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2014-07-28 Late-Night Laughs: How To Tell If Robert Pattinson Is Lying
2014-06-13 Regis Philbin Hitchhikes in New York City
2014-06-06 Top 10 Game Show Hosts of All Time
2013-12-11 Regis Philbin's Audience Q&A
2013-12-09 Regis Philbin's Weird Bread Tale
2013-12-09 Joe Manganiello Flexes His 'Muscles'
2013-12-09 Regis Philbin On "Running Late With Scott Rogowsky"
2013-12-07 Mandela Tribute Series
2013-12-06 On This Day: August 25
2013-08-25 Joy Behar's Last Day On 'The View'
2013-08-09 The Second Smurfs Movie Is Launched Globally
2013-07-30 Mike Rowe Makes Cocktails For Regis and Rachael Ray!
2013-07-30 Regis Philbin, Meet Google Glass
2013-07-17 Regis Philbin Takes on New Show, Google Glass
2013-07-17 Keith Olbermann Returning to ESPN
2013-07-17 Regis Philbin Gearing Up For 'Crowd Goes Wild' On Fox Sports 1
2013-07-17 Michael B. Jordan Breaks His Hand While Kaley Couco Parties
2013-07-16 Regis' True Feelings on Irish Cuisine!
2013-07-09 Rachael Ray on Her Sexy Male Guests
2013-06-18 Regis' Most Hilarious Moments With Rachael Ray
2013-05-17 Deborah Norville: "Inside Edition" Affected My Parenting Style
2013-05-17 Rachael Ray & Regis Learn How to Sew
2013-05-17 Regis Philbin's Wedding Memories
2013-05-02 Kelly Ripa Doesn't Touch Base With Regis Anymore
2013-04-12 Regis Behind the Scenes at "Rachael"
2013-04-10 Regis Philbin's New Show
2013-04-10 Barbara Walters to Leave 'The View' in 2014
2013-03-29 'Wheel of Fortune' Contestants Don't Know 'Regis Philbin & Kelly Ripa'
2013-03-26 Miss Congeniality 2 - Trailer
2012-12-06 Bradley Cooper's Sexiest Title and Regis Philbin's Last Day
2012-11-21 Live With Kelly & Michael: Strahan Tagged As Live Co-Host
2012-09-04 Kelly Ripa Finally Picks A New Co-Host
2012-08-20 Hosting Live Without Regis, from Kelly Ripa
2012-08-06 Does Kelly Miss Regis?
2012-08-06 Keeping A Rapport With A Co-Host, from Kelly Ripa
2012-08-06 Latest Celebrity Gossip
2012-05-04 Kevin Frazier Interview
2012-04-04 Regis Philbin With Marlo Thomas
2012-02-29 Regis' Biggest Risk After 50
2012-02-29 How Regis Started His Record-Setting Career
2012-02-29 How Regis Handles Strange Interviews
2012-02-29 Regis' Problem With Retirement
2012-02-29 Regis' Most Embarrassing Moment On Television
2012-02-29 Regis' Favorite Regis Impression
2012-02-28 What's Next For Regis?
2012-02-28 Rob Lowe Replacing Regis?
2012-01-08 Newsy's Top Five Entertainment Stories of 2011
2011-12-29 Top 10 Fun Facts About Regis Philbin
2011-11-23 Regis Bids Farewell to a Lifetime on TV
2011-11-19 Regis Philbin's Emotional Last Day on 'Live!'
2011-11-18 A Clip from America's Got Talent
2011-10-30 You've Got Kathie Lee Gifford
2011-10-20 Celeb Says What?
2011-10-13 The Life and Career of Regis Philbin
2011-08-23 Dina Lohan Joining Season 13 Of Dancing With The Stars
2011-07-08 Kevin Frazier on Replacing Regis Philbin
2011-05-04 Regis Philbin Isn't Going Anywhere
2011-03-23 SNTV - Regis Philbin announces retirement
2011-01-19 Stars Shine At The 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards - Las Vegas