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Now Playing: "Zero Dark Thirty" Captures the No. 1 Spot on Movie Box Office Charts Sean Penn Ready to Propose to Charlize Theron
2014-04-15 Charlize Theron Adopting a Baby with Sean Penn
2014-03-31 Sean Penn Prepares Home for Charlize Theron to Move In
2014-03-20 Sorry Louis CK, But Bradley Cooper Just Proved You Wrong
2014-03-20 Playboy wants Dylan Penn for Cover
2014-03-06 Dylan Penn Offered $150K to Pose for Playboy
2014-03-06 Charlize Theron and Sean Penn Walk First Red Carpet Together
2014-03-03 Bill Clinton -- I'm at a Crossroads with Sean Penn
2014-02-28 Sean Penn and Charlize Theron Move In Together
2014-02-05 Sean Penn And Charlize Theron Hold Hands On Romantic Getaway
2014-01-27 'The Tree of Life' Movie Review for Parents
2014-01-26 Charlize Is Really Bringing Out The Softer Side Of Sean Penn
2014-01-23 It's Official: Sean Penn And Charlize Theron Are A Couple!
2014-01-23 Sean Penn Tells Piers Morgan That Charlize Theron Is"a Keeper"
2014-01-22 Sean Penn&Charlize Theron's Romance Is CONFIRMED By Talk Show Host Piers Morgan!
2014-01-22 Sean Penn Tells Piers Morgan About Charlize Theron Romance
2014-01-20 Sean Penn and Charlize Theron Gush Over One Another
2014-01-20 Sean Penn Has His Eye On Charlize Theron And Charity
2014-01-16 Charlize Theron&Sean Penn Are Shacking Up In A Hotel Love Nest!
2014-01-15 Celebrities give big at Sean Penn's Haiti fundraiser
2014-01-14 Charlize Shows Love For The Other Man In Her Life
2014-01-14 Golden Globe Wrap; Penn's Haiti Fundraiser
2014-01-14 Dylan Penn And Steven McQueen Cozy Up At Help Haiti Home Gala
2014-01-12 Sean Penn And Charlize Theron Joined Forces For An Epic Hollywood Fundraiser
2014-01-12 Charlize Theron and Sean Penn Spotted on Another Date
2014-01-07 Charlize Theron Is A Lonely Soul Cycler Without Sean Penn By Her Side!
2014-01-06 Are Charlize Theron And Sean Penn Dating?
2014-01-03 Charlize Theron And Sean Penn A Couple?
2014-01-03 Charlize Theron Wows on the Beach in Hawaii
2013-12-31 Ben Stiller on Escaping Reality in 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty'
2013-12-29 Ben Stiller on escaping reality in 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty'
2013-12-26 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
2013-12-21 Madonna Getting Back with Sean Penn?
2013-12-13 Madonna&Boytoy Call It Quits
2013-12-11 Madonna Splits With Dancer Brahim Zaibat
2013-12-11 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - Clip - I Thought I Smelled Gas
2013-12-04 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - Clip - On My Way To A Volcano
2013-12-04 Top Instagram Posts of the Week: From Nicki Minaj to Kelly Clarkson
2013-11-27 Sean Penn Flips Out on Fan: 'I'll Make You Eat Your Cell Phone!'
2013-11-20 Scarlett Johansson Is Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive
2013-10-07 RPatz Gets Warning From Sean Penn About Dating Daughter
2013-09-30 Tabloid Talk: Ups and Downs of Hollywood's Hottest Men
2013-09-28 Is Robert Pattinson Dating Dylan Penn?
2013-09-26 Madonna Invites Ex Sean Penn and Lindsay Lohan to Film Launch Bash
2013-09-25 Rob Pattinson Dating Sean Penn's Hot Daughter
2013-09-25 On This Day: August 17
2013-08-17 Madonna Sells New York City Apartment For $20 Million
2013-05-31 Robin Wright Makes Red Carpet Debut With Younger Actor Boyfriend
2013-05-06 Reelz Recommends: 'Gangster Squad'
2013-04-24 CinemaCon Interview: Ben Stiller on 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty'
2013-04-20 Heidi Klum Saves Son and Nannies From Drowning
2013-04-03 Paparazzo Allegedly Assaulted By Hopper Penn Will Press Charges
2013-03-28 Brandy Norwood, Jeremy Piven, Sean Penn, Dita Von Teese, Cast Of Dancing With Stars and Game of Thrones
2013-03-28 Sean Penn's Son Drops Prejudice Slurs at Photographer
2013-03-27 Sean Penn Among Celebs Mourning Hugo Chavez Death
2013-03-07 Sean Penn and Oliver Stone Pay Tribute to Chavez
2013-03-06 Celebrity Yearbook Photos: Sean Penn
2013-01-31 Leonard Maltin Reviews "Gangster Squad"
2013-01-20 Josh Brolin Talks About "Gangster Squad"
2013-01-20 Gangster Squad Movie Review for Parents
2013-01-20 Emma Stone on Kissing Ryan Gosling in "Gangster Squad"
2013-01-17 Top 10 Sean Penn Performances
2013-01-14 "Zero Dark Thirty" Captures the No. 1 Spot on Movie Box Office Charts
2013-01-14 Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin and The Story of "Gangster Squad"
2013-01-14 Gangster Squad Film Clip
2013-01-10 Richard Roeper Reviews "Gangster Squad"
2013-01-10 "Gangster Squad" Trailer
2013-01-08 Sean Penn and Emma Stone Premiere 'Gangster Squad'
2013-01-08 Stars Of "Gangster Squad" Hit The Red Carpet
2013-01-08 T.I., Giovanni Vacarezza & Emma Stone Attend The Gangster Squad Premiere
2013-01-08 "Gangster Squad" Takes Over Los Angeles
2013-01-08 "Gangster Squad": Hollywood's Latest LAPD Tie-Up
2013-01-04 "Gangster Squad" & "Texas Chainsaw 3D" Movie Reviews: Cornelius at
2012-12-28 Gangster Squad Movie Preview
2012-12-23 Milk - Trailer No. 1
2012-12-17 What Just Happened - Clip No. 1
2012-12-17 Milk - Clip No. 1
2012-12-17 Common's Surprising Dream Collaboration Revealed!
2012-12-13 Sean Penn Slams Ex-Wives Madonna & Robin Wright
2012-12-12 All The Kings Men - Trailer #1
2012-12-11 Talking Animals - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
2012-12-11 Go Behind the Scenes of Gosling's 'Gangster Squad'
2012-12-01 Sean Penn Reportedly Dating Florence Welch
2012-11-19 Sean Penn Smitten With 'Florence & the Machine' Singer
2012-11-19 Film Clip: 'This Must Be the Place'
2012-11-02 Naked Trailers: A Late Quartet, Wreck-It Ralph
2012-11-01 Gangster Squad - Trailer No. 2
2012-10-20 This Must Be The Place - Trailer No. 1
2012-10-16 Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone In "Gangster Squad" Trailer
2012-10-13 Hollywood's Odd Couples
2012-10-03 New Release Sean Penn in This Must Be The Place HD Trailer
2012-09-05 Fair Game Movie Review
2012-07-12 The Tree of Life Movie Review
2012-07-10 Milk Movie Review for Parents
2012-07-10 Into the Wild Movie Review for Parents
2012-06-04 Sean Penn On Haiti Freak Out: "I Don't Control My Temper Well"
2012-05-23 All the King's Men Movie Review for Parents
2012-05-22 Sean Penn's Angry Tirade About Helping Haiti
2012-05-18 Gangster Squad - Trailer No. 1
2012-05-16 Latest Celebrity Gossip

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