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Now Playing: Spielberg, Kidman in Cannes; Drake leads BET noms 'Star Trek' Actor Chris Pine Pleads Guilty to DUI
2014-03-17 Chris Pine Boldly Admits to a DUI Charge
2014-03-17 Chris Pine Pleads Guilty to Drunk Driving
2014-03-17 Chris Pine Arrested For DUI In New Zealand
2014-03-12 Chris Pine Gets DUI Charge in New Zealand
2014-03-12 Margot Robbie Finds Love On Set Of New Movie
2014-02-27 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' Movie Clip
2014-02-26 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit': Introducing Jack
2014-02-26 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit': Introducing Harper
2014-02-26 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' Featurette: Behind The Action
2014-02-26 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit': European Premiere
2014-02-26 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit': Exclusive Interview with Chris Pine
2014-02-26 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit': Kenneth Branagh and David Barron Interview
2014-02-26 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' Trailer
2014-02-26 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' Trailer 2
2014-02-26 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit': Second to None Clip
2014-02-26 Escape to the Movies: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
2014-02-02 Keira Knightley and Chris Pine Light Up Big London Pemiere
2014-01-24 Margot Robbie Wanted for Playboy: Hugh Hefner Thinks She'd Be Great!
2014-01-24 'This Means War' Movie Review for Parents
2014-01-23 Keira Knightley Hails 'Schizophrenic' Branagh
2014-01-21 Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Movie Review for Parents
2014-01-20 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' Review
2014-01-19 Clancy's Cold War Hero Jack Ryan Gets Film Reboot With Familiar Foe
2014-01-18 Kevin Costner On Chris Pine And Keira Knightley
2014-01-18 Morgenstern: 'Jack Ryan' Is an Inspiration-Free Adventure
2014-01-17 See Chris Pine's Adorably Nerdy Yearbook Picture!
2014-01-17 "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" Movie Trailer Review: Cornelius At The Cinema
2014-01-17 Jack Ryan Stars Shine at LA Premiere
2014-01-16 Clancy's Jack Ryan Returns to Save the World
2014-01-16 The 2014 Golden Globe Awards: Winners and After Parties
2014-01-13 Keira Knightley Brings It In "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit"
2014-01-12 Chris Pine Is Attacked In A Hotel Room As "Jack Ryan"
2014-01-11 Chris Pine Dishes on Experiencing Lindsay Lohan's Insane Heyday
2014-01-03 Chris Pine Makes Out With Mystery Blond In Paris
2013-11-12 Chris Pine, Kevin Costner, Keira Knightley In "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" Trailer
2013-10-06 Jack Ryan Trailer Released: Chris Pine And Keira Knightley In Action
2013-10-04 Chris Pine Sports a Mega Beard and Mega Muscles on the Set of 'The Stretch'
2013-07-17 Chris Pine Talks About The Incredible Scenes From Star Trek Into Darkness
2013-05-26 Chris Pines Dubs His Star Trek in Spanish
2013-05-18 Captain Kirk Looks Hot at "Star Trek" Premiere
2013-05-17 'Star Trek Into Darkness' London Premiere
2013-05-16 "Star Trek Into Darkness" Lights Up Hollywood
2013-05-16 Kirk and Spock's Friendship on and Off the Screen
2013-05-16 Star Trek Premiere Is A Night Of Celebrities And Fashion
2013-05-16 Chris Pine Admits He 'Cries All The Time'
2013-05-14 Unscripted - Star Trek Into Darkness - Viral 01 - Chris Pine in Spandex
2013-05-13 Unscripted - Star Trek Into Darkness - Complete Interview
2013-05-13 Unscripted - Star Trek Into Darkness - Viral 02
2013-05-13 Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto Talk 'Star Trek Into Darkness'
2013-05-12 Richard Roeper Reviews 'Star Trek Into Darkness'
2013-05-12 Star Trek Into Darkness London Premiere Highlights
2013-05-11 Captain of The Enterprise Chris Pine Is Out For Star Trek
2013-05-11 JJ Abrams Talks Star Trek Villain and Star Trek 3
2013-05-08 'Star Trek Into Darkness' - New Trailer In HD
2013-05-06 Chris Pine and J.J. Abrams Take Us Into the World Of Captain Kirk
2013-05-06 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Premiere: Chris Pine Is Captain Kirk
2013-05-05 The Star Trek Crew Use London For Their World Premiere
2013-05-02 Mark Ballas of 'Dancing with the Stars' May Be Sidelined
2013-04-28 'Star Trek Into Darkness' - Trailer
2013-04-21 Chris Pine Reveals His Dream Girl
2013-04-19 Chris Pine Talks About Being "Captain Kirk" In Star Trek Into Darkness
2013-04-18 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Trailer - Featuring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto
2013-04-17 18 Minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness Revealed at CinemaCon
2013-04-17 J.J. Abrams Gives Us First Look at Star Trek Into Darkness
2013-02-23 New "Star Trek Into Darkness" Spot Premieres On Super Bowl
2013-02-04 Star Trek: Into Darkness Movie Trailer
2012-12-19 Richard Roeper Reviews Rise of the Guardians
2012-12-03 'Rise of the Guardians' Film Clip
2012-11-22 Alec Baldwin on Playing Biker Santa in Rise of the Guardians
2012-11-22 Chris Pine on Being Noticed for His Looks
2012-11-20 Chris Pine and Isla Fisher at Premiere of Rise of The Guardians
2012-11-17 Chris Pine and Isla Fisher Premiere Animation in London
2012-11-16 New "Rise of The Guardians" Trailer in HD
2012-11-01 Kevin Costner Straps Up For New Role
2012-09-03 Actor Showdown: Chris Pine Vs Chris Evans Vs Chris Hemsworth
2012-08-26 Newly Released Rise of The Guardians Trailer in HD
2012-07-10 Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks on Deciding to Play in 'People Like Us'
2012-07-01 Elizabeth Banks and Chris Pine Talk Dirty Jokes, Biker Gangs, and the Real LA
2012-06-29 People Like Us Film Clip
2012-06-28 Chris Pine on the "Star Trek" Sequel
2012-06-26 Latest Celebrity Gossip
2012-06-26 Chris Pine and Director Alex Kurtzman Talk People Like Us and "Talented" Elizabeth Banks
2012-06-25 Actor Chris Pine Stars In 'People Like Us'
2012-06-01 Hugh Jackman in "Rise of The Guardians" Trailer
2012-04-28 Elizabeth Banks and Olivia Wilde in People Like Us Trailer
2012-04-14 Really, Chris & Elizabeth Are 'People Like Us'
2012-03-31 This Means War Premiere
2012-02-09 Chris Pine on His Favorite Scene in This Means War
2012-02-08 Chris Pine on Filming This Means War
2012-02-08 Chris Pine's Tips for Getting Girls
2012-02-08 Chris Pine on His Dream Woman
2012-02-08 Chris Pine on This Means War
2012-02-08 Chris Pine on Whether He Could Beat Tom Hardy in a Fight
2012-02-08 Reese Witherspoon on Tom Hardy and Chris Pine
2012-02-08 Reese Witherspoon on Dating Tom Hardy and Chris Pine
2012-02-08 Reese Witherspoon on Why She Chose to Star in This Means War
2012-02-08 Reese Witherspoon on Working with Tom Hardy and Chris Pine
2012-02-08 Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, and Tom Hardy Talk Romantic Risks and Going to War
2012-02-07 Reese, Chris and Tom Lock Lips for War

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