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Now Playing: Nick & Megan's Sex 'Session' John Oliver Enlists Comedians for Honest Sex Ed PSA
2015-08-11 Will Ferrell and Nick Offerman Face Off on 'The Voice' for Red Nose Day
2015-05-22 Nick Offerman Joins Micheal Keaton in McDonald's Mogul Biopic
2015-05-13 Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally Axe Tour Stop in Indiana
2015-04-02 Ben Schwartz Explains 'Parks and Recreation' in 30 Seconds
2015-02-25 ‘Me and Earl and the Dying Girl' Sundance Premiere
2015-02-03 The Moment Nick Offerman Realized Megan Mullally Was the One
2015-02-03 Exclusive Clip from 'A Walk In the Woods'
2015-01-27 John McCain Returning to Parks and Recreation
2015-01-13 ‘Parks and Rec' Cheat Sheet: What You Need to Know for the Final Season
2015-01-13 Viral Video Recap: Lil Bub's Bathtime and Shopping With a 4-Year-Old
2014-12-22 Nick Offerman Exalts Whisky in New Song
2014-12-05 What Does Megan Mullally Miss About Playing Karen on 'Will & Grace'?
2014-11-20 Mustaches That Make ‘Movember’ The Best Month of the Year
2014-11-07 Behold Parks And Recreation's Season 6 Gag Reel Full Of Farting, Dancing And Other Amazing Things
2014-08-21 Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman on the One Party They Go to Every Year
2014-03-03 Celebrities Ditch the Razor for Movember
2013-11-28 Nick Offerman Talks About New Book
2013-10-07 Parks And Recreation Premiere First Look: Ron Swanson Takes On The Royal Baby
2013-09-16 Nick Offerman's Sketchy Opera
2013-08-18 Julianne Hough In a Sexy Tuxedo Suit And Logan Lerman, Oprah Winfrey On GMA
2013-08-09 Film Clip: 'We're the Millers'
2013-08-08 Julianne Hough, Russell Brand and Octavia Spencer In "Paradise" First Trailer
2013-08-07 Paradise- Trailer No.1
2013-08-07 'The Kings of Summer' Star on Going Off The Grid
2013-06-28 Nick Robinson and Nick Offerman on Kings of Summer
2013-06-12 Nick Offerman on Why People Love Ron Swanson
2013-06-04 Moises Arias Talks Kings of Summer Movie
2013-05-31 Kings of Summer – Movie Review
2013-05-30 The Kings of Summer - Trailer No. 2
2013-04-17 The Kings of Summer - Trailer No. 1
2013-04-12 A Unique Musical Announcement For "The Kings Of Summer"
2013-04-06 Somebody Up There Likes Me- Trailer No. 1
2013-02-01 Nick Offerman on Toy's House and Ron Swanson's "Terrifying" New Turn
2013-01-22 Parks and Recreation's Ron Swanson on Bacon Shortage Preparedness
2012-10-11 Smashed - Trailer No. 1
2012-09-12 Ron Swanson Loves Food
2012-09-07 Inside the Mind of Ron Swanson
2012-06-14 Will Ferrell and Nick Offerman on "Casa De Mi Padre"
2012-03-16 Nick Offerman on Ron Swanson
2012-03-06 Nick & Megan's Sex 'Session'
2011-12-20 Improv in the Parks and Recreation Editing Room
2011-10-04 Parks and Recreation: The Two Tammys and The Library Rivalry
2011-10-04 Nick Offerman on Ron Swanson as an American Icon
2011-09-12 What a Dream Date with Ron Swanson Would Look Like
2011-09-12 Parks and Recreation's Mike Schur on Ron Swanson
2011-09-12 Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman on the Swanson 'Stache
2011-09-12 Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman Talks About the Tammy Factor
2011-09-12 Nick Offerman Talks Facial Hair With HuffPost Comedy