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Eric Christian Olsen Marries Longtime Girlfriend Sarah Wright

6/25/2012 11:26am EDT
Eric Christian Olsen
The NCIS: Los Angeles actor Eric Christian Olsen is a married man after walking down the aisle with his longtime girlfriend Sarah Wright.

The Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd star tied the knot with his actress partner over the weekend in a barn in Wyoming.

His father Paul performed the ceremony as 80 friends and family looked on.

Olsen tells he had no doubts before the big day, saying, "You hear people talk about cold feet, but there was never a moment of doubt with Sarah because no one makes me happier, no one makes me laugh more, and I can't imagine a better mothe...

TV on DVD: 'NCIS: Los Angeles: The Second Season'

8/25/2011 1:12pm EDT
This week, CBS DVD released NCIS: Los Angeles - The Second Season. Here's my review of the six-disc set.

The Show

NCIS: Los Angeles has the potential to be something rare - the successful spinoff of a wildly successful spinoff of a successful TV series. While it hasn't quite caught my attention the way NCIS did, it's got a solid core in its two leads, James Todd Smith (aka LL Cool J) and Chris O'Donnell (who will always be Robin in Batman Forever to me), and recent Teen Choice Award winner Linda Hunt (The Unit). It's not reinventing the wheel, but I believe there's a place on televisi...

Farrelly Brothers May Do 'Dumb And Dumber' Sequel

3/1/2011 9:53am EST
Dumb & Dumber
Filmmaking siblings Peter and Bob Farrelly are in secret talks to revive the "Dumb And Dumber" comedy franchise - with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels returning as dimwitted best pals Harry and Lloyd.

The brothers admit they're continually approached by fans of the 1994 movie, who quote lines to them, and now they're seriously considering bringing their madcap creations back for a sequel.

Bob Farrelly tells, "Dumb and Dumber has run a bunch of times on TV in the States, and kids will come up and they'll be able to quote lines from that - lines that I've long forgotten.

"If we c...

Q&A: Jennifer Lopez Discusses Her Personal Life & Latest Movie 'The Back-Up Plan'

4/21/2010 10:05am EDT
Jennifer Lopez the back-up plan
Jennifer Lopez hasn’t always been this revealing. During the height of the J-Lo media frenzy, Lopez would never answer questions about her personal life. Now she’s a married mother of twins and that was all fair game for discussion at a press conference for her new movie, The Back-up Plan.

The movie kind of relates to her personal life. She plays Zoe, a career woman who wants to have kids, but only seems to meet losers. So she goes the sperm bank route, only to meet the man of her dreams, Stan (Alex O’Loughlin), once she’s already pregnant… with twins. Along the way, hormonal changes make ...

'Community' Recap: 'Romantic Expressionism'

2/5/2010 8:35am EST
This week's episode of Community was a treat for fans, delivering on all the long-arc plotlines the first half of the season carefully built. As Britta and Jeff walk through the quad, we are briefly reminded

of Jeff's professor girlfriend when Britta points out the gold star on his fly, and she is scarcely brought up again.

They catch Annie talking to Britta's perpetually shirtless and shoeless ex-boyfriend (and Pierce's ex-bandmate), Vaughn. Jeff despises the over-earnest hippie, joking that he's surprised Vaughn "hasn't died from lack of service."

Anytime Eric Christian Olsen makes...

'Community' Recap:'Home Economics'

11/6/2009 9:43am EST
After a nearly perfect Halloween episode, this week's Community feels like a bit of a let down. Jeff appears topless right away, revealing himself to be living out of his car. Again, this show continues to mime the various aspects of the community college experience, this time the compromises one makes with his pride. Jeff still wants to be a superficial lawyer with a lavish condo and a Lexus, but in order to become a real person, someone Britta would date, he'll have to set his sights lower.

He moves into Abed's dorm (yes, some larger community colleges have dorms), where he learns the ...

'Community' Recap: 'Social Psychology'

10/9/2009 9:45am EDT
NBC wasn't lying when they advertised Community as a hit before audiences had even seen it. Three episodes in, it already has the buzz to secure a second season. In each episode, writers have found clever ways of allowing the talented ensemble cast to pair off and interact, revealing more about each character. The thirteen episodes of this season will likely color in these characters as the major and minor romantic plotlines flesh out.

This week, Jeff finds himself in the "girlfriend" zone trying to be cool as Britta tells him about her new boyfriend, Vaughn, a hackey-sacking hippie with...