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2014-12-19 87-Year-Old Faces Challenging Surgery
2014-12-19 87-Year-Old's Surgery Went Better Than Expected
2014-12-19 Juan Returns for an Emotional Reunion with Dr. Oz
2014-12-19 Patient's Wife Is Grateful for More Time with Her Husband
2014-12-12 Former Nurse Prepares Herself for Husband's Critical Surgery
2014-12-12 Patient's Wife Is Afraid of Losing Second Husband
2014-12-09 Paul Mitchell Survives Surgery Against All Odds
2014-12-05 Patient Faces Less Than Five Percent Chance of Survival
2014-12-05 A Patient Risks Everything to Live Without a Heart Pump
2014-12-02 A Patient Fears Aggressive Treatment
2014-11-21 Joe's Heart Is Stronger Than Most After Surgery
2014-11-21 Patient Just Married at 81 Faces Health Crisis
2014-11-18 Former Patient Is More Active Than Ever
2014-11-14 A Mother Is Nervous Before Her Critical Surgery
2014-11-14 Former Drug Addict Prepares for Major Surgery
2014-11-07 Did Dr. Oz's Patient Keep His Promise?
2014-11-07 Joe's Recovery Leads to an Emotional Moment
2014-10-31 Patient's Wife to Dr. Oz: Can My Husband Have Sex?
2014-10-31 A Police Officer Learns He Has a Hole in His Heart
2014-10-25 Doris Gets a Second Chance After Life-Saving Surgery
2014-10-24 Dr. Oz Gives WWII Veteran Hope
2014-10-24 WWII Veteran Celebrates After Successful Surgery
2014-10-24 Surgeon Oz Premieres on OWN
2014-10-23 A Surgical First For Dr. Oz
2014-10-23 Dr. Oz Reassures a Patient Before a Risky Surgery: "You and I Are Partners"
2014-10-23 Dr. Oz Preps for Major Surgery on This First Look at Surgeon Oz
2014-10-23 Celeb News: Dr. Oz Is A First Responder