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Seth MacFarlane Working On 'Family Guy' Movie

11/30/2012 2:07pm EST
Set MacFarlane
Seth MacFarlane went to UCLA to talk about filmmaking, but he ended up revealing much more. For one, some contest winners will be headed to the Oscars with him. Also, there's a Family Guy film in the works.

According to Entertainment Weekly Seth said, "It's just a matter of when. It's hard to do that while you have the series going on at the same time; I think that's why it took 'The Simpsons' 20 seasons to figure out how to do it."

"We do know what the 'Family Guy' movie will be. The Simpsons Movie, I thought, was hilarious, but the one criticism I would have is that it's a story they p...

12 Actors & Actresses Who Are Really Good Singers

11/21/2012 11:54am EST
Anne Hathaway
A few select actors and actresses are able to do it all, including act and sing. The truly talented are stand outs in Hollywood, demonstrating their vocal skills on and off the big screen.

Anne Hathaway recently wrapped up her new film, a big-screen adaptation of hit stage show Les Miserables, and in December moviegoers will get the chance to hear her musical talents. She has also shown off her commanding theatrical voice on shows such as "Saturday Night Live."

Check out more stars who can sing...

Gwyneth Paltrow sang in "Duets" and also "Country Strong." She's blonde, beautiful and ta...

Seth MacFarlane Lands Power Of Comedy Award

11/20/2012 1:30pm EST
Seth MacFarlane
Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane was given a comedic roasting by fellow funnymen Seth Green, Bill Maher and Patton Oswalt as he was presented with a special award for his career achievements.

The Ted moviemaker was the guest of honor at the Power of Comedy event in Los Angeles on Friday night, when comics came together to celebrate MacFarlane's career and raise money for cancer research charity The Noreen Fraser Foundation.

TV Batman Adam West presented MacFarlane with the Power of Comedy award, and the honoree was given a roasting by his Family Guy star Seth Green, who told his boss,...

16 Stars With Texas-Sized Egos

10/4/2012 8:04pm EDT
Kanye West
Some stars have huge egos and think the world revolves around them.

Their narcissistic ways and self-importance are often laughable and at times frightening.

So which stars are always finding themselves giving pats on the back to... themselves all the time? Read on...

Kanye West once said "I am the number-one human being in music"; and told Entertainment Weekly that he's "too busy writing history to read it." Quotes like these cemented his status as one of the biggest egos in showbiz. He's launched his own fragrance, brand of shoes and energy drinks; and he even had the cojones to cut ...

Seth MacFarlane To Host The 85th Oscars

10/1/2012 1:54pm EDT
Seth MacFarlane
Family Guy and Ted creator Seth MacFarlane has signed on to host the 85th Oscars next year.

Telecast producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron announced their choice for the big show on Monday.

A joint statement from the Oscars bosses reads: "We are thrilled to have Seth MacFarlane host the Oscars. His performing skills blend perfectly with our ideas for making the show entertaining and fresh. He will be the consummate host, and we are so happy to be working with him."

The thrilled director/funnyman says, "It's truly an overwhelming privilege to be asked to host the Oscars. My thoughts upo...

'Family Guy' Creator Seth MacFarlane Dating 'Game Of Thrones' Star Emilia Clarke

9/25/2012 8:37pm EDT
Seth MacFarlane and Emilia Clarke
Peter Griffin and Daenerys Targaryen are Hollywood's hot, albeit a little odd, new couple. That's right, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, 38, and Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke, 24, are reportedly dating.

The couple was spotted by photographers last week at the Cafe Brass Monkey, a popular karaoke bar in Los Angeles; and over the weekend the two stars were spotted getting cozy at an Emmy awards after-party.

"They were very intimate at a small table in the back of the party," a source at the HBO afterparty tells Life & Style magazine. "He put his hand on her thigh and rubbed it! The...

Lea Michele, Zooey Deschanel & More Hot Stars Attend Fox's Summer All Star Party

7/24/2012 10:10am EDT
Lea Michele
The stars from "Glee," Zooey Deschanel from "New Girl" and more hot FOX celebrities attended the network's summer all star party in West Hollywood on Monday.

Lea Michele looked elegant in a pale pink dress with a low-cut neckline, while Deschanel wore a bronze sleeveless dress with a big bow on the bodice.

"Anger Management" star Noureen DeWulf showed off her curves in tight green gown, and "So You Think You Can Dance" star Cat Deeley was vibrant in a colorful one-sleeved dress.

Check out more photos from the Fox Summer All Star Party...

"So You Think You Can Dance" host Cat Deeley


Seth MacFarlane's Beverly Hills Mansion Targeted By Vandals

11/30/2011 8:34am EST
Seth MacFarlane
Seth MacFarlane's home in California has been targeted by pranksters who covered the property in toilet paper.

The Family Guy creator's house in Beverly Hills was covered in white paper on Monday night and the gang left a note on the front door apologizing for the attack.

The letter appeared to reveal the vandals were taking revenge for MacFarlane's part in Charlie Sheen's Comedy Central Roast earlier this year, according to

The letter reads, "Sorry Seth" and includes several of Sheen's catchphrases including "Winning!" and "Tiger Blood".

MacFarlane subsequently laughed off...

Melissa Ordway Talks 'Harold And Kumar Christmas,' Other Upcoming Films & Her Fashion Favorites

10/26/2011 4:15pm EDT
Melissa Ordway
Twenty-eight year old Georgia girl, Melissa Ordway had appeared in such films as 17 Again and The Last Song and appeared on the hit show, Privileged. The former model has a lot on her plate this year but took the time out of her busy schedule to chat with us about her upcoming projects.

Starpulse: I'm a big fan of all the Harold and Kumar movies- you got to be in the Christmas film that is coming out- what was that like working with the guys?

Melissa: It was so much fun working with the guys. They are hilarious! Most of my scenes are with Neil Patrick Harris which was amazing. He is incr...

Seth MacFarlane: 'Family Guy Should Have Already Ended'

10/13/2011 9:26am EDT
Seth MacFarlane
Seth MacFarlane is "secretly hoping" fans will grow tired of his animated hit "Family Guy" because he believes the show should have ended several series ago.

The multi-Emmy Award winning cartoon was cancelled by bosses at Fox network in 2002, but revived three years later, and the series went on to become a huge success for MacFarlane, recently debuting its 10th season.

However, MacFarlane is convinced he should have ended the show on a high after the seventh series, even though devoted fans "go pale" at the mere mention of "Family Guy" finishing.

He tells The Hollywood Reporter, "Part o...

Seth Macfarlane Used Frank Sinatra's Microphone To Record Standards Album

10/2/2011 3:00pm EDT
Seth MacFarlane
Celebrated animator-turned-crooner Seth MacFarlane attempted to conjure up a little Sinatra magic as he recorded his new standards album by using the singer's very own microphone.

The Family Guy and American Dad creator also recorded his vocals for "Music Is Better Than Words" in the Capitol Records studio in Los Angeles Sinatra used for many of his classics.

MacFarlane tells, "That mic is over 60 years old and you can see it. But it has a really nice, dark sound to it. It really plays a significant part on how this stuff sounds. You don't want it to sound too crisp."

The Geek Closet: September's Best Merchandise For Fans

10/1/2011 11:00am EDT
As we lament that holiday shopping seems to start earlier and earlier every year, now would seem a good time to crack open The Geek Closet again and take a look at a few interesting items that we've found - five things that might make the perfect gift for that entertainment fan on your list.

Battleship Galaxies

When the good folks at Hasbro sent me Battleship Galaxies, I was skeptical. I grew up playing the electronic version of Battleship, and all I ever did was cheat at it because I found it so boring. I was convinced that I'd just be bored again, this time in space. Thankfully,...

'The Roast Of Charlie Sheen' Did Not Disappoint!

9/20/2011 12:45pm EDT
The Roast of Charlie Sheen
Who cares about the season premiere of Dancing With the Stars and seeing Nancy Grace attempt to shake her tailfeathers, last night it was all about Charlie Freakin Sheen!

After months and months of crazy insane tweets, public rants, live home webcasts and an eight city comedy tour - we finally got a chance to see the self proclaimed warlock from Mars in his Comedy Central Roast and boy, it did not disappoint - and per Charlie’s request there were no trolls allowed in the audience. The roasters led by Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane brought their A Game - Kate Walsh did a pretty spot on Mike T...

Stars Come Out To Roast Charlie Sheen

9/11/2011 10:00pm EDT
Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen was left red-faced on Saturday as Family Guy star Seth MacFarlane, Kate Walsh, William Shatner and Mike Tyson made him the butt of their jokes at a Comedy Central Roast.

Sheen was man of the hour as a host of A-listers lined up to pay mocking tribute, poking fun at his career and his rotating roster of girlfriends at a TV taping in Culver City, California.

Rocker Slash played the guitar as Sheen took his place in the hot seat, while host MacFarlane introduced the honoree as "a man with a big heart, because it's been dangerously enlarged by cocaine use."

Grey's Anatomy star ...

Seth MacFarlane Named Roast Master For Comedy Central's Roast Of Charlie Sheen

8/11/2011 10:00pm EDT
Seth MacFarlane
Comedy Central announced today that Emmy Award-winning Family Guy creator, writer, director and voice-over actor Seth MacFarlane will once again emcee the network's Emmy-nominated Roast franchise. MacFarlane has been tapped as Roast Master for the upcoming "Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen" - bestowing him with the honor of being the only three-time returning Roast Master. The "Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen" (#SheenRoast) will tape in Los Angeles on Saturday, September 10. The Roast will premiere on Comedy Central on Monday, September 19 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

"I'm very excit...

Seth MacFarlane Helps Animal Shelter

7/17/2011 12:30pm EDT
Seth MacFarlane
Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show creator Seth MacFarlane has partnered with Heaven on Earth Society for Animals to establish a sanctuary in memory of his late mother, the Los Angeles-based nonprofit announced Saturday.

Here's the official statement:

Seth MacFarlane, creator of the hit animation series Family Guy, American Dad and the Cleveland Show, is paying tribute to his mother by teaming up with Heaven on Earth Society for Animals, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit. Ann Perry MacFarlane, mother of Seth and Rachael MacFarlane, died one year ago today.

Perry, as she...

TV on DVD: 'Robot Chicken: Star Wars III'

7/15/2011 3:09pm EDT
Robot Chicken
This week, Warner Home Video brings you the next installment in Robot Chicken's successful line of Star Wars parodies: Star Wars III. Join Emperor Palpatine as he narrates another volume in utter craziness across the galaxy. Here's my review.

The Show

I have to admit that before I saw Star Wars III, Robot Chicken had never interested me. The few minutes I saw of it on Adult Swim only confused me. Star Wars III, however, is hilarious. It's head and shoulders above Family Guy: It's A Trap! (which is funny considering that Seth Green was involved in both projects). Both are equally inappr...

Hurricane-Themed Episodes Of 'Family Guy,' 'American Dad' & 'The Cleveland Show' Pulled

5/1/2011 2:00pm EDT
Family Guy
Three hurricane-themed episodes of Seth MacFarlane's hit comedy shows Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show have been dropped from TV in the aftermath of this week's tornado disaster.

Severe storms swept across six southern states over a 24-hour period, beginning on Wednesday, devastating entire neighborhoods and claiming nearly 300 lives.

Executives at America's Fox network had planned to air three crossover episodes of MacFarlane's popular shows on Sunday, but the TV special has been postponed because of its storm storyline.

A statement from Fox reads, "In light of the recent...

Fox Renews American Dad

2/23/2011 12:46pm EST
American Dad | Photo Credits: Fox
Good morning, U.S.A.: It's going to be a wonderful day for the team behind Fox's American Dad. The network has given an early seventh season renewal to the animated Seth MacFarlane series, which will now air at least ...

Read More >

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American Dad!Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane To Release Debut Album

8/6/2010 8:42am EDT
Seth MacFarlane
Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is preparing to release an album after signing a record deal.

The funnyman has landed a contract with Universal Republic Records to release his debut album, which will be a collection of big band musical numbers from the 1940s and '50s.

MacFarlane, who voices several characters on the hit animated comedy, will sing classics from composers including Rodgers and Hammerstein and Lerner and Loewe, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

MacFarlane says, "It's rare in this day and age to have the opportunity to create an album that celebrates the classic, sophi...

'American Dad' To Be Fined Over Ejaculating Horse Episode

6/4/2010 9:03am EDT
American Dad
Executives at Fox network have been threatened with a $25,000 fine for failing to respond to a TV regulator's enquiry into 100,000 complaints over an episode of American Dad.

America's media watchdog, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), was flooded with grievances from angry viewers who were offended by an episode of Seth MacFarlane's animated comedy in January, which depicted a horse ejaculating. FCC chiefs claim Fox bosses have repeatedly failed to respond to an enquiry into the program, and have threatened the station with a huge penalty.

However, a spokesperson for the netw...

Eva Longoria Parker Has A Train & Hates Arizona

5/4/2010 11:49am EDT
Eva Longoria Parker
Eva Longoria Parker dazzled at the Met's Costume Institute Gala in a white and gold metallic strapless Marchesa gown. Check out the fancy train!

Eva is one of several stars (including Seth MacFarlane, Ricky Martin, Shakira and George Lopez) who has spoken out in protest against a controversial new anti-immigration law in Arizona. The bill allows cops to question any individual who they suspect is an illegal immigrant. It also requires legal immigrants to carry their registration documents at all times.

Definitely one who stands up for what she believes in, the "Desperate Housewives" star ...

Seth MacFarlane Blasts Arizona's Anti-Immigration Law

5/3/2010 2:36pm EDT
Seth MacFarlane
Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is the latest celebrity to speak out in protest against a controversial new anti-immigration law in Arizona - comparing the legislation to Nazi Germany.

MacFarlane is fuming over the bill, which was signed on April 23rd and allows cops to question any individual who they suspect is an illegal immigrant. It also requires legal immigrants to carry their registration documents at all times. And he's backing protests by Latin stars including Ricky Martin, Eva Longoria Parker, Shakira and George Lopez, adding his concern the law could lead to unfair racial pr...

Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies -'Legion,' 'Extraordinary Measures' & More

1/18/2010 12:36pm EST
In a rare feat, I was able to catch two movies last week that came out in theaters: "The Lovely Bones" and "The Book of Eli." I didn't really care for "The Lovely Bones" however

I very much enjoyed "The Book of Eli." To get a more detailed look at my thoughts check out my reviews here on Starpulse.

This week features a bizarre mix of movies including the religious thriller "Legion," the silly family film "Tooth Fairy," the emotional drama "Extraordinary Measures," and the coming-of- age story "To Save a Life."


After losing faith in humanity, God sends his legion of angels ...

Top 5 TV To Watch, Nov. 8-14, 2009

11/8/2009 12:10pm EST
George Lopez
Another man is making his mark on late night this week. George Lopez, popular comedian and television star, premieres his new show, "Lopez Tonight" on Monday. The show, a milestone for late night, will feature audience interaction and celebrity guests. First up: Eva Longoria Parker and Kobe Bryant.

"Seth & Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show" - FOX - Sunday, Nov. 8, 2009

If you love "Family Guy," listen up! Not only will you get to see new episodes of your favorite animated series this Sunday, but on that very special night viewers will get to see a live-action version, courtesy of "F...

Celebrity Birthdays, October 26

10/26/2009 3:00am EDT
Jon Heder
Happy Birthday to:

"Napoleon Dynamite" star Jon Heder (1977)

"Family Guy" animator and creator Seth MacFarlane (1973)

Grammy nominated Country singer Keith Urban (1967)

Solo artist and former 10,000 Maniacs lead singer Natalie Merchant (1963)

Actor and star of "The Princess Bride" Cary Elwes (1962)

"The Practice" star Dylan McDermott (1961)

"The Love Boat" cruise director Lauren Tewes (1962)

Funk bassist Bootsy Collins (1951)

Original "Charlie's Angel" Jaclyn Smith (1947)

"Wheel of Fortune" host Pat Sajak (1946)

Star of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" Bob Hoskins ...

Pre-Season 2009 TV Report Card: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

9/21/2009 12:30pm EDT
Desperate Housewives
Since CNN has such a blast creating a report card to track the Presidency, we decided to have some fun with television. Which networks come out strong and which ones need to do better homework?



The Good: The dramas are what keep us coming back to ABC. Grey's Anatomy, Brothers & Sisters, FlashForward, and V are worth looking forward to. The one comedy that stands out and may hold itself against NBC's stellar comedies, Modern Family, is worth a few episodes past the pilot.

The Bad: Dancing With The Stars is extremely popular, however sometimes too much of a ...

New TV On DVD, April 28

4/28/2009 8:00am EDT
American Dad
American Dad revolves around Stan Smith (Seth MacFarlane), a hyperactive C.I.A. agent and his family. Volume 4 is now on DVD. Also in stores: The Waltons season 9.

Lauren Conrad Gets Animated In 'Family Guy'

4/23/2009 10:15am EDT
Lauren Conrad
Lauren Conrad joins good company like Drew Barrymore and the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation as one of the celebrity guest stars of Family Guy. Like the TNG cast, she plays herself. Get ready to see Seth MacFarlane's artistic take on the star of The Hills.

"That's actually the most exciting part is to see what you look like animated," Conrad said. "I think that I was basically just a blonde character though in this episode. I mean, I feel like unless you have a really prominent feature on your face, you kind of just look like a cartoon character, so I thought it was fun."


'American Dad' Vol 4 Comes To DVD April 28; Win It!

4/9/2009 5:30pm EDT
American Dad
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment raises the comedy alert to red as American Dad Volume Four arrives on DVD April 28. From the hilarious minds of Family Guy producers Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker and Matt Weitzman, "American Dad" follows the outrageous animated adventures of ultra-conservative CIA agent Stan Smith, a man who will stop at nothing to protect his family and country from the dangers of international terrorism and left-wing America. Whether it be joining the party during Spring Break or developing an addiction to the electronic game "Simon," Stan always makes it through w...