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Now Playing: The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 - UK Premiere Report The 2014 Cannes line-up is announced
2014-04-17 Robert Pattinson Hangs With Katy Perry, Also Has Super Awkward Moment
2014-04-16 Katy Perry and Rob Pattinson's Friends Want Them to Be Together
2014-04-15 Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson Party at Coachella
2014-04-14 The Twilight Saga Eclipse (Featurette Introducing Bree Tanner) [FULL HD]
2014-04-14 The Twilight Saga Eclipse (Own a Shirt) [FULL HD]
2014-04-14 The Twilight Saga Eclipse (Say the Word) [FULL HD]
2014-04-14 Water for Elephants (Theatrical Trailer 2) {FULL HD]
2014-04-14 Robert Pattinson Made HOW MUCH For The Twilight Movies?! The Answer May Surprise You!
2014-04-10 Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart's 'Twilight' Bonuses Revealed
2014-04-10 The Rover (Trailer No. 1) [FULL HD]
2014-03-27 Benedict Hosted A Sports Show In Kuala Lampur And He Was Charming As Usual!
2014-03-26 Dear Kristen Stewart: 7 Songs From the Man You Scorned - ISHlist 24
2014-03-23 Robert Pattinson 2014&Beyond, West Side Story Remake, Harlem Hellfighters - Beyond The Trailer
2014-03-23 Kristen Stewart Shields Herself From The Sun!
2014-03-05 The Rover Official Trailer + Trailer Review : Robert Pattinson - HD PLUS
2014-02-19 Robert Pattinson is Sick of Being Famous
2014-02-18 Robert Pattinson Doesn't Want Fame Anymore
2014-02-18 Rachel Zoe Wants to Be Robert Pattinson's Stylist
2014-02-14 Dylan Penn Dumps Actor Boyfriend
2014-02-13 Kristen Stewart Stands By Her Cheating Mistake
2014-02-11 KStew Stands By Every Mistake She Has Made
2014-02-10 Kristen Stewart on Looking for Love Again
2014-02-10 Kristen Stewart Stands by All Her Past Mistakes
2014-02-10 Kristen Stewart Parties with Riley Keough
2014-02-04 'Water for Elephants' Movie Review for Parents
2014-01-26 Robert Pattinson Admits He is Clean Now
2014-01-22 Robert Pattinson Reveals 'Profound Change' In His Life
2014-01-22 Robert Pattinson Champions Moisturizer
2014-01-22 RPatz Reveals He Is Clean Cut Now
2014-01-22 Jim Parsons Buys Former KStew&RPatz Love Nest
2014-01-17 Robert Pattinson Sells $6.4m Love Nest to Jim Parsons
2014-01-17 RPatz Sells Former KStew Love Nest to 'Big Bang Theory' Star
2014-01-17 Robert Pattinson Sells His Love Nest With Kristen Stewart To Jim Parsons
2014-01-16 Robert Pattinson Sells Home He Shared with Kristen Stewart
2014-01-16 Robert Pattinson To Kristen Stewart: I Dumped Our Mansion Just Like I Dumped You
2014-01-15 RPatz Dating KStew's Mutual Artist Friend?
2014-01-06 Dylan Penn Finally Speaks on Robert Pattinson Romance
2013-12-20 Dylan Penn Finally Confirms Relationship Status with RPatz
2013-12-19 RPatz and KStew Haven't Spoken in Months
2013-12-10 Rob Pattinson and Kristen Haven't Spoken for Months
2013-12-10 Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Going to Paris
2013-12-05 RPatz and KStew Planning Post-Christmas Trip to Paris
2013-12-04 Henry Cavill Named Sexiest Man of 2013
2013-12-03 Henry Cavill Beats Robert Pattinson to Sexiest Man Title
2013-12-03 RPatz Loses 4-Year Title as UK's Sexiest Man
2013-12-03 An Honest Trailer of 'Twilight'
2013-11-28 Why RPatz and KStew Are Never Getting Back Together
2013-11-21 Melissa Etheridge Sings, Robert Pattinson Watches, John Goodman Gets Dirty
2013-11-16 Kristen Stewart Breaks Down in Tears Following RPatz Meet Up
2013-11-06 Kristen Stewart Gets Emotional on Anesthesia Set
2013-11-05 Rob Pattinson 'Still in Love' with Kristen Stewart
2013-11-05 Is Robert Pattinson Dating Dylan Penn?
2013-09-26 Robert Pattinson's Gym Date With Mystery Girl
2013-09-25 Robert Pattinson Is Selling the LA Mansion He Shared With Kristen Stewart
2013-09-19 Robert Pattinson Opens Up About Relationships Post-Kristen Stewart
2013-09-17 Robert Pattinson Talks About Forgiveness in Relationships
2013-09-17 Robert Pattinson Still Hates Walking the Red Carpet
2013-09-17 Robert Pattinson Reveals His Crush on Kate Moss
2013-09-16 Robert Pattinson Doesn't Have A Six Pack Anymore, But He Wants It Back!
2013-09-13 Robert Pattinson Starring in James Dean Movie
2013-09-06 Robert Pattinson in Uncensored Advert For Dior Homme
2013-09-02 Robert Pattinson Says It's Lonely
2013-08-26 Robert Pattinson Slams Twilight Fans
2013-08-23 Robert Pattinson Disses 'Fat Blogger' Who Nicknamed Him RPatz
2013-08-22 New Robert Pattinson Dior Teaser Video
2013-08-21 Robert Pattinson Wants to Strangle The Guy Who Came Up With R-Patz Nickname
2013-08-21 Twilight's Stephenie Meyer Feels for Robert Pattinson
2013-08-15 Robert Pattinson Broods on Rooftop in Latest Dior Pics
2013-08-08 Is Robert Pattinson Hooking Up With Riley Keough?
2013-08-02 Robert Pattinson 'Hooking Up' With Riley Keough
2013-08-02 Katy Perry Texted Kristen Stewart After Robert Pattinson Romance Rumors
2013-07-31 Robert Pattinson Is Going Girl Crazy
2013-07-31 Katy Perry Says She Did Text Kristen Stewart After Been Seen With Robert Pattinson
2013-07-30 Robert Pattinson Spotted With Ex-Fling
2013-07-25 Taylor Lautner Earns More Than Robert Pattinson
2013-07-23 Inside Robert Pattinson and Riley Keough's Budding Romance
2013-07-22 Kristen Stewart Bullied Over Robert Pattinson Break-Up by Paparazzi
2013-07-10 Robert Pattinson Was Turned Away From Meeting Beyonce
2013-07-09 Robert Pattinson 'Not Dating' Riley Keough
2013-07-04 5 Things To Know About Robert Pattinson's New Rumored Girlfriend
2013-07-03 Robert Pattinson's Mystery Girl Revealed to Be Riley Keough
2013-07-02 Robert Pattinson Dating Elvis' Granddaughter?
2013-07-02 Robert Pattinson Parties With Fifty Shades of Grey Author
2013-06-25 Katy Perry's Friends Want Her To Be With Robert Pattinson
2013-06-24 Robert Pattinson Kissing Mystery Blonde
2013-06-19 First Look at Robert Pattinson For Dior
2013-06-14 Robert Pattinson Is the New Face of Dior
2013-06-12 Robert Pattinson's Never-Before-Seen Dior Ads Posted At Hollywood Party
2013-06-12 Kristen Stewart Refusing To Date After Robert Pattinson Split
2013-06-11 Leonardo DiCaprio Invites Newly-Single Robert Pattinson to Spend the Summer in Miami
2013-06-10 Katy Perry Has Secret Date With Robert Pattinson at Concert
2013-06-10 Robert Pattinson's Mom Encouraged Breakup
2013-05-31 Why Robert Pattinson Didn't Want To Break Up With Kristen Stewart
2013-05-30 Kristen Stewart Skips Through LA While Robert Pattinson Cuddles With Blonde
2013-05-29 Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry Crash Wedding Rehearsal Together
2013-05-28 Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry Enjoy Wedding Rehearsal
2013-05-28 Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry’s Weekend Away Together
2013-05-28 Robert Pattinson Never Got Over Kristen Stewart's Indiscretion
2013-05-23 Robert Pattinson Furious Over Kristen's Texts to Rupert Sanders

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