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Lou Diamond Phillips Videos 'Longmire': Walt Arrests Henry For Grave Robbing
2014-08-05 'Longmire': Walt Locks Up Branch
2014-07-29 'Longmire': Henry Burns Down the Red Pony
2014-07-29 'Longmire': Inside the Episode - Ferg Stands Up to Walt
2014-07-29 'Longmire': Henry Recruits Mathias
2014-07-22 'Longmire': Inside the Episode - Vic Struggles with Her Marriage
2014-07-22 'Longmire': Branch Tries To Intimidate Vic
2014-07-22 'Longmire': Walt Intervenes To Prevent More Death
2014-07-22 'Longmire': Walt Confronts Branch About His Obsession
2014-07-15 'Longmire': Inside The Episode - Walt Duels To Save Vic
2014-07-15 'Longmire': Vic Thinks Walt Is Dead
2014-07-15 'Longmire': Henry Confronts His Ex-Girlfriend
2014-07-08 'Longmire': Walt Finds a Drunk Man
2014-07-08 'Longmire': Walt and Lucian Pursue a Suspect
2014-07-01 'Longmire': Vic Tries To Question Travis
2014-07-01 'Longmire': Inside the Episode - Branch Goes Down A Dark Path
2014-07-01 'Longmire': Inside The Episode - The Ferg Puts His Skills To Use
2014-06-24 'Longmire': Vic Confesses To Walt About The Photograph
2014-06-24 'Longmire': Branch Gives Henry A Ride
2014-06-24 'Longmire': May Stillwater Testifies for Henry
2014-06-17 'Longmire': The Cheyenne World
2014-06-14 'Longmire': Inside The Episode - Things Fall Apart In Season Three
2014-06-03 'Longmire': Longmire Demands To Speak To Henry
2014-06-03 'Longmire': Longmire Questions Nighthorse About Branch
2014-06-03 Longmire : Branch Turns To Henry For Advice
2013-08-13 Lou Diamond Phillips: Modern-Western Actor, Top Celebrity Chef