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2015-10-01 Stars Arrive for PETA Anniversary Celebration
2015-10-01 See Joaquin Phoenix in Woody Allen's New Flick 'Irrational Man'
2015-08-03 'Irrational Man': Movie Review for Parents
2015-07-26 Emma Stone Couldn't Say No Woody Allen
2015-07-13 Emma Stone Hits The Irrational Man LA Premier
2015-07-10 Joaquin Phoenix on Woody Allen
2015-07-09 'Irrational Man' Trailer
2015-07-04 Pamela Anderson At Unity Premiere
2015-06-25 Top 10 Joaquin Phoenix Performances
2015-06-14 Upcoming Release: 'Irrational Man'
2015-06-11 Top 10 David Letterman TV Moments
2015-05-25 Woody Allen Premieres New Movie at Cannes
2015-05-15 Emma Stone, Joaquin Phoenix Star In Woody Allen's 'Irrational Man'
2015-04-30 Top 10 Method Actors
2015-04-29 Woody Allen Casts Kristen Stewart and Jessie Eisenberg in New Film
2015-03-10 Eccentric A-List Special: Hollywood's Craziest Stars
2015-02-20 'Inherent Vice': Cast Featurette
2015-02-03 'Inherent Vice': Richard Roeper's Review
2015-01-11 'Inherent Vice': I Need Your Help Doc Clip
2015-01-09 Joaquin Phoenix Explains Why He Lies On Talk Shows
2015-01-06 'Inherent Vice' Open in Limited Theaters
2014-12-29 'Inherent Vice' Cast Finds The Movie Complex In Exclusive Interviews
2014-12-26 Joaquin Phoenix's Next Movie, 'Star Trek' News, and TMNT Sequel Nabs a Director
2014-12-21 'Inherent Vice': What's The Beef Here Exactly - Clip
2014-12-20 'Inherent Vice' Trailer 2
2014-12-20 'Inherent Vice': Maybe You Shouldn't Be Driving Then - Clip
2014-12-20 'Inherent Vice': MovieBites Josh Brolin, Owen Wilson & Jena Malone on Inherent Vice
2014-12-20 Katherine Waterston: Let Go of Expectations About 'Inherent Vice'
2014-12-14 3 Things You Need to Know About 'Inherent Vice'
2014-12-11 'Inherent Vice' Clip
2014-12-11 Phoenix, Brolin and Witherspoon at "Inherent Vice" Premiere
2014-12-11 Why We Should've Known Joaquin Phoenix's Engagement Was Fake
2014-12-10 Celebrity Scoop News: Kate Hudson Calls Off Engagement and More
2014-12-10 Josh Brolin on Playing Bigfoot in PTA's 'Inherent Vice'
2014-12-09 Joaquin Phoenix Announce His Engagement While Doing Yoga on 'Late Show'
2014-12-09 Top 10 Actor Physical Trademarks
2014-11-24 AFI Fest: Paul Thomas Anderson, Joaquin Phoenix Bring 'Inherent Vice' to L.A.
2014-11-09 Benedict Cumberbatch to Play Doctor Strange
2014-10-28 'Doctor Strange' Casting Update
2014-10-19 'Inherent Vice' Trailer
2014-10-01 'Interstellar' Breaks Christopher Nolan’s Personal Record
2014-09-28 'Doctor Strange' Set for 2016
2014-09-18 Rumors Get Stranger for Dr. Strange
2014-09-01 Joaquin Phoenix May Play Marvel Studios' 'Doctor Strange'
2014-07-28 Paul Thomas Anderson's Movie to Premiere at New York Film Festival
2014-07-19 'The Immigrant' Film Clip
2014-05-09 Emma Stone Cast In Woody Allen's Upcoming Film Alongside Joaquin Phoenix
2014-05-07 Marion Cotillard, Joaquin Phoenix, Jeremy Renner In "The Immigrant" Trailer
2014-05-05 Newly Discovered Johnny Cash Songs Set for Release
2014-03-21 'Gravity', '12 Years a Slave' Among Oscar Front-Runners
2014-02-25 'Too Cute!': For Your Consideration: FUR
2014-02-19 Ben Affleck Batman Approved Via Hardware
2014-01-22 Oscars 2014 Nominations and Biggest Snubs
2014-01-17 DiCaprio's and Scorsese's Off Screen Honor
2014-01-08 Joaquin Phoenix, Scarlett Johansson In A Scene From "Her"
2013-12-31 Amy Adams, Joaquin Phoenix About Heavy Sex and Friendship In "Her"
2013-12-31 Amy Adams and Joaquin Phoenix on Chris Cooper's Involvement in 'Her'
2013-12-29 'Batman' Vs. 'Superman': Eying Joaquin Phoenix for Villain Role
2013-12-22 Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams Discuss Futuristic LA in 'Her'
2013-12-22 'Her' Movie Review
2013-12-22 'Her' Is a Beautiful RAM Rom-Com
2013-12-20 Reel Numbers: ‘Her’
2013-12-18 'Her': Romance In A Tech World
2013-12-16 Woody Allen To Get Special Golden Globe But Will He Show Up
2013-12-15 The Film Industry's Most Famous Voices
2013-12-13 National Board of Review Nominates "Her' Best Film
2013-12-05 Scarlett Johansson Is Stunning And Joaquin Phoenix Is Confused In Rome
2013-11-12 Spike Jonze's 'Her' Creates Major Buzz at Rome Film Fest
2013-11-11 On This Day: October 28
2013-10-28 Phoenix Stars in 'Her'
2013-10-15 Scarlett Johansson Might Win An Oscar Without Appearing Onscreen
2013-10-15 Alexandra Burke: I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur
2013-10-01 Per Kanye West's Suggestion, Pusha T to Include Joaquin Phoenix Beat on LP
2013-08-07 10 Famous Fury Faces