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British Invasion: UK Shows Coming To America

August 26th, 2008 9:03am EDT
Life On Mars
With the American version of "The Office" still leading NBC's fall line-up, remakes of successful British shows have become a hot commodity. Picking up on this success, several networks have snatched up the rights to remake some of the most popular British shows. It's a process that has obviously worked in the past, at least in the world of reality television. "Dancing with the Stars," "Big Brother," and "Celebrity Fit Club" all had their start in the Fallen Empire, but remakes of drama and comedy haven't been nearly as successful. For better of for worse, here's a list of shows that will i...

Pulse Patrol: The 'Weakly' Round-Up Of User Comments

July 28th, 2008 1:00pm EDT
Pulse Patrol
Each week the editors at Starpulse will be highlighting the best responses and remarks to news stories and celebrity topics that we've come across.

News Highlights = This week’s most gripping and insightful comments were made on “Amy Winehouse and her future Brood” story, the “Bat-Man” arrest, and “Moby as the Surgeon General” story as well as a Rejected Paris.

Topic Highlights =There was some perceptive observations made about Dolly Parton and her well-known assets, the not so Macho Zac Efron and David Carradine’s “Street Cred” comes under some scrutiny.

Top Commenter=...

Simon Pegg: 'Star Trek Fans Needn't Worry'

March 27th, 2008 10:40am EDT
Simon Pegg
British funnyman Simon Pegg has reassured Star Trek fans by declaring the USS Enterprise is in good hands under the leadership of director J.J. Abrams. The Shaun of The Dead star has signed on to play Scotty in the much-anticipated Star Trek prequel and insists he wouldn't be in the film if he thought Trekkers would be upset by it.

He says, "Star Trek is very precious to a lot of people and they want it to be right. As a Star Trek fan, I would want the film to be made by a Star Trek fan if I wasn't in the film and it is being made by a fan. J.J. is that person and the decisions he mak...

David Schwimmer Quits Acting

March 26th, 2008 4:20pm EDT
David Schwimmer
David Schwimmer has turned his back on acting - to concentrate on his career as a director. The former Friends star is enjoying life behind the camera after making his directorial debut with Run, Fatboy, Run.

The 41-year-old - who earned $40 million from his 10-year stint as Ross Geller on the beloved TV sitcom - admits he was so involved in the process of making the Simon Pegg comedy, he didn't even consider taking a starring role in the film.

He says, "I really didn't think about acting in it - I just want to focus all my energy into one thing, directing."

-Check out ...

Opening March 28: Run Fat Boy Run

March 25th, 2008 3:15pm EDT
Run Fat Boy Run
An overweight man leaves his fiancée on their wedding day, only to realize years later that she's the one and only woman of his dreams in a romantic comedy that reunites Big Nothing co-stars Simon Pegg and David Schwimmer, this time with Schimmer in the director's chair. It's not easy to win back a woman after leaving her at the alter... Continue Summary

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New 'Star Trek' Film: Will it Suck or Satisfy?

March 7th, 2008 2:36pm EST
Star Trek
The newest entry in a popular film franchise invariably invokes feelings of anticipation and excitement from diehard fans. It also happens to raise expectations enormously for the finished product. Most of the time, when people actually get around to seeing the highly anticipated new release, their reactions are polarized. Some are enamored and fall in love with the offering, while others simply detest it. For the most part, eagerly awaited new installments in franchises like "Star Wars," "Indiana Jones," and "Star Trek" are met with one of those two reactions. Rarely are they thought ...

Top 10 Movie Fight Scenes of 2007

December 31st, 2007 10:23am EST
From the epic shootout in Heat to the Terminator battling the T-1000, everyone loves fight sequences. The two previously mentioned are some of the best of all time. The good fight scenes stand out and the bad ones are forgotten. But it’s the great ones that are seared into our memory. The following is a list consisting of the very best fight scenes that 2007 had to offer.

# 10. Transformers – Optimus Prime vs. Bonecrusher

While this was a guilty pleasure of mine this year, for many fan-boys, it was a dream come true. Their childhood toys and favorite cartoons came to life like...

Winona Ryder To Play Spock's Mother In 'Star Trek'

November 9th, 2007 3:24pm EST
Winona Ryder
Hollywood actress Winona Ryder has signed up to star in the new Star Trek movie - as the Vulcan mother of Mr. Spock. The Girl, Interrupted star will join Chris Pine as Captain Kirk, British funnyman Simon Pegg as Scotty and Heroes actor Zachary Quinto as Spock for the 11th big screen outing of the cult TV show.

The role will see Ryder don the prosthetic pointy ears made famous by Leonard Nimoy in the sci-fi series. Directed by J.J. Abrams, the film will focus on the early journey of the original Enterprise crew and is due for release in December next year.

-More Winona Ryder P...

Starpulse Q&A: Comedian Michael Ian Black Is An Obese, Baby Shaking Smartass

October 18th, 2007 11:01am EDT
Michael Ian Black
If you saw Michael Ian Black walking down the street or shopping in the store, you'd recognize his face from "Stella," "The State," "I Love The Series," or all those Sierra Mist ads he's done. But take away his face and what have you got? Ideas.

And it's those ideas that have made him a favorite of comedy stages and television sets nationwide. In this Starpulse Q and A, Black discusses his ideas and where they're taking him next, including some new territory in children's literature.

You've got the movie "Run, Fat Boy, Run," which you made with Simon Pegg, David Schwimmer, and ...

Simon Pegg Lands A Role In The New 'Star Trek' Movie

October 12th, 2007 11:50am EDT
Simon Pegg
Hot Fuzz star Simon Pegg is set to play Scotty in the new Star Trek movie. The British funnyman, 37, has landed the role of chief Starship Enterprise engineer, played originally by James Doohan in the classic TV series. The film, directed by Lost creator J.J. Abrams, focuses on the early lives of Captain James T Kirk and Mr. Spock.

Star Trek's 11th big-screen outing also stars Hollywood actors Eric Bana, Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy. U.S. actor Chris Pine is reportedly in talks to play the young Captain Kirk.

Filming is due to start next month.

-Check out Simon Pegg...

'Run, Fat Boy, Run,' Tops UK Box Office

September 12th, 2007 3:13pm EDT
Run Fat Boy Run
Actor/director David Schwimmer's comedy Run, Fatboy, Run, has raced to the top of the U.K. box office after taking more than $4 million in its opening week.

The British movie, which stars Simon Pegg and Thandie Newton, beat Keira Knightley's new film Atonement, leaving it flagging behind in second place with profits of $3.26 million.

The Bourne Ultimatum slips down to third position with $2.18 million, while Knocked Up and 1408 round out the top five.

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Simon Pegg Is Surprised People Recognize Him

September 12th, 2007 11:56am EDT
Simon Pegg
British funnyman Simon Pegg is shocked by his global fame - he once met a devoted fan in Dubai. The actor - who currently stars in David Schwimmer's latest movie Run, Fat Boy, Run - says he was stunned to be recognized during a holiday in the Arab Emirates state.

He says, "I was in a pizza restaurant and a young waiter recognized me from Shaun of the Dead. He laughed and said, 'Shaun likes pizza', which was strange, but nice. It shows how far films reach."

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Memorable Celebrity Quotes

September 7th, 2007 3:09pm EDT
"The tour is going to be very rock star, very sexy, with a dominatrix-esque theme." R&B star Rihanna shows she really is a "Good Girl Gone Bad."

"I just don't understand why Paris Hilton is more interesting than a woman in a hospital trying to save people's lives against all odds in a flood of death." Annie Lennox wants news shows and newspapers to focus on the heroics of volunteers attempting to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa.

"In my last two films I've had Kirsten Dunst (How To Lose Friends And Alienate People) and Thandie Newton (Run, Fat Boy, Run) as my love interest. It really gi...

Simon Pegg Defends 'Strange' Tom Cruise

September 6th, 2007 4:03pm EDT
Simon Pegg
British actor Simon Pegg has laughed off speculation Tom Cruise tried to convert him to Scientology when they filmed Mission: Impossible III last year. The Shaun Of The Dead funnyman admits he found Cruise "a little strange", but conceded it was normal to act a bit quirky after spending decades in Hollywood.

Pegg says, "I don't know how you can live the life he's lived and not be a little strange. But as a person, one-to-one, he was incredibly personable, funny, charming, not particularly short, didn't mention Scientology."

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(This news artic...

Thandie Newton The Practical Joker

September 5th, 2007 10:06am EDT
Thandie Newton
Actress Thandie Newton constantly played practical jokes on her Run, Fat Boy, Run co-star Simon Pegg, because she enjoyed seeing the comedian on the receiving end of a prank.

Screen beauty Newton is often portrayed as a polite and well-behaved star in the media, but insists she can be mischievous when she wants to be - as Pegg found out on the set of the new David Schwimmer-directed movie.

Describing the kind of pranks she played on Pegg, she says, "I put Cellophane (thin plastic wrap) over the loo (toilet). I got a king-sized Mars bar (chocolate bar), squished it into a turd (po...

Hank Azaria Flaunted His Penis At Simon Pegg

September 4th, 2007 12:47pm EDT
Simon Pegg
Simon Pegg spent a whole day staring at co-star Hank Azaria's penis on the set of new movie Run, Fatboy, Run. The actors play love rivals in the David Schwimmer-directed comedy. In one locker room scene, a naked Azaria shows off his muscles to Pegg. The British star says, "He didn't wear a modesty pouch during that scene - so I was face to face with little Hank for a long time."

However Pegg insists he and The Simpson's star Azaria bonded on the set - over their mutual love of comedy. He adds, "I'm a massive comedy geek. We both are - and he had no problem doing Simpsons voices for me...

Seth Rogen Praises Simon Pegg

August 8th, 2007 12:07pm EDT
Seth Rogen
Actor Seth Rogen is in awe of British funnyman Simon Pegg - because he can't believe how good his movie Shaun Of The Dead is.

The Knocked Up comedian had a similar movie idea to Pegg's 2004 zombie comedy, but was pleasantly surprised when he found out he had been beaten to the big screen by the Hot Fuzz star.

He says, "When I first saw Shaun Of The Dead, I thought, 'F#*k! F*@k those guys!' I'd been thinking of writing a zombie movie about two dudes, and then that came along. I couldn't believe it! Not only are these guys quicker, they're better than me, too!"

(This news...

Simon Pegg Has A Crush On America Ferrera

July 17th, 2007 2:59pm EDT
Simon Pegg
English actor Simon Pegg has a secret celebrity crush on Ugly Betty star America Ferrera. The Hot Fuzz star loves the fact Ferrera has to hide her beauty on the hit show.

He tells Britain's Closer magazine, "America Ferrera, who plays Ugly Betty, is completely beautiful. I've never met her, but according to Ashley Jensen - who plays Christina in the show - she's really nice."

-Check out Simon Pegg's Filmography

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The Hilarious, Action Packed 'Hot Fuzz' Blasts Its Way To DVD July 31

July 2nd, 2007 11:19am EDT
Hot Fuzz
A full-throttle action comedy that packs as many laughs as it does punches, Hot Fuzz comes to DVD and HD DVD Combo Disc on July 31, 2007 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

From Rogue Pictures and Working Title Films, and created by the same off-the-wall team that produced the wildly successful zombie laugh-fest Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz puts a wickedly witty spin on action films. An exciting and hilarious homage to buddy cop movies, Hot Fuzz reteams Shaun of the Dead stars Simon Pegg (Mission: Impossible III) and Nick Frost alongside a stellar acting ensemble that includes ...

Jeff Bridges To Play Vanity Fair Editor

May 18th, 2007 10:07am EDT
Jeff Bridges
Jeff Bridges has been cast to play Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter in a new movie. Bridges will star alongside Kirsten Dunst and Simon Pegg in the film adaptation of British journalist Toby Young's best-selling memoirs How To Lose Friends And Alienate People.

The film follows journalist Young - played by Pegg - who moves to New York to work at Vanity Fair and find love.

Producer Stephen Woolley claims Bridges is integral to the movie, "He brings gravitas to the part and the notion that Carter once would have been a rebel in his younger days. Casting Jeff as the Carter characte...

Simon Pegg Is Angry 'Grindhouse' Will Be Split In Two For European Release

May 15th, 2007 9:45am EDT
British actor/comedian Simon Pegg has branded Grindhouse's poor success at the U.S. box office "a tragedy." The star, who appeared in a spoof trailer between the double bill helmed by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, is appalled the film is to be split in two for its European release, and believes a "misunderstanding" by U.S. cinema-goers led to the production's cold reception.

He says, "It is f**king ridiculous. It is a brilliant film and it really annoys me that they have kind of got the knives out for him (Tarantino). I think there was a slight miseducation of the great Amer...

Opening April 20: Hot Fuzz

April 17th, 2007 2:44pm EDT
Hot Fuzz
A top London cop who is so good at his job that he makes his fellow officers look like slackers in comparison is "promoted" to serve in the sleepy village of Sandford in this contemporary action comedy from the creators of Shaun of the Dead. Police constable Nicolas Angel (Simon Pegg) always gets his man, but these days his impeccable record seems to be more indicative of his fellow officer's... Continue Summary

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'Hot Fuzz' Star Liked Shooting At James Bond Icon

April 16th, 2007 10:15am EDT
Simon Pegg
British funnyman Simon Pegg had to keep pinching himself on the set of new comedy Hot Fuzz because he spent days shooting at former James Bond, Timothy Dalton. Dalton plays the villain in the hit new movie and even he was impressed with the fast-paced car chase scenes in the film.

Pegg says, "It didn't escape me at all that all the times I was fighting with Tim, I was actually scrapping with 007 - and winning as well. To be leaning out of a speeding police car and seeing Timothy Dalton firing a big hand gun back at me, I can't even tell you how much fun that was.

"And the great ...

'Shaun Of The Dead' Creators Return With The Hilarious 'Hot Fuzz'; Watch Clips Here

March 30th, 2007 8:30pm EDT
Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz is the action-packed new comedy from the makers of the hit movie Shaun of the Dead. With the same razor-sharp combination of humor and attention to detail they used to breathe new life into the undead, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright have set their sights on Action Movies for their next uniquely funny vision.

Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is the finest cop London has to offer, with an arrest record 400% higher than any other officer on the force. He's so good, he makes everyone else look bad. As a result, Angel's superiors send him to a place where his talents won't be quite so emba...

David Schwimmer Is Dating a Waitress

March 12th, 2007 9:20am EDT
David Schwimmer
Former Friends star David Schwimmer is dating a London waitress he met while making a movie in Britain, according to reports. In a case of life imitating art, Schwimmer - whose "Friends" character Ross Geller romanced Jennifer Aniston's waitress Rachel Green - fell for Zoe Buckman after meeting her at the Cuckoo Club.

The pair has now been dating for two months while Schwimmer makes his movie directorial debut Run, Fatboy Run, which stars Hank Azaria, Thandie Newton and Simon Pegg.

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Fascinating Facts

February 14th, 2007 1:00am EST
Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis and Queen Latifah have teamed up to produce a new documentary, The Hip Hop Project, about a homeless teenager who inspires a group of New York teens to transform their life stories into powerful art.

Hank Azaria and Shaun Of The Dead star Simon Pegg are in training to compete for the affection of Thandie Newton in new David Schwimmer-directed comedy, Run, Fat Boy, Run. In the film, Pegg will fight to win back the bride he jilted at the altar (Newton) from her new boyfriend, a marathon runner (Azaria).

(This news article provided by World Entertainment News Network)

Makers Of "Shaun Of The Dead" Bring New Comedy "Hot Fuzz" To The U.S. April 20

February 11th, 2007 9:00pm EST
Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz is the action-packed new comedy from the makers of the hit movie Shaun of the Dead. With the same razor-sharp combination of humor and attention to detail they used to breathe new life into the undead, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright have set their sights on action movies for their next uniquely funny vision.

Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is the finest cop London has to offer, with an arrest record 400% higher than any other officer on the force. He's so good, he makes everyone else look bad. As a result, Angel's superiors send him to a place where his talents won't be quite so emba...

Simon Pegg Says Tom Cruise Isn't Obsessed With Scientology

February 8th, 2007 9:23am EST
Tom Cruise
Simon Pegg has defended Tom Cruise. The Shaun Of The Dead actor worked with Tom on Mission: Impossible III and insists the controversial Hollywood star is not obsessed with Scientology and is a great guy.

Simon told FHM magazine: "He never mentioned it. I spent a lot of time with Tom and it wasn't spoken about once. Everything you hear about people, that isn't from first hand experience, is invariably wrong. And my first hand experience of Tom Cruise was very positive."

Tom was said to have spoken to several guests at his November wedding to Katie Holmes, including Jennifer Lopez,...

Notable Quotes

February 1st, 2007 4:00pm EST
Jeremy Piven
"I'd love to have a girlfriend - if I weren't gay. That's right, I'm gay! I'm gayer than Liberace in 1972." Entourage star Jeremy Piven jokes about the reason why he's single.

"My husband's plan is to dress up in drag, and we'll go to some hot club and just start making out. People will think I'm making out with some crazy lesbian girl." The Shield beauty Paula Garces has devised a plan to get herself into the newspapers.

"I like the idea of marriage... I think it's wonderful. But you don't want to do it out of desperation." Spinster actress Diane Keaton, 60, has no plans to rush ...

Chris Martin: 'Travis Invented Coldplay'

January 21st, 2007 7:00pm EST
Chris Martin
Chris Martin has praised Scottish rockers Travis for having such a big influence on young musicians, crediting the Scottish band for the creation of Martin's own group, Coldplay.

Appearing as a guest presenter on the UK's Radio 1 alongside Shaun Of The Dead actor Simon Pegg last night, Martin unveiled Travis' new song, Big Chair, to the delight of fans across the country.

Martin gushed, "We're gonna finish with an incredible exclusive, we're very privileged to play it, it's a new song by the band Travis, the band that invented my band and lots of others."

But while lead si...

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