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Now Playing: The Striking Similarities Between Ron Paul and 30 Rock's Steve Austin What It Was Really Like Inside the 2012 GOP Race for the Presidency
2013-06-24 Sandra's Special Christmas and Britney's Engagement Controversy
2012-11-21 Treachery, Ron Paul, Animation, Gary Johnson
2012-10-29 10 Intriguing Facts About the Republican Candidates
2012-03-22 Jon Stewart Versus Cable News on Rush Slut Kerfuffle
2012-03-06 GOP Primaries Hit Payday on Super Tuesday: Buzz Politics 2.24
2012-02-24 Political style: the link between fashion and votes
2012-02-10 Daily Video News Blog
2011-05-23 The Striking Similarities Between Ron Paul and 30 Rock's Steve Austin
2012-01-11 RuPaul Speaks to Republicans
2012-01-08 RuPaul to Republicans:"Don't be a drag".
2012-01-07 Latest Celebrity Gossip
2012-01-03 Headzup: Rudy's Hot Because I Say He's Hot!
2008-01-25 Ron Paul Supporters Chase Down Sean Hannity
2008-01-08 Ron Paul's Racist Quotes
2008-01-08 Headzup: Ron Paul Excluded From Fox News Debate
2007-12-30 Headzup: McCain Compares Ron Paul To Hitler Appeaser
2007-11-30 Headzup: Are Ron Paul Supporters Terrorists?
2007-11-18 Headzup: Ron Paul Raises 4.2 Million In 24 Hours
2007-11-08 How does Ron Paul raise so much money?
2007-11-06 Headzup: Bill O'Reilly, Whos Your Daddy?
2007-09-24 Headzup: Does Ron Paul Take Marching Orders From Al Qaeda?

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