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Dina Lohan Hopes To Profit From Her Daughter Lindsay's Problems

10/21/2011 2:12pm EDT
Dina Lohan
Lindsay Lohan's mom is shopping a tell-all book, in which she opens up about her daughter's much-publicized troubles, to publishers as the actress begins an intensive community service stint at the Los Angeles County Morgue.

Lindsay Lohan checked in for her first day at the morgue on Friday morning just as news was breaking about Dina Lohan's book deal chase.

TMZ.com, who obtained the draft prologue of the book, reports Dina plans to reveal all about Lindsay's alleged drug and alcohol use in the memoir.

In the prologue, Dina, who has always been defensive about her daughter, opens up abo...

Lindsay Lohan: 'Drug Deal Story And Footage Is Absurd And Gross'

8/10/2011 9:18pm EDT
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan has fired back at reports suggesting she was involved in a seedy street drug deal in Venice, California, insisting the story and accompanying online video footage is false (watch it here).

X17online.com posted the footage of what appears to be a sidewalk drug deal online on Wednesday. In it, the actress appears to be scribbling notes in a pad while a pal inspects a small plastic bag handed to him by a mystery man.

Lohan later appears to hand the suspicious stranger cash.

The footage prompted the actress' estranged father Michael to blast his daughter for hanging out with "t...

Lindsay Lohan's Father Furious Over Alleged Drug Deal Video

8/10/2011 2:43pm EDT
Lindsay Lohan's estranged father is furious with the actress after an undercover paparazzi team caught her in what appears to be a street drug deal.

X17.com footage of Lohan and friends hanging out near her home in Venice, California was posted online on Wednesday morning. The 25-year-old actress scribbled notes in a book and chain-smoked cigarettes as a pal inspected a small plastic bag handed to him by a suspicious bystander.

The actress was then seen handing over cash to the mystery man.

Her father Michael Lohan isn't waiting for an explanation and has blasted his daughter for refusin...

Michael Lohan's Domestic Violence Case Dismissed

7/5/2011 10:15pm EDT
Michael Lohan
Lindsay Lohan's father Michael has been cleared of all domestic violence charges, stemming from an alleged fight with ex-girlfriend Kate Major earlier this year.

Lohan was formally charged with misdemeanour domestic violence for inflicting injury on a cohabitant during a heated dispute in March.

However, on Tuesday, a Los Angeles judge dropped the battery allegations against the actress' dad, according to E! News.

Lohan's attorney Dana Cole says, "Kate did not want a spectacle. She wanted this privately resolved and we are pleased this happened."

It has been a good summer so far for the...

Michael Lohan Hit By A Bus

6/19/2011 2:00pm EDT
Michael Lohan
Lindsay Lohan's father Michael narrowly escaped serious injury on Friday after a bus crashed into the side of his car.

The Mean Girls star's father was driving along Los Angeles' Sunset Strip when a metro bus tried to overtake, and accidentally swiped his Jaguar vehicle.

Lohan walked away from the crash unharmed, telling TMZ.com, "We exchanged information and everything is fine."

Cast Of 'Celebrity Rehab' Season 5 Announced

6/8/2011 8:15am EDT
Celebrity Rehab
Blade Runner actress Sean Young, Lindsay Lohan's father Michael and former Guns N' Roses rocker Steven Adler are among the stars checking into the next series of Celebrity Rehab.

Joining the trio on the reality TV show, hosted by celebrity counselor Dr. Drew Pinsky, will be The Crow star Bai Ling and Baywatch bad boy Jeremy Jackson as well as Amy Fisher.

Lohan recently made headlines when he announced he would open his own rehabilitation center, while Young has struggled with alcohol abuse issues in the past. Adler follows his pal Mike Starr who appeared on Celebrity Rehab last year . Th...

Deja Vu: Lindsay Lohan's Dad Gets Same Judge As Her In His Own Court Case

5/23/2011 8:59pm EDT
Michael Lohan
Lindsay Lohan's father is facing the same judge who sentenced his daughter to 90 days behind bars last year, as he fights accusations he assaulted his ex-girlfriend.

Michael Lohan was in court on Monday morning in Los Angeles, where Judge Marsha Revel was overseeing his case.

Lohan pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanour charge of assaulting Kate Major.

He saw the funny side of facing the same judge who sentenced his daughter, telling E! News, "Ironically, I finally got my meeting with Judge Revel that I asked for during Lindsay's case.

"It was an odd way for us to meet. You didn't expect ...

Steven Tyler Slams 'Celebrity Rehab'

5/4/2011 11:29am EDT
Steven Tyler
Rocker Steven Tyler has taken aim at Dr. Drew Pinsky and his reality show Celebrity Rehab, insisting the "ghoulish and unreal" series exploited his pal Steven Adler's weaknesses.

The former Guns N' Roses drummer was kicked out of the band in 1989 amid rumors his drug use was hampering his performance, and he has long struggled with his addictions. He was ordered into rehab in 2009 following a 2008 felony drug charge, and his battle to get clean was chronicled on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and its spin-off series Sober House.

However, Tyler has accused TV bosses of giving Adler cash t...

Lindsay Lohan's Bohemian Look - Thumbs Up Or Down?

3/28/2011 3:00pm EDT
Lindsay Lohan
We spotted Lindsay Lohan walking with a male companion after dining at The Otheroom in Los Angeles over the weekend. What do you think of her braids, combat boots and long coat?

The actress is planning to re-launch herself as simply "Lindsay," according to her mother Dina. She reportedly wants to distance herself from her father Michael.

Meanwhile, she will stand trial over allegations she stole a necklace in January, after rejecting a plea deal for the second time.

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Dad Says Lindsay Lohan Won't Really Drop Her Last Name

3/28/2011 8:47am EDT
Michael Lohan
Lindsay Lohan's father has voiced his shock at hearing his famous daughter is considering changing her last name and he's accused his ex-wife of fabricating the story.

The star's mother Dina Lohan recently suggested the actress is planning an image overhaul by dropping Lohan and simply being known as 'Lindsay'.

Dina also reportedly told PopEater.com that she and her daughter Ali will also be be reverting to her maiden name of Sullivan.

The news has infuriated her ex-husband Michael Lohan, but he is convinced Lindsay has no intention of dropping her last name.

He tells the New York Daily...

Lindsay Lohan To Drop Her Last Name

3/25/2011 12:21pm EDT
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan is set to drop her last name in an attempt to put her troubled past behind her, according to the actress' mother.

The Mean Girls star is planning to re-launch herself as simply 'Lindsay' as she struggles to rebuild her career following a string of personal problems and stints in jail and rehab.

And in an apparent snub to Lindsay's father Michael Lohan, her younger sister Ali and mother Dina are also planning to drop the family name and use Dina's maiden moniker 'Sullivan' instead.

Dina tells PopEater.com, "Lindsay is dropping the Lohan and just going by Lindsay. Plus, me...

Michael Lohan Officially Charged With Domestic Violence

3/23/2011 4:18pm EDT
ichael Lohan
Lindsay Lohan's father Michael has been formally charged with domestic violence, following allegations he assaulted his ex-girlfriend, Kate Major.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office handed Lohan a misdemeanour charge on Wednesday for inflicting injury on a cohabitant, reports TMZ.com.

The actress' dad was apprehended in Los Angeles on Monday after Major filed a police report claiming a heated argument with Lohan had turned violent. Major is said to have "visible marking" due to the alleged attack.

While at the police station, Lohan complained of chest pains and was taken t...

Michael Lohan Arrested On Domestic Violence Charges

3/22/2011 8:28am EDT
Michael Lohan
Lindsay Lohan's father Michael has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence.

The actress' dad was apprehended in Los Angeles on Monday after an unidentified woman filed a police report claiming a heated argument with Lohan had turned violent. The unnamed female was said to have "visible marking" due to the alleged attack.

Lohan is facing charges of domestic violence, false imprisonment, and preventing the reporting of victimization.

Lt. John Ratto tells People.com, "Mr. Lohan was arrested after we received a call around 9pm regarding a domestic dispute. He was detained after he ...

Michaele Salahi Booted From 'Celebrity Rehab'

3/9/2011 9:40am EST
Micheale Salahi | Photo Credits: Paul Morigi/Getty Images
Michaele Salahi has been kicked off of the new season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, VH1 announced Tuesday.

"The treatment program that Celebrity Rehab documents is intended for individuals with serious substance abuse and addiction issues. Prior to the taping of the current season, producers were advised that Michaele Salahi met the criteria to be treated in this setting," the network said in a statement Tuesday. "However...

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Sean Young Joins 'Celebrity Rehab'

3/8/2011 11:01am EST
Sean Young | Photo Credits: Amanda Edwards/WireImage.com
Sean Young will appear in the fifth season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, TVGuide.com has confirmed.

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The 51-year-old actress, who starred in...

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Steven Adler Returns To 'Celebrity Rehab'

3/8/2011 8:29am EST
Steven Adler
Former Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler is heading back into reality TV rehab - he's signed up for another series of Dr. Drew's hit program.

The musician's battle with drugs reportedly led to him being booted out of the rock band in 1989. He faced his demons by signing up to appear on show Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and its spin-off series Sober House in 2008/09 after he was ordered to get help by a judge. And despite kicking his drug habit after stints on the shows, Adler has agreed to go back into rehab to ensure he keeps up his recovery.

On his Twitter.com page, Adler writes, "A...

Heidi Montag Is Not Joining 'Celebrity Rehab'

3/5/2011 9:05am EST
Heidi Montag
Reality TV star Heidi Montag has dismissed reports suggesting she has joined the cast of addiction counselor Dr. Drew Pinsky's show "Celebrity Rehab."

Online gossip linked "The Hills" star to the new season of the show, which features celebrities attempting to deal with all manner of addictions.

One report suggested the blonde had already checked in to Dr. Drew's rehab house in Pasadena, California, earlier this week after struggling with a pill-popping problem.

A source tells X17online.com, "Heidi was dropped off at the house two days ago by a friend. She is going to be on season five w...

Cast Leak: Michael Lohan Joins 'Celebrity Rehab' Season 5

3/3/2011 3:00pm EST
Michael Lohan
Unfortunately, Charlie Sheen won't be appearing on the new season of "Celebrity Rehab" (now that would be interesting), but TMZ.com has learned that several D-listers are ready to battle their drug and alcohol addictions in front of VH1 cameras.

Lindsay Lohan's father Michael has apparently joined the cast, and his daughter is horrified. LiLo is afraid her dad will embarrass the family. Can that family be embarrassed any more than it already has?

Check out who else is reportedly on board: Former NY Mets pitcher Dwight "Doc" Gooden, White House wedding crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi, a...

Michael Lohan Reaches Out To Billy Ray Cyrus

2/19/2011 1:30pm EST
Michael Lohan
Lindsay Lohan's estranged father has offered his support to Miley Cyrus' dad Billy Ray in a letter after the country star opened up about his fears for his teenage daughter in a magazine article.

The Achy Breaky Heart hitmaker blasted his daughter's handlers in the GQ interview and confessed her hit Disney show Hannah Montana was a big mistake that wrecked the whole family.

And Michael Lohan can sympathize - in his letter he states he sees a lot of himself and his situation with his own daughter in what Cyrus is going through.

Addressing Cyrus directly, he writes, "As hard and frustratin...

Lindsay Lohan Not Doing Top Ten on 'David Letterman'

2/16/2011 3:44pm EST
TV network bosses at CBS in America have confessed they were conned into believing Lindsay Lohan would be poking fun at herself on The Late Show with David Letterman on Thursday.

The TV chiefs sent out a release late on Tuesday, stating that the troubled actress would be reading the nightly Top Ten list on the show via satellite from her home in California.

They have since discovered the booking was made by someone who had no authority to call CBS.

A statement from the network on Wednesday reads, "We made a mistake. Someone purporting to be a friend of Lindsay's reached out to the show y...

Lindsay Lohan's Dad Hospitalized

2/1/2011 8:10am EST
Michael Lohan
Lindsay Lohan's estranged father has been hospitalized after experiencing chest pains.

Michael Lohan was visiting a doctor in Newport Beach, California when he was taken ill.

A nurse took his blood pressure and called for an ambulance, reports TMZ.com.

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Lindsay Lohan Getting Set For Career Comeback?

1/3/2011 9:41pm EST
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan's comeback career has been given a big boost - she has signed Robert Downey Jr.'s entertainment lawyer to help her book lucrative TV and movie deals.

The actress was expected to leave the Betty Ford Clinic in California today after spending almost four months there, but TMZ.com reports that she's opting to stay at least until next weekend to finish battling the drug and alcohol abuse problems that blighted her 2010.

But her father Michael has confirmed she's planning her return to the spotlight with the man who helped Downey, Jr. recreate his Hollywood career after a series ...

Lindsay Lohan Moves To New Rehab Facility Over Safety Fears

12/19/2010 3:11pm EST
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan's father has confirmed the actress has been moved to a new rehab facility amid fears for her safety.

The Mean Girls star has been enrolled at California's Betty Ford clinic since October when a judge ordered her to complete three months of treatment for violating her probation stemming from a DUI arrest.

The actress was rumored to have left the facility this week following reports she has been receiving strange phone calls, with Britney Spears' former manager/companion Sam Lutfi alleged to have been in contact with her.

But Lohan's father Michael has dismissed allegations L...

Tila Tequila Busts Out At A Birthday Party For Tiger Woods Mistress Joslyn James

11/28/2010 9:22am EST
Tila Tequila
Tila Tequila showed up to the House of Blues in Los Angeles earlier this week showing off less cleavage than usual in a silky gold dress. Wow, we actually think she looks pretty good for a change.

The occasion? Joslyn James' 33rd birthday party. If that name sounds familiar it's probably not because she's a porn star - but because Joslyn was one of Tiger Woods' myriad of mistresses.

Once again Tila was spotted partying with her friend Kate Major and Kate's boyfriend Michael Lohan. Yes, that Michael Lohan. Word on the street is that it was also Major's birthday and Tila's gift to her was a...

Lindsay Lohan's Family Upset With Gwyneth Paltrow's Jokes On 'Glee'

11/18/2010 1:46am EST
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan heads back to her outpatient house in a black floral print dress and combat boots after spending her morning at the Betty Ford Clinic for treatment of her many vices.

The "Mean Girls" star's family is upset with the producers and writers of hit TV show "Glee" after guest star Gwyneth Paltrow poked fun at the actress' troubles on the latest episode.

The "Shakespeare In Love" star played a substitute Spanish teacher in the show, which aired on Tuesday night, and she chose to make one class a little more interesting by inviting her student characters to talk about modern celebr...

Lindsay Lohan Saying No To Drugs?

11/12/2010 9:48pm EST
Departing the Bevely Hills Courthouse
This week photos surfaced of Michael Lohan looking inside of daughter Lindsay Lohan's mouth. Radaronline.com reported that the reason why Lindsay's dad was peering through the mouth of his daughter, was because the actress had dental surgery and was refusing to take painkillers.

"Lindsay had tooth surgery this week," a source close to the situation told RadarOnline.com. "She had teeth removed and won't even take any painkillers for the pain."You heard it right. Lindsay refused to take painkillers, which we all know is very unusual.

Insiders revealed that Lindsay is very dedicated to her r...

Michael Lohan Proud Of Lindsay's Progress

11/11/2010 1:51pm EST
Michael Lohan
Lindsay Lohan's father Michael has spoken out for the first time since he was reunited with his troubled daughter in rehab, praising her progress and revealing they are taking steps to repair their relationship.

The actress, who has been in and out of jail and rehab this year, is currently serving out a three-month stint at California's Betty Ford clinic after failing two mandatory drug tests. She was rumored to have reached out to her estranged father when he was spotted visiting the center on Sunday, and they fuelled speculation of a reunion when they enjoyed an outing to a movie theatr...

Lindsay Lohan's Dad Sent Her Smokeless Electronic Cigarettes

11/7/2010 2:30pm EST
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan's estranged father has launched a desperate bid to prompt his daughter to stop smoking while she's attempting to give up drugs in court-ordered rehab.

Michael Lohan has been banned from actually visiting the actress at the Betty Ford Clinic in Rancho Mirage, California - but that hasn't stopped him from trying to get his anti-smoking message across.

X17Online.com reports he has sent his daughter an electric smokeless cigarette as part of a care package. He's hoping the actress will at least try the device and that will kickstart a decision to quit smoking for good.

The care...

Arrest Warrant Issued For Michael Lohan

11/7/2010 8:30am EST
Michael Lohan
Lindsay Lohan's dad Michael is a wanted man - a judge in New York has issued a warrant for his arrest.

A judge in Suffolk County, New York issued the warrant on Thursday, stemming from a legal case with a Montana woman who alleges Michael Lohan fathered her child.

Kristi Kaufmann sued the Lohan patriarch in 2008 and won an uncontested judgment because Michael never opposed the baby claim, reports TMZ.com.

Michael Lohan insists he was unaware of the warrant and believes it is because he was a day late making his second child support payment to Kaufmann - and he's adamant once he makes th...

Tila Tequila Is Nearly Naked For Halloween, Celebrates With Lindsay Lohan's Dad (Pictures & Video)

10/31/2010 3:00pm EDT
Tila Tequila
Tila Tequila spent her Saturday night at Bel-Air Mansion in Los Angeles for the magazine's first annual "Halloween in Bel-Air" Costume Ball. Tila showed off quite a bit of skin as she almost wore a red sequined micro-skirt and matching bikini top with long black gloves and some sort of lacy bedazzled mask that totally had us fooled!

Tila partied with her new BFF Kate Major, who occasionally dates Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael. The two are currently "on again" and the threesome hammed it up for the cameras together.

Last week Tila celebrated her 29th birthday at celebrity hotspot Mr. Cho...