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2015-08-14 David Oyelowo the Next ‘James Bond?'
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2015-06-25 Kingsman Director Matthew Vaughn Confirms Sequel
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2015-05-26 Happy Birthday to David Oyelowo
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2015-03-05 Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez's Selfie, Plus Other Oscars Highs
2015-02-27 Common and John Legend: 'The Fight of 'Glory' and 'Selma' Is Ongoing'
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2015-02-24 David Oyelowo Reacts to NPH Mispronouncing His Name
2015-02-23 Chiwetel Ejiofor & 3 Other Names NPH Messed Up at the Oscars
2015-02-23 A Fashion Expert's Guide to the Oscars Red Carpet
2015-02-23 Black Women in Hollywood: David Oyelowo
2015-02-21 'Selma' Still Stirs Strong Emotions
2015-02-20 Berlin Film Festival Welcomes Civil Rights Drama Selma
2015-02-11 What's the Least Comfortable Costume Actors Have Worn in a Film?
2015-02-09 Selma's David Oyelowo: Martin Luther King's Dream Hasn't Been Realised
2015-02-07 Tom Wilkinson Admits New Film 'Unfinished Business' Is Still Unfinished
2015-02-01 David Oyelowo: Starring in 'Spooks' Film Would Have Been Weird
2015-02-01 Selma Star Oyelowo Disappointed and Surprised by BAFTA Snub
2015-01-30 Johnny Depp's 'Mortdecai' Bombs at the Box Office and More
2015-01-29 'Selma': Exclusive European Premiere Report
2015-01-29 'Selma' Stars on London Red Carpet
2015-01-28 David Oyelowo Is The Man Of The Night At The Selma Premiere
2015-01-28 Cumberbatch Controversy Is Ridiculous, Says Selma Star David Oyelowo
2015-01-28 Cumberbatch Meant Nothing Negative, Says David Oyelowo
2015-01-28 "Birdman" Eyes Oscars After SAG Victory
2015-01-27 'Selma' Director, Star Reunite for Hurricane Katrina Film
2015-01-27 'Mission: Impossible 5' Steams Ahead for Summer and More
2015-01-27 David Oyelowo on 'Selma'
2015-01-25 'Selma': Next Great Battle Clip
2015-01-23 'Selma': Courthouse Clip
2015-01-23 'A Most Violent Year': Exclusive Interview With Jessica Chastain
2015-01-23 'A Most Violent Year': Featurette - A Shared Foundation
2015-01-23 SAG Foundation President Explains Why 'Selma' Was Not Nominated
2015-01-23 'A Most Violent Year': Richard Roeper's Review
2015-01-21 Jessica Chastain on 'A Most Violent Year'
2015-01-21 'Selma' Stars Honor Martin Luther King at March and More
2015-01-19 'Selma' Cast March for Martin Luther King's Birthday
2015-01-19 "Selma" Stars March in Alabama
2015-01-19 George Lucas Slams Oscars: "It's a Political Campaign"
2015-01-17 George Lucas Slams Oscars: "It's a Political Campaign"
2015-01-17 David Oyelowo Wears Suit Jacket Lined With Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes at the 2015 Critics' Choice Awards
2015-01-17 David Oyelowo on Oscars' Lack of Diversity: 'We're Just Going to Keep Plugging Away'
2015-01-16 'Selma': Featurette - The Woman Of Selma
2015-01-16 'Selma': Featurette - David Oyelowo As MLK
2015-01-16 Oscar Noms: 'Birdman' and 'Budapest' Clean Up, Stunning Snubs for 'Lego Movie'
2015-01-15 2015 Oscar Nominations Announced: Favorites to Win
2015-01-15 2015 Oscar Nominations: Shocking Snubs & Surprises
2015-01-15 Box Office Top 3: 'Taken 3' Takes the No. 1 Spot
2015-01-12 David Oyelowo Loves Ryan Gosling
2015-01-11 Why David Oyelowo Believes Selma Is So Timely
2015-01-10 What Freedom Means to Common
2015-01-09 Go Behind the Scenes of David Oyelowo's TIME Photo Shoot
2015-01-08 Ava DuVernay Defends Depiction Of LBJ In 'Selma'
2015-01-08 Ava DuVernay On Becoming The Artist
2015-01-07 What Freedom Means to Common
2015-01-07 'A Most Violent Year' Has a Good Night
2015-01-07 Benedict Cumberbatch Dancing Around for Palm Springs Award
2015-01-05 The Winners from the Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala
2015-01-05 British Stars Take Over Hollywood at the Palm Springs Film Festival
2015-01-05 Pitt Sings About Oyelowo at Palm Springs Fest
2015-01-05 New and Old Stars Honoured at Festival Award Show
2015-01-05 Brad Pitt Leads Sing-Along to Pronounce British Actor David Oyelowo's Name
2015-01-05 Brad Pitt Leads Sing-a-Long to 'Selma' Actor's Name
2015-01-05 'A Most Violent Year' Trailer
2015-01-03 Oprah Winfrey on Selma, Ferguson and Eric Garner
2015-01-03 David Oyelowo: ‘God Told Me I Was Going to Play' Martin Luther King Jr.
2015-01-02 David Oyelowo on Playing The Iconic Role of Dr. King
2015-01-02 Golden Globe Hit Selma Served for Free in Alabama
2015-01-02 'A Most Violent Year': Investigation Clip
2015-01-01 'Selma': Oval Office Clip
2014-12-29 Richard Roeper Reviews 'Selma'