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Slideshow: Movies Opening This Weekend

10/3/2008 2:45pm EDT
Beverly Hills Chihuahua
There are plenty of films opening this weekend, but which one will reign supreme? Click through our photo slideshow, and tell us which ones you want to see (or avoid).

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

A pampered Chihuahua accustomed to the living the good life in glamorous Beverly Hills must reign in her heiress-instincts and rely on the kindness of strangers in order to find her way back home after becoming hopelessly lost in Mexico.

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An epidemic of blindness pushes society to the break...

The Most Underrated & Overrated Influential TV Shows

8/22/2008 9:28am EDT
Miami Vice
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and on television it often appears to be the only form of creativity. Yes, ever since Milton Berle first stole a joke for "Texaco Star Theatre", TV has been a wild west of borrowing material and copying good ideas until they've become completely stale. Many of these ideas were so good, in fact, that their resonance is still felt today, and that's when a show crosses over from being copied to being influential.

Over the years, many shows have been considered influential. From "The Dick Van Dyke Show" first showing both the home and office l...

Separated At Birth? Stars Who Look Like Other Stars

8/1/2008 8:45am EDT
Idina Menzel & Penelope Cruz
Ever hear the theory that everyone has a twin? Some believe that each and every person has a double somewhere on Earth. Whether that theory is true is debatable. However, it's uncanny how some celebrities resemble each other. Sometimes it's an obvious trait: similar hairstyle, body type or facial features. Other times it's more subtle: similar roles or names.

Whatever the reason, the following stars have something about them that makes them look like another famous somebody. And that's not always a good thing.

1.) Perhaps it's the enormous beer gut that makes this trio seem r...

Academy Awards Aim To Cure 'Awards Fever' As Show Approaches With Usual Glitz And Glamor

2/24/2008 12:30pm EST
Oscar Feature
LOS ANGELES (AP) - No matter who wins, one key prediction from Academy Awards overseers already has come true: The show will go on.

It was a nail-biter for weeks as a Hollywood writers strike threatened to decimate Sunday's Oscars, with stars and filmmakers indicating they would not cross picket lines if the labor quarrel remained unsettled.

In the wake of the Golden Globes, whose celebrity bash was stripped down to a pitiful mid-January news conference because of the strike, Oscar organizers insisted their ceremony would go on as planned.

The 100-day strike ended less than t...

Writers Guild Of America Nominees Announced

1/11/2008 10:21am EST
Diablo Cody
NEW YORK (AP) - While the Writers Guild of America continues its strike, throwing much of awards season into question, it still has some awards of its own to hand out. Among the WGA nominees for best original screenplay are stripper-turned-scribe Diablo Cody for the teen pregnancy comedy ''Juno'' and Tony Gilroy, who wrote and directed ''Michael Clayton,'' about a fixer at an upscale New York law firm.

Also nominated for best original screenplay were Judd Apatow for ''Knocked Up,'' another comedy about an unplanned pregnancy; Tamara Jenkins for ''The Savages,'' about adult siblings car...

Bill Maher To Star In Documentary About World Religion

10/2/2007 7:30pm EDT
Bill Maher
Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF), the leading independent filmed entertainment studio, announced today that it has acquired distribution rights to an untitled documentary about world religion, directed by Larry Charles (Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan, Curb Your Enthusiasm) and starring political humorist and author Bill Maher (Real Time With Bill Maher, Politically Incorrect). Jonah Smith and Palmer West of Thousand Words (A Scanner Darkly, Requiem For A Dream) are producing. CAA arranged financing for the film in 2006. Stuart Ford of IM Global i...

Michael Moore Tells Jay Leno He's Been Subpoenaed By The Bush Administration

7/27/2007 9:52am EDT
Michael Moore
Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Michael Moore announced that the Bush Administration has subpoenaed him in the wake of his recent trip to Cuba on the July 26 episode of NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" (Monday-Friday, 11:35 p.m. - 12:37 a.m. ET).

"I haven't even told my own family yet." Moore began, "I was just informed when I was back there with Jay that the Bush administration has now issued a subpoena for me."

The trip was part of his new film "Sicko" which tackles the question of affordable health care in the United States. Moore, who brought 9/11 rescue workers wit...

Memorable Celebrity Quotes

6/28/2007 11:51am EDT
Maggie Q
"If it was possible to genetically engineer the perfect woman in the world... it would be Maggie Q... She should be cloned." Bruce Willis was impressed with his Live Free or Die Hard co-star.

"Coldplay are the modern Beatles, so I'd love to do a duet with them, especially Chris Martin." Justin Timberlake heaps praise on Coldplay.

"We're putting a ban on all dudes from coming to the show." Actor/singer Tyrese is hoping his upcoming Shirts Off tour with R&B stars Genuwine and Tank is strictly for the ladies.

"At night, before I go to bed, I check on the kids to make sure the...

PETA Slams 'Sicko' Michael Moore For Eating Meat

6/26/2007 11:44am EDT
Michael Moore
Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has been branded a "sicko" by an animal-rights group for eating meat. The controversial director is accused of being a "hypocrite" by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for criticizing the U.S. healthcare system in his new documentary Sicko.

PETA claims Moore should not have publicly slammed the health authorities because they say he's in such poor health himself. President Ingrid Newkirk wrote in a letter to Moore: "There's an elephant in the room, and it is you."

Opening June 29: Sicko

6/26/2007 10:53am EDT
After exploring the predominance of violence in American culture in Bowling for Columbine and taking a critical look at the September 11th attacks in Fahrenheit 9/11, activist filmmaker Michael Moore turns his attentions toward the topic of health care in the United States in this documentary that weighs the plight of the uninsured against the record profits of the pharmaceutical industry. Continue Summary

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Michael Moore Says Check For Opponent's Medical Bill Was Not A Publicity Stunt

5/21/2007 10:30am EDT
Michael Moore
Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has brushed off cynics' accusations his $12,000 check for an opponent's medical costs was a publicity stunt for his new movie. The Oscar winner's latest documentary, Sicko, is an expose on the U.S. healthcare system and inspired Moore to help cover hospital expenses for an anti-Moore website operator.

His funding covered the health insurance premiums for the wife of Jim Kenefick, owner of Kenefick issued a plea last year on his website warning readers it could be shut down because of the rising cost of his wife's bills.

Speaking ...

Celebrity Birthdays, April 23

4/23/2007 3:00am EDT
John Cena
Happy Birthday to Slovakian tennis player Daniela Hantuchova (1983), "Sin City" actress Jamie King (1979), WWE champ John Cena (197), Mexican singer Patricia Manterola (1972), "CSI NY" actress Melina Kanakaredes (1967), sitcom actor George Lopez (1961), Def Leppard guitarist Steve Clark (1960; d. 1991), "One Day At A Time" actress Valerie Bertinelli (1960), filmmaker Michael Moore (1954), "Three's Company" star Joyce DeWitt (1949), actress Sandra Dee (1942; d. 2005), "The Six Million Dollar Man" star Lee Majors (1939), singer/songwriter Roy Orbison (1936; d. 1988), American singer Ray Peter...

Columbian Rebels Ask Stars To Help Foster a Prisoner Exchange

11/10/2006 1:35pm EST
Denzel Washington
A Colombian rebel group has appealed to actor Denzel Washington and filmmakers Oliver Stone and Michael Moore to advocate a deal with the U.S. government to swap imprisoned guerrillas for American hostages. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) addresses a letter to several left-wing figures besides Washington, Stone and Moore, including activist Reverend Jesse Jackson, scholar Noam Chomsky, writer James Petras and abolitionist Angela Davis.

FARC spokesman Paul Reyes says, "To the people of the United States, we ask for your always generous solidarity to pressure President...

George W. Bush 'Is An Idiot,' Says Linda Rondstadt

8/14/2006 1:52pm EDT
Linda Rondstadt
Linda Ronstadt has launched a blistering attack on President George W. Bush, declaring she is embarrassed to be from the same country as him. The outspoken star was thrown out of a Las Vegas, Nevada, casino in 2004 after praising Michael Moore for his anti-Bush movie Fahrenheit 9/11.

Two years on she hasn't softened her views, echoing those of country music trio The Dixie Chicks. She says, "The Dixie Chicks said they were embarrassed he was from Texas. I'm embarrassed George Bush is from the United States. He's an idiot. He's enormously incompetent on both the domestic and internation...

Disney Offers Mel Gibson's 'Apocalypto' To Other Studios

8/10/2006 10:13am EDT
Mel Gibson
Disney will not release Mel Gibson's latest movie in the wake of his drunken anti-Semitic tirade, it has been reported. The studio was to release the actor's new project Apocalypto on December 8, but has now decided to offer it to other distributors, according to Fox news.

Among the potential studios that could pick up the film is Lions Gate, an independent company which has picked many unwanted movies in the past. Most famously it released Michael Moore's controversial 9/11 documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 when Miramax was prevented from putting it out because of its agreements with Disney...

Celebrity Birthdays, April 23

4/23/2006 3:00am EDT
John Cena
Happy Birthday to Slovakian tennis player Daniela Hantuchova (1983), "Sin City" actress Jamie King (1979), WWE champ John Cena (197), Mexican singer Patricia Manterola (1972), "CSI NY" actress Melina Kanakaredes (1967), sitcom actor George Lopez (1961), Def Leppard guitarist Steve Clark (1960; d. 1991), "One Day At A Time" actress Valerie Bertinelli (1960), filmmaker Michael Moore (1954), "Three's Company" star Joyce DeWitt (1949), actress Sandra Dee (1942; d. 2005), "The Six Million Dollar Man" star Lee Majors (1939), singer/songwriter Roy Orbison (1936; d. 1988), American singer Ray Peter...

Filmmaker Michael Moore Speaks His Mind

11/23/2005 10:25am EST
Michael Moore
In his first interview in a year, Academy award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore spoke out yesterday on Supertalk1570 WWCK AM radio in Flint, Michigan. Appearing live on the Dave Barber Show, Moore blasted GM for their announcement of plant closings in the United States, including a factory in Moore's hometown of Flint, Michigan.

"It's weirdly ironic that it's 19 years today, when I first thought of doing a film about General Motors," stated Moore. "Still after all these years GM continues this unfortunate behavior," he added.

Moore believes the timing of the announcement, jus...