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2015-06-29 'Critics' Choice TV Awards': Bob Odenkirk Wins Best Actor in a Drama Series
2015-06-01 'Critics' Choice TV Awards': "Silicon Valley" Wins Best Comedy Series
2015-06-01 'SNL' Writers Share Their Process
2015-05-13 Critics' Choice TV Awards by the Numbers
2015-05-07 Robin Williams Drama 'Boulevard' Acquired by Starz Digital
2015-04-23 Robin Williams Drama 'Boulevard' Acquired by Starz Digital
2015-04-23 Ask Alan: 'Better Call Saul' & HBO Now
2015-03-15 Better Call Saul's Michael Mando: This Isn't "Season 6 of Breaking Bad"
2015-03-04 Better Call Saul: Joke Turned Unexpected Hit
2015-02-13 'Better Call Saul': Bob Odenkirk Talks 'Breaking Bad' Spin-Off
2015-02-10 Jonathan Banks & Michael McKean Pitch 'Better Call Saul'
2015-02-08 Why You'll Totally Love Better Call Saul--Even If You Never Watched Breaking Bad!
2015-02-07 Weekend Watchlist: The SpongeBob Movie, Better Call Saul, The Grammys
2015-02-05 'Better Call Saul': Bob Odenkirk Spills on the Premiere's Shocking 'Breaking Bad' Twist!
2015-01-22 Breaking Bad's Walt and Jesse Will NOT Appear on Better Call Saul This Season
2015-01-11 Finally! Better Call Saul's Trailer Features New Footage to Get You Excited
2014-12-23 'Better Call Saul' Poster Revealed
2014-12-16 'Better Call Saul' Clip Shines During 'Walking Dead' Finale
2014-12-01 The First Better Call Saul Sneak Peek Is a Huge Treat for Breaking Bad Fans
2014-12-01 'Better Call Saul' Song Will Get Stuck In Your Head
2014-10-07 'Fargo' Star Allison Tolman Discusses TV Remake
2014-04-10 Fargo' Star Allison Tolman Discusses All-Star Cast on 'Fargo' TV Series
2014-04-10 Netflix Adds Bojack Horseman To Stable In Mid-2014
2013-12-11 Alexander Payne's 'Nebraska' Boasts Solid Start
2013-11-18 Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul In Breaking Bad Spinoff
2013-10-17 Who Watched Breaking Bads Finale? Answer: Everyone
2013-09-30 How a Clown Influenced 'Breaking Bad' Star's Career
2013-09-20 Which 'Breaking Bad' Star Hasn't Read the Ending Yet?
2013-09-20 Nebraska- Trailer No. 1
2013-09-18 'Breaking Bad' Spin-Off 'Better Call Saul' in the Works
2013-09-12 AMC Announces Breaking Bad Spinoff Better Call Saul
2013-09-12 Film Clip: 'Nebraska'
2013-09-05 'Breaking Bad' Season Premiere
2013-08-12 Unseen Auditions For 'The Office' Seth Rogen as Dwight
2013-08-08 Carmen Electra Is Mum About Simon Cowell And The Cast Of Breaking Bad
2013-08-03 Is Saul Goodman of 'Breaking Bad' About to Get a Spin-Off?
2013-04-10 Many A-List Stars in "Movie 43" HD Trailer
2013-01-13 Lets Go to Prison - Trailer
2012-12-12 The Brothers Solomon Movie Review for Parents
2012-06-05 Bob Odenkirk on Why He Likes Arrested Development
2011-12-19 Bob Odenkirk Sings His College Fight Song
2011-12-19 Bob Odenkirk on The Larry Sanders Show
2011-12-19 Bob Odenkirk on Meeting David Cross
2011-12-19 Comedy Death-Ray: Exclusive Interview With Bob Odenkirk