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Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe 'Saddened' To Leave 'American Idol'

6/11/2013 9:07pm EDT
Nigel Lythgoe
Nigel Lythgoe has confirmed he has been fired from American Idol after twelve seasons as executive producer.

Nigel says in a statement, I am truly saddened to be leaving a great team of friends and colleagues. However, at the end of the day, the most important thing is to maintain this incredible platform for America's young talent. This will only happen with the success of the program. If the executives that are now in charge of 'American Idol' believe that the ratings will improve with my departure, I have no complaints. It has been a great ride and I've loved every moment of it."

"It h...

'American Idol' Producer Nigel Lythgoe Wants Nicki Minaj Back For Another Season

4/2/2013 2:07pm EDT
Nicki Minaj
American Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe says he wants Nicki Minaj back at the judge's table - and is unsure how Justin Bieber would benefit the show.

In an impromptu chat with a TMZ cameraman, Nigel said, "By me, [Nicki Minaj] certainly will be [returning]." Minaj has had to fight off criticism from fans, eliminated contestants, and even fellow judge Mariah Carey. 

Minaj had previously threatened to leave the show when complaining that her favorite contestant was on the chopping block. She also said she has been a "spectacular" judge. She told US Weekly, "My best and worst Idol moments? I do...

Nigel Lythgoe Slams Allegations Of Racism On 'American Idol'

1/25/2013 8:55am EST
Nigel Lythgoe
American Idol boss Nigel Lythgoe has fired back at allegations of racism on the show following the threat of a lawsuit from former contestants.

Lawyer James H. Freeman has submitted a letter to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission seeking permission to sue producers behind the hit talent show on behalf of nine clients, all black men who have previously auditioned on the program.

In the document, which has been obtained by editors at, Freeman claims producers set out to humiliate the contestants by making them audition and then disqualifying them due to their criminal reco...

'Idol' Producer Nigel Lythgoe: 'Nicki Minaj Did Not Threaten To Shoot Mariah Carey'

10/4/2012 7:32am EDT
Nigel Lythgoe
American Idol boss Nigel Lythgoe has slammed reports suggesting rapper Nicki Minaj threatened to "shoot" fellow TV judge Mariah Carey during a furious on set bust-up on Tuesday.

The two new panelists - the latest superstar mentors hired for the hit reality show - were filming an audition in Charlotte, North Carolina this week when they became embroiled in a huge argument over a contestant.

In video footage posted online, an angry Minaj can be seen shouting and swearing at the Hero hit-maker, telling producers, "I told them, I'm not f**kin' putting up with her f**kin' highness over there...

Sick Ryan Seacrest Almost Missed First 'American Idol' In 11 Years

4/26/2012 2:03pm EDT
Ryan Seacrest
Ryan Seacrest is a professional, so viewers probably didn't realize he was sick as a dog last night while hosting American Idol. There was talk that Ryan could miss his first American Idol show in eleven years!

Seacrest reportedly came down with a stomach bug two days ago and had been throwing up ever since. In fact, sources tell TMZ that the host was sporting an IV in his arm. Executive producer Nigel Lythgoe was prepared to step in as host, and even led the dress rehearsal earlier in the day. There was also word that they told Cat Deeley to be on call if they needed her.

That said, Seac...

Kim Kardashian To Produce Pussycat Dolls Reality TV Show

9/16/2011 1:15pm EDT
Kim Kardashian
Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is stepping behind the scenes to produce a new reality show about the Pussycat Dolls.

The socialite has signed a deal with TV mogul Nigel Lythgoe to serve as executive producer on the series, which will feature the launch of the girl band's new line-up.

According to, Kardashian agreed to the project because she admires Lythgoe as "the best in the business."

The Pussycat Dolls originally formed in 1995 as a burlesque dance troupe, before going on to find international success as a pop band with Nicole Scherzinger as frontwoman.

The Don't Cha hit-...

Lady Gaga To Judge 'So You Think You Can Dance'

7/5/2011 9:14am EDT
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga has signed on to judge an upcoming episode of TV talent show "So You Think You Can Dance."

The "Born This Way" hitmaker will join producer and judge Nigel Lythgoe for an upcoming show later this season.

Lythgoe says, "Her help is going to be invaluable."

Did Jennifer Lopez Swear On Wednesday Night's 'American Idol'?

4/14/2011 10:40pm EDT
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez is defending herself against reports she swore on live TV on Wednesday night, insisting she didn't say what everyone thought she said.

The actress/singer, who was crowed the Most Beautiful Woman in the world by People magazine hours before her weekly appearance on American Idol, was offering wannabe Stefano Langone some career advice when she was bleeped by quick-thinking censors, who thought she had said 's**t.'

But Lopez insists she would never use the expletive on a TV show.

Phoning into morning show Access Hollywood Live on Thursday, she says, "(Show producer) Nigel (L...

J. Lo's Ex-Husband Told To Keep Away From 'American Idol' Auditions

9/21/2010 8:58pm EDT
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband has been told not to audition for a spot on the new season of "American Idol" - because he won't be welcomed.

Ojani Noa was hoping to embarrass his ex in Los Angeles on Wednesday, as she makes her debut as a judge on the show, by showing up for try-outs at the Forum.

A spokesman for Noa told WENN he was even planning to perform one of Lopez's songs.

But Idol bosses are keen to keep the Cuban-American away from auditions, according to reports.

A source tells the Chicago Sun Times newspaper that producers are determined not to embarrass Lopez and they've report...

Why Is 'American Idol' Struggling To Find New Judges?

8/13/2010 3:00pm EDT
Why Is Idol Struggling
Some critics say that "American Idol" is a halfway-sunk ship -- considering last season's ratings dip, underwhelming talent and Simon Cowell's exit -- and the recent scramble to revamp the judging panel might be the final hole in the hull.

Jennifer Lopez, who was reportedly a frontrunner to replace Ellen Degeneres, confirmed this week that she was no longer being considered. Shania Twain, Mariah Carey, Bret Michaels and Harry Connick, Jr.'s names were also being tossed around, but nothing came to fruition. Why is the ratings behemoth -- dubbed by other networks as the "Death Star" -- hav...

'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 7 - Lauren Wins!

8/13/2010 9:24am EDT
We’re here. It’s ending. Before we can pull the plug on two dancers’ dreams we’re going to sit through an intensive look at this past season whether we like it or not. Although we were served a healthy dose of Season 7 montage last night, we weren’t treated to many surprises. Tonight, however, was different.

The opening number featured all top 11 and the Allstars. It was strong and dramatic jazz that had everything you want in a piece that kicks off the finale show including a cheeky little section that paid obvious tribute to the talented but injured Alex Wong. They literally wheeled him ...

'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 7: Finale Part One

8/12/2010 9:12am EDT
SYTYCD Final 3
It’s been a busy past few weeks. We’ve seen the departure of Jose, Billy and Adechike, not to mention some excellent pieces and moving routines. We are at the end – down to three dancers that were a little worrisome at the start of this competition. Robert with his pretty boy looks and carbon copy Billy Bell technique initially seemed to be a strong contender that was destined to leave in the final weeks. Lauren the recent high school cheerleader with acrobatic skills to spare began as a jailbait tease with some cutesy moves and not much personality. Kent was a small town hick with some Pod...

'SYTYCD' Season 7 Week 8 - Top 5 Perform

7/28/2010 10:56pm EDT
Lauren and Alison teamed up for a Broadway number
After a two week hiatus due to conflicting schedules and no access to a TV or DVR, the profile of the latest season of 'So You Think You Can Dance' is back. Within the past two weeks we lost another stellar dancer to injury as Ashley went home to rest her injured rib cage. We also saw the first no-elimination week with no warning last time. It seemed like Billy, Robert or Jose was in trouble – and Billy even declined to perform due to another injury! Nigel obviously saw the mix of fan favorites and talented competitors and made an executive decision. No one went home last week. Which means ...

'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 7: 1 of 8 Voted Off

7/9/2010 10:22am EDT
Natasha Bedingfiel
The show opened with a group number filled with fog, angels, and boys in long white skirts. Mia Michaels choreographed the routine to a slow paced Sting song. It was understated and pretty with lots of reaching and modern arms. It’s then noted that SYTYCD was nominated for three Emmys today (Legacy and Katherine last season, Mia Michaels’ three pieces from season 5, and the makeup crew). Woohoo. It’s also noted the ‘Glee’ was nominated 19 times. A FOX show promoting another FOX show? How surprising. Later, they also plugged auditions for the next season of ‘American Idol.’

The bottom three...

'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 7: Final 8 Perform

7/8/2010 10:10am EDT
Lauren + Kent
Remember the elimination episode last week where Melinda was finally sent away? If you don’t, there’s another less deserved change they introduced for Season 7. This week each contestant will perform two dances – one with an Allstar, one with another contestant.

Sadly, there were no Alex performances tonight. He wasn’t dancing due to an injury. Oh sweet Jesus, when Nigel said “ruptured Achilles tendon” it hurt my Achilles. This means he may have a season ending injury if not career ending (if not taken care of properly). He’ll be in the bottom three this week and if he cannot dance next w...

'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 7: Melinda Eliminated, 8 Remain

7/2/2010 10:51am EDT
SYTYCD Final 8
You cannot get any more dramatic in song than ‘O Fortuna’ from Carmina Burana. Unless you add an authentic 18th century white ruffled collar of royalty to your costume. SYTYCD did one better. The sleeved mesh on the boys put it over the top. The slow and controlled jazz/lyrical hybrid opening number was heavy on the Alex and I think Ashley. They’re opening the show with more group numbers that feature soloists. I like. Especially since we’re still getting to know each remaining dancer.

Next week there’s a new setup for the show. All remaining dancers will perform two routines. In one, the...

'So You Think You Can Dance' Season 7: Top 9 Perform

7/1/2010 9:47am EDT
So You Think You Can Dance
It just keeps rolling on. Nine dancers performed tonight. Three ladies and six men performed a solo as well as their selected routine. Finally, we got to see all the dancers in their element once again. Considering the quality of some of them, this may have been the only time we’ll see their solos until the very end. Let’s get into it:


Allstar: Neil

Style: Broadway

Flirty girl Lauren had the best pick of the routines this week. She was seducing her partner in a Broadway style – and from what we’ve seen of her in solos and try-outs in the past this should be no problem. If she’s...