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Now Playing: Hotel Transylvania Trailer Official (HD) Jon Lovitz Vodcast Features Steve-O, Gary Busey, Dana Carvey, Lenny Dykstra
2013-07-26 Jon Lovitz On Adam Sandler's Critics: They Just Wanted To Be Actors
2013-07-26 Jon Lovitz On SNL Days: I Didn't Do Any Drugs
2013-07-26 Jon Lovitz: 'Family Guy' Borrowed Full Scenes From 'The Critic'
2013-07-26 Jon Lovitz On Seth Rogan, Judd Apatow And Dirty Humor
2013-07-26 Jon Lovitz Turned Down 'Home Alone' Role
2013-07-26 Jon Lovitz Responds To Obama Criticism Controversy
2013-07-26 Comedian Jon Lovitz LIVE
2013-07-26 Bula Quo!
2013-07-02 Jon Lovitz Now Club Owner and Vodcast Host
2013-06-26 Unscripted: Rob Schneider, David Spade, Jon Heder in The Be
2012-12-10 Jon Lovitz Is Not Sure Which Candidate Is Telling The Truth
2012-11-06 Catching Up with Selena Gomez at the Hotel Transylvania Movie Premiere
2012-10-10 Hotel Transylvania Film Clip
2012-09-27 Prince of Persia Movie Premiere
2010-05-18 Adam Sandler Is Dracula in "Hotel Transylvania"
2012-09-07 Xcorps Music Special Jon Lovitz Comedy Club seg.1
2012-08-26 Hotel Transylvania Trailer Official (HD)
2012-07-17 Jane Seymour, Kaley Cuoco, Kristin Bell, David Hyde Pierce, and others at"A Night at Sardi's"...
2012-05-23 Anthony Jeselnik Tells Banned Jokes
2012-04-24 Jon Lovitz hanging out in Beverly Hills
2012-01-18 Will Jon Lovitz Referee Wimbledon
2011-12-22 John Lovitz Funny Tennis Dance
2011-12-22 Hoda Kotb Makes the Shot
2011-12-20 Jon Lovitz at Chris Evert Dinner Talking Tennis
2011-12-22 Anna Kournikova Gets Called a Fattie by Jon Lovitz on Celebr
2011-12-22 Chris Evert Is an Amazing Woman on Celebrity Wire
2011-12-22 Chris Evert Raymond James Pro Celebrity Tennis Tournament on
2011-12-20 Is Chris Evert Cheating
2011-12-15 Jon Lovitz On American Idol
2011-05-19 Jon Lovitz: 'SNL Highlight of My Career'
2011-01-26 The History of Saturday Night Live
2011-01-25 Jon Lovitz Signs Autograph at Boa
2011-01-19 Celeb Says What with Gordon Ramsay and More
2010-05-05 Andy Dick Misses Phil Hartman
2007-07-25 Andy Dick On His Kids Future
2007-07-25 Andy Dick On Jon Lovitz
2007-07-25 Andy Dick Talks Cocaine
2007-07-25 Andy Dicks Media Moment

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