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Now Playing: Stephen Merchant%3A What NOT to say during a best man's speech Ricky Gervais Burns Money For The Hollywood Reporter Cover Shoot
2013-08-21 Summer TV: Watch 'Hello Ladies,' 'Catfish,' Skip 'Dancing Fools'
2013-06-12 I Give It a Year 'Dinner Party' Clip
2013-01-31 I Give It a Year 'The Doves' Clip
2013-01-31 I Give It a Year 'Underwear Shopping' Clip
2013-01-31 I Give It a Year - Premiere Report
2013-01-25 Watch Halle Berry&Richard Gere in this wild Movie 43 preview
2013-01-23 The Ricky Gervais Show
2012-04-05 Interview With Stephen Merchant
2012-02-15 Tooth Fairy Movie Review
2011-07-14 Stephen Merchant in Hall Pass
2011-03-13 Hall Pass - Featurette - Stephen Merchant Explains
2011-03-02 Who's on Elton John's celeb speed dial?
2011-02-07 Stephen Merchant talks Idiot Abroad and dwarves!
2011-02-05 Gnomeo and Juliet - UK Premiere Report
2011-01-31 Royal wedding souvenir industry in overdrive
2010-11-17 Ferrell&Wahlberg's wedding gift for W&K
2010-11-16 Steve Carrell's wedding gift idea for Will&Kate
2010-11-16 Meet Karl Pilkington, An Idiot Abroad!
2010-09-15 Tooth Fairy - Clip - Delightful Story
2010-05-28 Tooth Fairy - Clip - Hockey Tooth Fairy
2010-05-28 Cemetery Junction cast reveal on-set gossip
2010-04-17 Films, doughnuts, Ricky Gervais&Stephen Merchant
2010-04-17 Ricky and Stephan talk Cemetery Junction cameos
2010-04-17 Cemetery Junction - Exclusive Interview With Ricky Gervais And Stephen Merchant
2010-04-15 Cemetery Junction - Quickfire With Gervais And Merchant
2010-04-15 MovieBuff: Cemetery Junction, Dear John, The Ghost
2010-04-15 Cemetery Junction - Clip - Game Plan
2010-04-14 Cemetery Junction - Clip - Sales
2010-04-14 Popcorn: Cemetery Junction film review
2010-04-14 Popcorn: Cemetery Junction one minute film review
2010-04-14 Dwayne Johnson talks the Tooth Fairy in Mexico
2010-01-12 Ricky Gervais plans comedy world tour

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