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50 Hottest Celebrity Guys Of 2012

12/8/2012 8:33am EST
Hottest Guys of 2012
Who are the sexiest guys in music, film and television? We narrowed our picks down to 50 in our annual list, spotlighting those who made our hearts skip a beat when we watched them perform.

Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey bared quite a bit in "Magic Mike," while "The Avengers" actors got our blood flowing with their explosive action scenes.

We lusted after Chris Hemsworth in "Snow White And The Huntsmans" and felt a little bit giddy when rumors swirled that Justin Bieber broke up with Selena Gomez (he didn't.)

British imports The Wanted and One Direction also caught our fancy, as ...

Chris O'Donnell Opens Up About LL Cool J's Home Invasion

9/14/2012 7:16pm EDT
Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J
Actor Chris O'Donnell and his TV cop partner LL Cool J were talking about their home invasion fears just weeks before the rapper-turned-actor apprehended an intruder in his house.

A burglary in O'Donnell's neighbourhood prompted the NCIS: Los Angeles stars to start up a conversation about their break-in fears on the set - but the Batman & Robin star had no idea he would be revisiting the subject matter so soon after his pal had to confront 56-year-old Jonathan Kirby in his Studio City, California home last month.

O' Donnell says, "Someone in my neighbourhood had been broken in and I was t...

Chris O'Donnell In A Wetsuit - Hot Or Not?

7/11/2012 12:00pm EDT
Chris O'Donnell
We spotted Chris O'Donnell filming "NCIS: Los Angeles" on the beach in Los Angeles yesterday. The actor dipped his feet in the water and wore a black wetsuit for the scene.

O'Donnell celebrated his 42nd birthday on June 26. We think he looks pretty good for a middle-aged guy.

Fun facts about Chris:

Many years ago he dated Reese Witherspoon. He and his wife Caroline Fentress got married in 1997 and have five children. Chris is the youngest of seven children and was raised a devout Catholic.

Prior to acting he sought a career in finance. He's originally from Illinois.

DVD Review: 'A Little Help'

10/24/2011 10:40am EDT
A little help photo
"The Office" fans rejoice – your new Jenna Fischer fix has come in! Out this week Oct. 25 from Image Entertainment is the quirky little dramatic comedy "A Little Help" starring Jenna Fischer and Chris O’Donnell. Check out some DVD review help below!

Title: "A Little Help"

Grade: 2 1/2

Cast: Jenna Fischer, Rob Benedict, Chris O’Donnell

Director: Michael J. Weithorn

Rating: R

Runtime: 109 minutes

Release Company: Image Entertainment


The Flick: "A Little Help" is a classic example of a film that has some tremendously terrific scen...

TV on DVD: 'NCIS: Los Angeles: The Second Season'

8/25/2011 1:12pm EDT
This week, CBS DVD released NCIS: Los Angeles - The Second Season. Here's my review of the six-disc set.

The Show

NCIS: Los Angeles has the potential to be something rare - the successful spinoff of a wildly successful spinoff of a successful TV series. While it hasn't quite caught my attention the way NCIS did, it's got a solid core in its two leads, James Todd Smith (aka LL Cool J) and Chris O'Donnell (who will always be Robin in Batman Forever to me), and recent Teen Choice Award winner Linda Hunt (The Unit). It's not reinventing the wheel, but I believe there's a place on televisi...

'A Little Help' Cast Interviews With Rob Benedict, Daniel Yelsky & Michael J. Weithorn

7/20/2011 1:42pm EDT
Little Help Movie
Last week, I had the opportunity to catch a press screening of ‘A Little Help’ before my press junket with the cast. I was aware of this indie production because my friend and host reel editor, Joe Gressis, produced and edited the film. I knew it was a project he had been working on for the last few years, so I jumped at the opportunity to cover the film for Starpulse.

‘A Little Help’ stars Jenna Fischer, Chris O’Donnell, Rob Benedict, and Daniel Yelsky and focuses in on life in a suburban New York community during the summer post-9/11. The country is in upheaval, but so is Laura’s (Jen...

CBS Fall 2010 Line-Up: What And When To Watch

9/23/2010 11:00am EDT
Presenting Starpulse's quick-and-dirty guide to this fall's new CBS programming.

First, the new:

Mike & Molly, Mon. Sept. 20, 9:30/8:30 CST -- America's obesity epidemic has left a lot us a bit fluffier, and "Mike & Molly" might be CBS's attempt to deliver a show we can relate to. Unfortunately, that seems to be the extent of the humor -- being fluffy. The main characters, played by Billy Gardell ("Yes, Dear") and Melissa McCarthy ("Gilmore Girls"), meet at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting, fall for each other, and deal with the modern-day problems overweight couples face. Time will tel...

Oh Lordy, Look Who's 40! Chris O'Donnell

6/26/2010 7:58am EDT
Chris O
Where does the time go? It feels like such a short time ago that Chris O'Donnell was 17 years old and in the movie Men Don't Leave with Jessica Lange. On June 26 O'Donnell turns 40 years old, something that is surprising considering that even now his youthful good looks knocks 10 years easily off of his age.

He's had his ups and downs as an actor over the years, but at 40 he's on an upswing, so let's take a look at Chris O'Donnell and his rise to fame.

O'Donnell comes from a large family and has one of his own. He has five children with his wife Caroline Fentress! He started his career mo...

Celebrities With Tons Of Kids

6/3/2010 11:23am EDT
Kevin Costner
Kevin Costner is a dad again - for the seventh time. His wife gave birth to baby girl Grace yesterday. They have two sons: Cayden, 3, and Hayes, who turned one in February. Costner also has three children from his marriage to Cindy Silva and a son from a relationship with Bridget Rooney.

He's not the only star in Tinseltown who has a big brood. Check out a slew of other celebrities who have several children in their families, including adoptions and mixed families:

Chris O'Donnell and his wife Caroline have five children - three sons and two daughters - Lily, Christopher, Charles, Finl...