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Now Playing: Michael Moore Film Attacks U.S. Government's State of 'Infinite War' Michael Moore Film Attacks U.S. Government's State of 'Infinite War'
2015-07-29 Kerry Washington Cheers Confederate Flag Removal
2015-07-11 Giggles The Pig Runs For Mayor In Michigan
2015-05-15 Clint Eastwood: 'American Sniper' Bashers Have a Point
2015-02-10 Bradley Cooper Supports 'American Sniper'
2015-02-03 Restaurant Bans Seth Rogen And Michael Moore
2015-01-27 Box Office Top 3: Oscar Hype Keeps 'American Sniper' on Top
2015-01-26 The Doctors Chime In on the 'American Sniper' Controversy
2015-01-25 Rupert Murdoch Rips "Hollywood Leftists" Over 'American Sniper'
2015-01-24 Kid Rock Says 'F— You' to Seth Rogen, Michael Moore Over 'American Sniper' Criticisms
2015-01-23 Kid Rock Snipes at 'Piece of Sh-T' Michael Moore
2015-01-23 “American Sniper” Stirs Up Controversy As It Brings In Big Box Office Bucks
2015-01-21 American Sniper Reminds Seth Rogen of Nazi Film?
2015-01-20 Bradley Cooper's Insane Diet for 'American Sniper'
2015-01-20 Seth Rogen Clarifies 'American Sniper' Tweet, Says Everything Was Blown Out of Proportion
2015-01-20 Michael Moore Calls Snipers 'Cowards'
2015-01-19 Michael Moore: I Was Taught Snipers Were "Cowards"
2015-01-19 Celebrities React To Sony Canceling 'The Interview'
2014-12-18 Toronto: Kevin Smith's 'Tusk' To Get World Premiere
2014-07-30 Michael Moore: Gun’s Don’t Kill People, American’s Kill People
2013-11-07 Michael Moore Divorcing Wife Of 21 Years
2013-07-19 Michael Moore Files For Divorce
2013-07-19 Kurt Loder On Sebastian Bach's Homophobic Shirt, Gay Marriage
2013-05-17 Kurt Loder Rails Against New York's 'Bicycle Thing'
2013-05-17 Kurt Loder: Bloomberg 'Is An Awful Guy'
2013-05-17 Kurt Loder Looks Back On The Day Kurt Cobain Died
2013-05-17 Glenn Greenwald On Airport Racial Profiling & BuzzFeed's Shoddy Journalism
2013-02-26 Michael Moore Battles Buzzfeed Over Twitter
2013-02-26 Glenn Greenwald On Buzzfeed Story: Reckless & Irresponsible
2013-02-26 85th Annual Academy Awards Fashion and Glitter
2013-02-25 10 Awkward Moments From Oscars Speeches
2013-02-22 Academy Awards: Fashion Memories From 2012
2013-01-30 Citizen Koch - Money In Politics Hits The Big Screen
2013-01-25 Sicko - Clip No. 1
2012-12-17 The Untitled Michael Moore Project - Trailer No. 1
2012-11-30 Sicko Movie Review for Parents
2012-07-05 Celebrities Running For President?
2012-01-10 Bono at Premiere of Third Wave on Celebrity Wire
2011-12-20 Matt Damon For President?
2011-08-27 Capitalism: A Love Story Movie Review
2011-07-14 A Look at the Career of Director Michael Moore