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Home > Actors > M > McDermott, Dean > Videos Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Celebrate 9th Wedding Anniversary
2015-05-08 Tori Spelling Underwent Skin Graft After Burn at Benihana
2015-04-15 Dean McDermott Teases Next Reality Show With Tori Spelling, Insists They Are "Stronger" and ''More in Love'' Post-Scandal
2015-04-14 Here's to Spelling and McDermott for Being Worst Parents of the Year
2015-03-03 Tori Spelling Throws the Ultimate Oscars Party for Her Four Kids, but Where's Dean McDermott?
2015-02-25 Shannen Doherty's Guilty Pleasure: Watching Tori Spelling On TV
2015-01-27 Dean McDermott Cast as Creep on CSI
2014-12-23 Top 10 Celebrity Affairs
2014-12-14 Tori Spelling: 'We Have a Healthier Relationship Because of the Affair'
2014-12-10 Tori Spelling Getting Plastic Surgery
2014-12-04 Tori Spelling Divorcing Dean McDermott?
2014-12-04 Tori Spelling Says It Was ''Important'' to Feature Dean McDermott on 2014 Holiday Card: ''It's Almost Like a Rebirth''
2014-12-03 Tori Spelling's Depressing Family Christmas Card
2014-11-21 Dean McDermott Quitting Their Show After Thoughts of Suicide
2014-11-07 Dean McDermott Quitting True Tori After This Season: ''I Just Can't Do It Anymore''
2014-11-06 Dean McDermott Defends Himself After Infamous Cheating Scandal
2014-11-04 How Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Blew $18 Million
2014-10-30 Tori Spelling Suffering From Nervous Breakdown
2014-10-24 Tori Spelling Tweets Dire Message from Hospital Bed
2014-10-24 Tori Spelling Finally Sees What Emily Goodhand Looks Like After Cheating Scandal: "She's Unattractive"
2014-10-22 Tori Spelling Drops Shocking Confession To Dean McDermott: "I Feel Like I'm Pregnant"
2014-10-20 Tori Spelling Meets with Dean McDemott's Ex Mary Jo in the 'True Tori' Season Premiere
2014-10-11 Tori Spelling Admits She Uses Surveillance To Track Dean McDermott, Wants Their Kids To See True Tori
2014-06-05 The Drama Continues for Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott
2014-06-03 Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott Face Their Toughest Decision Yet In The True Tori Finale
2014-05-26 Tori Spelling Secretly Hospitalized For Six Days
2014-04-29 Dean McDermott Tells Tori Spelling, 'Happily Married Men Don't Cheat'
2014-04-25 Dean McDermott Spotted With Random Chicks
2014-04-25 Tori Spelling Admits She & Dean McDermott Had A "Very, Very Good Sex Life" Before The Cheating Scandal!
2014-04-24 Tori Spelling’s Bad At Sex!
2014-04-23 Tori Spelling Cries After Dean McDermott's Affair: "I Didn't Plan On Raising Four Kids Alone"
2014-04-23 Tori Spelling Wants to 'Humiliate' Dean McDermott with Reality Show
2014-04-17 Tori Spelling Reveals How She Found Out About Her Husband's Affair
2014-04-17 Tori Spelling Breaks Silence On Dean McDermott's Affair: "He Was My Soul Mate, But He Completely Broke My Heart"
2014-04-16 Tori Spelling Returns to Work as Husband Dean Wraps Up Rehab
2014-02-25 Tori Spelling Spotted Wearing Wedding Ring
2014-02-11 Tori Spelling Took "Drastic" Moves To Save Her Marriage To Dean McDermott Amidst Cheating Scandal!
2014-01-28 Tori Spelling Spotted Wearing Wedding Ring After Dean McDermott Confirms He's In Rehab
2014-01-25 Dean McDermott Checks Into Rehab
2014-01-24 Tori Spelling Ignores Dean McDermott Cheating Allegations
2013-12-27 Tori Spelling's Life as a Hollywood Mom
2013-11-11 Reality TV Easy For Alan Thicke After Erectile Dysfunction Ads
2013-06-05 Tori Spelling Destroys Divorce Rumors
2013-03-01 Tori Spelling Launches “Little Maven” Clothing Line
2012-10-22 Latest Celebrity Gossip
2012-09-03 Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Welcome Baby Boy
2012-08-31 Tori Spelling Gives Birth To Fourth Child
2012-08-31 Dean McDermott: Tori And I Are Open For Having More Kids
2012-08-29 Tori Spelling Says Sex of Baby Is Going to Be a Surprise
2012-05-09 Latest Celebrity Gossip
2012-04-19 Tori Spelling Surprised by Fourth Pregnancy.
2012-04-05 Tori Spelling Says This Is Her "Best" Pregnancy Yet
2012-03-29 Tori Spelling Pregnant With Fourth Child
2012-03-23 Tori Spelling Holds Her Baby For the First Time
2012-01-30 Tori Spelling's Baby Is Too Big for Her
2012-01-30 Dean McDermott Shaken By Tori Spelling's Crash
2012-01-23 Tori Relives Dean's Perfect Carriage Proposal
2012-01-23 Tori and Dean Become Godparents
2011-11-29 Tori and Dean Ready For Baby #4?
2011-11-15 Tori and Dean Spill on New Season
2011-11-15 Tori Spelling Gives Birth to Third Child
2011-10-12 Hollywood Couples News
2011-05-06 Tori Spelling on sTORIbook Weddings
2011-04-12 Tori Spelling Announces Pregnancy
2011-04-12 Spelling Family Farm
2011-03-29 Tori is painfully thin after husband's accident
2010-07-16 SNTV - Tori Spelling Renews Her Wedding Vows
2010-05-10 Hollywood's Environmentally Friendly
2010-05-05 Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Interview