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2014-10-09 Pattinson's Alleged New Flame Victim of Racist Trolling
2014-09-29 'Maps to the Stars' Premiere
2014-09-28 'Maps to the Stars': How's Show Business? Clip
2014-09-28 Is Ariana Grande a Mean Diva?
2014-09-14 Jennifer Lawrence Gets "Affectionate" With Chris Martin And Avoids Awkward Robert Pattinson Run-In!
2014-09-12 Robert Pattinson: Film Maps True Hollywood
2014-09-11 Robert Pattinson 'So Excited' About Sister on 'The X Factor U.K.'
2014-09-11 Mercury Nominees Have Their Eyes on the Prize
2014-09-11 English Stars Dazzle at the Toronto International Film Festival
2014-09-10 Robert Pattinson Is Off The Market
2014-09-04 Is Robert Pattinson Dating Singer FKA Twigs? Get The Scoop!
2014-09-03 Stars Accept The Ice Bucket Challenge
2014-09-02 Mark Wahlberg Didn’t Attend Brother’s Wedding
2014-09-02 'Maps to the Stars' Trailer
2014-08-31 'Maps to the Stars': MovieBites
2014-08-31 11 of the Most Shocking Celebrity Cheating Scandals
2014-08-17 The Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Grants Banquet Is a Success
2014-08-15 Robert Pattinson Reveals He Is a Recluse
2014-08-14 Outback Role a Corker for Robert Pattinson
2014-08-07 Robert Pattinson Is No Diva
2014-08-05 Robert Pattinson Opens Up About Kristen Stewart Cheating
2014-08-01 Top 5 Really Weird Celebrity Obsessions
2014-07-13 'Twilight' Cast: Where Are They Now?
2014-07-06 Stars Who Don't Shower
2014-07-03 Harry Potter Cast: Where Are They Now?
2014-06-22 Sexy Olivia Wilde, Guy Pearce, Robert Pattinson and More Celebs
2014-06-19 Robert Pattinson Opens Up About Becoming Hans Solo
2014-06-18 Robert Pattinson Wanted to Be a Rapper Named 'Big Tub'
2014-06-18 Robert Pattinson's 'Horrific Haircut'
2014-06-17 Homeless Rob Pattinson is Bunking at Kristen Stewart's
2014-06-16 Celebrities Get Advice from Dads
2014-06-15 Robert Pattinson Gets Attention at Los Angeles Premiere
2014-06-15 Late-Night Laughs: How To Tell If Robert Pattinson Is Lying
2014-06-13 Robert Pattinson Says He's "Homeless" Again, Laughs About It On Jimmy Kimmel Live!
2014-06-13 Robert Pattinson Is Hot And Sweet On The Red Carpet
2014-06-13 'The Rover' Featurette
2014-06-11 The Fault In Our Stars' Ansel Elgort Poses Shirtless For Interview Magazine
2014-06-11 Robert Pattinson Remained Tight Lipped on Becoming The Next Indiana Jones
2014-06-10 A New Animal Kingdom For Michod In 'The Rover'
2014-06-10 14 Lucky Guys Katy Perry Has Dated
2014-06-01 Robert Pattinson Reveals Whether He's Still In Contact With Kristen Stewart, Talks Twilight Backlash
2014-05-30 Robert Pattinson Says He Has to 'Prove Certain Things' As an Actor
2014-05-30 Niall Horan & Selena Gomez Date at Katy Perry’s Concert?
2014-05-29 Pattinson, Lutz Reunite In Cannes
2014-05-23 Robert Pattinson Tells Child Stars, 'Get in Therapy Now or Become a Serial Killer'
2014-05-22 Robert Pattinson Slips While Talking On Screen Sex In Cannes
2014-05-20 Robert Pattinson Hits the Red Carpet in Cannes
2014-05-20 Robert Pattinson Reveals Why He 'Couldn't Do Another Twilight Movie'
2014-05-19 Robert Pattinson on His 2009 Vanity Fair Cover
2014-05-01 'The Rover' Trailer
2014-04-27 Will Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Have A Rendezvous At Cannes?! They're Scheduled To Be There At The SAME TIME!
2014-04-19 Robert Pattinson Hangs With Katy Perry, Also Has Super Awkward Moment
2014-04-16 Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart's 'Twilight' Bonuses Revealed
2014-04-10 Benedict Hosted A Sports Show In Kuala Lampur And He Was Charming As Usual!
2014-03-26 Kristen Stewart Shields Herself From The Sun!
2014-03-05 Robert Pattinson Doesn't Want Fame Anymore
2014-02-18 Kristen Stewart Stands By Her Cheating Mistake
2014-02-11 Kristen Stewart Stands by All Her Past Mistakes
2014-02-10 'Water for Elephants' Movie Review for Parents
2014-01-26 Robert Pattinson Reveals 'Profound Change' In His Life
2014-01-22 Robert Pattinson Champions Moisturizer
2014-01-22 RPatz Reveals He Is Clean Cut Now
2014-01-22 Robert Pattinson Sells $6.4m Love Nest to Jim Parsons
2014-01-17 RPatz Sells Former KStew Love Nest to 'Big Bang Theory' Star
2014-01-17 Dylan Penn Finally Speaks on Robert Pattinson Romance
2013-12-20 Rob Pattinson and Kristen Haven't Spoken for Months
2013-12-10 Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Going to Paris
2013-12-05 Henry Cavill Beats Robert Pattinson to Sexiest Man Title
2013-12-03 RPatz Loses 4-Year Title as UK's Sexiest Man
2013-12-03 An Honest Trailer of 'Twilight'
2013-11-28 Why RPatz and KStew Are Never Getting Back Together
2013-11-21 Melissa Etheridge Sings, Robert Pattinson Watches, John Goodman Gets Dirty
2013-11-16 Kristen Stewart Breaks Down in Tears Following RPatz Meet Up
2013-11-06 Kristen Stewart Gets Emotional on Anesthesia Set