brad Pitt Brings War Hero Peter Comfort to the Fury Premiere
2014-10-20 Brad Pitt Takes War Hero to 'Fury' Premiere
2014-10-20 Brad Pitt Invites War Veteran Onto Red Carpet
2014-10-20 'Fury' Blasts 'Gone Girl' At The Box Office, Brings In $23.5 Million
2014-10-20 Four Things We Learned About Brad Pitt at the Premiere of 'Fury'
2014-10-19 Brad Pitt 15 Years After 'Fight Club'
2014-10-19 'Fury', 'The Best of Me' and More Movie Reviews
2014-10-19 Richard Roeper Reviews' Fury'
2014-10-19 New Unbroken Trailer: Watch Jack O'Connell Fight For His Life In Angelina Jolie's Latest Film
2014-10-17 FURY - "FURY" Is a Day in the Life of a Family of Brothers
2014-10-17 FURY - Jon Bernthal on Going Through a Bonding Bootcamp
2014-10-17 FURY - Logan Lerman Researching for "FURY"
2014-10-17 FURY - Director David Ayer Makes Chick Flicks for Guys
2014-10-17 FURY - Why Director David Ayer Identifies with Logan Lerman
2014-10-17 'Fury': What The Critics Are Saying
2014-10-17 World Premiere of Brad Pitt's 'Fury'
2014-10-16 Michael Pena Opens Up About Intimate Moments on 'Fury' Set
2014-10-16 Brad Pitt And Jimmy Fallon Have A "Breakdance Conversation" On The Tonight Show
2014-10-16 Brad Pitt -- DON'T GIVE UP ON DREW BREES
2014-10-16 FURY - Logan Lerman on Working with Brad Pitt
2014-10-16 Brad Pitt: 'I Don't Suck at Being a Dad'
2014-10-15 Brad Pitt: Details November Cover Star
2014-10-15 'Fury' Aims For An Unvarnished Look At War
2014-10-15 Brad Pitt Covers Details, Has "Discovered I Don't Suck At Being A Dad"
2014-10-15 'Fury': Best Job I Ever Had
2014-10-14 'Fury': Hold This Crossroad
2014-10-14 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Clip: Shia LaBeouf on Fighting Brad Pitt in 'Fury'
2014-10-14 Shia LaBeouf Admits To Punching Brad Pitt
2014-10-14 Angelina Jolie Named an Honorary Dame
2014-10-13 Penelope Cruz 'Sexiest Woman Alive' and More Entertainment News
2014-10-13 The Secret to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Love Life
2014-10-12 Shia LaBeouf Slashes His Own Face for Art
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2014-10-03 'Fury': Recreating Hell Featurette
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2014-10-01 Brad Pitt Feels Like "the Richest Man Alive," Calls Fatherhood "the Most Beautiful Thing" Ever
2014-10-01 Brad Pitt And Ben Affleck Missed George Clooney's Wedding For The Same Reason