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Now Playing: Piers Morgan on 'National Treasure' Cilla Black Piers Morgan on 'National Treasure' Cilla Black
2015-08-03 Piers Morgan Ditched from 'Good Morning Britain'
2015-07-15 Lord Sugar: I'd Like to Replace Donald Trump on The Apprentice USA
2015-07-01 Will There Be an 'Entourage' Sequel?
2015-06-03 Entourage Premiere: Mark Wahlberg and Jeremy Piven Lead Cast
2015-06-02 Piers Morgan Walked Out of 'Birdman': Nominees Night Party
2015-05-14 Piers Morgan Talks Alec Baldwin Twitter Spat: Nominees Night Party
2015-05-14 Piers Morgan Tries to Hug Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain
2015-04-17 Piers Morgan to Jeremy Clarkson: 'You Didn't Give the BBC Much Choice'
2015-03-26 Piers Morgan -- I've Known Lupita's Dress Was Fake Since Oscar Night
2015-03-03 Piers Morgan -- I've Known Lupita's Dress Was Fake Since Oscar Night
2015-03-03 Piers Morgan Slams Bruce Jenner's Critics
2015-02-04 8 of the Best 'Britain's Got Talent' Quotes
2014-12-11 Piers Morgan Slams LeBron James: 'You Don't Touch the Royal Family'
2014-12-11 LeBron James Puts Sweaty Arm on Kate Middleton, Piers Morgan Reacts
2014-12-10 Piers Morgan: 'Firth Gets Mistaken for Me'
2014-09-14 Love Is in the Air at the GQ Men of the Year Awards
2014-09-03 Richard Attenborough, Actor and Oscar-Winning Director, Dies
2014-08-25 The Nastiest Ongoing Celebrity Feuds
2014-08-07 Piers Morgan -- Brazil's Loss Was Epic ... 'Worse Than Embarrassing'
2014-07-09 Celebs React To Mickey Rooney's Death On Twitter
2014-04-07 Is Chelsea Handler Coming Between Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux?
2014-03-14 Piers Morgan Is In The 'Entourage' Movie
2014-03-14 Things Got Really Awkward Between Piers Morgan And Chelsea Handler Last Night
2014-03-12 Piers Morgan -- American Football Is 'Girly' ... Brits Don't Need Pads!
2014-03-02 Piers Morgan -- Screw CNN ... I Want BIGGER Interviews
2014-02-28 Plug Pulled on Piers Morgan's CNN Show
2014-02-24 Simon Cowell -- 10-Day-Old Eric Flies And Soaks In Rays
2014-02-24 Kendall Jenner Is 'Just Friends' With Harry Styles
2013-11-25 Piers Morgan Plots A Coup On Arsenio's Show
2013-10-29 Master Tweets Theatre: Piers Morgan & Arsenio Perform Katy Perry & Chief Keef's Twitter Beef
2013-10-29 George Clooney Drank Piers Morgan Under the Table, Literally
2013-10-29 Donald Trump Settles The Score Between Piers Morgan & Arsenio
2013-10-29 Sofia Vergara Twerks, Best Emmys Tweets
2013-09-23 Celebrities React to the Royal Baby's Birth
2013-07-23 Piers Morgan Writing Book About CNN Behind-The-Scenes
2013-05-23 'American Idol' Has Big Changes Coming Its Way
2013-05-09 Lindsay Lohan's Losing Every Cent of Her Paychecks
2013-05-07 Justin Bieber Is Attacked on Stage in Dubai
2013-05-06 David Beckham Voted Best Bare Body
2013-03-09 Piers Morgan Wants to Do a Love Scene With Jessica Alba
2013-02-21 Stars Like Mel Gibson React to Pope's Resignation
2013-02-12 Chelsea Handler Rips Piers Morgan On Her Show
2013-01-31 Alec Baldwin Gets Heavenly News
2013-01-30 Piers Morgan Vs. Alex Jones
2013-01-09 U.S. Petition Demands Deportation of Piers Morgan
2012-12-26 Piers Morgan Threatened With Deportation?
2012-12-25 Kelsey Grammer Flakes Minutes Before Interview Over Ex-Wife Camille
2012-09-20 Madonna V Piers Morgan: The Twitter Battle
2012-03-28 Piers Morgan Unleashes on Madonna & Kate Moss
2012-03-13 Celebrities Pay Tribute to Whitney Houston
2012-02-12 Watts to Play Diana, Heather Mills Trashes Piers Morgan
2012-02-09 Top 10 Fun Facts About Piers Morgan
2012-01-31 Kathy Griffin Returns But Piers Morgan Can't Handle Her (Again)
2011-12-20 Piers Morgan Refuses to Name Source and Forbes Top Stars Under 30
2011-12-20 Piers Morgan Grilled in Hacking Inquiry
2011-12-20 Piers Morgan Jabs Simon Cowell
2011-12-12 ET to GO: X Factor Judges Steal the Show
2011-11-11 Latest Celebrity Gossip
2011-11-11 Piers Morgan Talks About America's Got Talent
2011-10-27 Showing Their Muscles on America's Got Talent
2011-10-27 A Special Song to Piers Morgan on America's Got Talent
2011-10-27 An Accident on The Set of America's Got Talent
2011-10-27 Jack Osbourne Reveals Baby News to Piers Morgan
2011-10-12 Piers Morgan Gave Simon Cowell a Cheryl Cole Photo For His Birthday
2011-10-12 Latest Celebrity Gossip
2011-07-15 Stars Tweet About Cheryl Cole's X Factor Exit
2011-05-26 Ashton Posts His Love for Demi
2011-04-15 Nick Cannon Dishes On Mariah Carey's Baby Cravings
2011-02-02 Sharon Osbourne - Valentines' Day Plans
2011-02-01 James McAvoy On British Invasion Of Actors
2011-02-01 SNTV - Lily Allen's twitter war
2011-01-14 SNTV - Latest celebrity gossip
2010-12-23 SNTV - Kerry Katona Slams Cheryl Cole
2010-11-03 SNTV - Cheryl Cole on American X Factor?