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Betty White Inducted Into NAB Hall Of Fame

4/18/2012 9:27am EDT
Betty White
Golden Girls legend Betty White is the latest star to enter the National Association of Broadcasters' Hall of Fame.

The veteran actress was inducted into the prestigious institution at a special ceremony in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

White was selected for the honor in recognition of her lengthy career, her seven Emmy Awards and her numerous TV and film roles.

NAB President-CEO Gordon Smith says, "Betty White is admired by generations of audiences. She has remarkable energy and an incredible ability to connect with viewers. Betty's contributions to television and entertainment as a whole a...

Jerry Lewis Will Not Host Final Labor Day Telethon

8/4/2011 7:53am EDT
Jerry Lewis
Comedian Jerry Lewis will miss out on hosting the Labor Day weekend Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) telethon, despite insisting this year's event would be his final turn as host.

The Nutty Professor star announced plans to bow out of the annual charity TV fundraiser in September after 45 years, but bosses at the MDA have confirmed Lewis will not appear to sing his swan song.

Chairman Dr. R. Rodney Howell says, "We will not be replacing him as MDA national chairman, and he will not be appearing on the telethon."

A reason for Lewis' relinquishing his role as host a year early has n...

Don Cheadle And Brendan Gleeson Honored By Friars Club

7/26/2011 12:54pm EDT
Don Cheadle
Don Cheadle and Brendan Gleeson were the toast of New York's comedy circuit on Monday after they were inducted into the legendary Friars Club.

The pair was presented with the Best New Buddy Comedy Duo Award for their performances in new black comedy The Guard.

They were also given a lifetime membership to the private club, which boasts Barry Manilow, Frank Sinatra, Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg in its ranks.

Veteran funnyman Jerry Lewis, abbot of the Friars Club, congratulated the pair on their achievements in a message read aloud at the bash.

Referring to his own partnership wi...

Jerry Lewis Feels Fine After Canceling Australia Show

6/25/2011 2:00pm EDT
Jerry Lewis-SGG-063550.jpg
Veteran entertainer Jerry Lewis is feeling "fine" after he was hospitalised for exhaustion in Australia on Friday.

The comedian/actor pulled out of a sold-out fundraiser for The Muscular Dystrophy Foundation Australia in Sydney at the last minute because he was feeling unwell.

Lewis visited a nearby medical centre for three hours before doctors concluded he was simply overworked, and discharged him.

The 85 year is now resting and recovering, according to his spokesperson Candi Cazau.

She tells the Associated Press, "He's fine, from what I understand. He was just feeling under the weathe...

Jerry Lewis Wants To Punch Lindsay Lohan, Spank Paris Hilton

9/3/2010 8:25am EDT
Jerry Lewis
Showbusiness veteran Jerry Lewis has nothing but tough love for troubled actress Lindsay Lohan - he wants to punch her in the mouth.

The funnyman admits he has no tolerance for young celebrities - and he takes aim at Lohan in a new televised rant.

Lewis tells "Inside Edition," "I'd smack her in the mouth if I saw her. I would smack her in the mouth and be arrested for abusing a woman! I would say, 'You deserve this and nothing else...' Whack! And then, if she's not satisfied, I'd put her over my knee and spank her and then put her in rehab and that's it."

Lewis insists Lohan is an exampl...

The Best And Worst Of Martin Scorsese

2/17/2010 9:48am EST
Shutter Island
With Shutter Island about to open, cineasts are holding their collective breath wondering if the latest film from legendary director Martin Scorsese will add to his legacy or continue what some perceive as a decline from the Robert De Niro era to the Leonardo DiCaprio years. Take a look back at the best and worst of Scorsese's four-decades-plus career:



Paul Newman and Tom Cruise star in this superfluous sequel to the 1961 pool hall classic, The Hustler. Cruise is in full-on cocky mode (whether that's good or bad is up to you), while Newman seems to...

Everyone's Favorite Monkey Returns In 'Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey'

1/23/2010 9:00am EST
Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey
Buckle up for an unforgettable experience when Curious George and his friends embark on a hilarious madcap cross country adventure in "Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey", an all-new feature-length animated film available only on DVD on March 2 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Filled with the delightful antics, gentle humor and heartfelt emotion that have captivated the hearts of families around the world, "Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey" includes a menagerie of entertaining bonus features: Two never-before-seen shows from the all-new TV season on PBS that does not air un...

Best & Worst Stalker Movies

4/23/2009 10:24am EDT
In 'Obsessed', Derek Charles (Idris Elba) sparks a relationship with his smoking hot new co-worker Lisa Sheridan (Ali Larter). One little problem… Derek already put a ring on Sharon Charles (Beyonce). Crazy Lisa doesn't want to hear that though and continues her pursuit anyways. The unrelenting stalker character is a Hollywood staple, so will 'Obsessed' result in some good scares or unintentional laughs? Here's a look back at some of the best and worst stalker movies ever.


'Play Misty for Me' (1971) - Long before Jessica Walter made a career of playing boozing, acid tongued gr...

Mega Oscar Diary

2/23/2009 9:22am EST
Sean Penn
Before we get started on the Mega Oscar Diary, let's go to a few random ramblings from the cadre of pre-shows around the dial:

-Philip Seymour Hoffman's hat probably came with a matching set of fingerless gloves.

-Those who were unable to see the Los Angeles CW affiliate's pre-show missed this exchange.

-The CW's Female Host: What is the role you'd love to do next. If you could do anything following 'The Wrestler' what would it be?

-Mickey Rourke: (Slowly eyes her up from head to toe with a knowing smile and walks off.)

-I know a lot of people care about fashion, ...

Jerry Lewis Cited For Hidden Gun In Las Vegas Airport

7/30/2008 12:36pm EDT
Jerry Lewis
Veteran comedian Jerry Lewis was tackled by guards at Las Vegas's McCarran Airport on Friday after they found a gun in his carry-on luggage. Staff spotted the weapon in the 82 year old's bag as it passed through an X-ray machine. He was cited for carrying a concealed weapon without a permit and released.

According to, Lewis claimed he didn't know the gun was in the bag, which had been used previously by other members of his family. His manager insists the weapon was a "fun gun" used as a show prop.

The incident comes just a week after actor Dennis Farina was fined $510 and...

The Most Underrated & Overrated Films By Martin Scorsese

5/9/2008 9:25am EDT
Martin Scorsese
Martin Scorsese. The name, like no other director of the modern era, is completely synonymous with quality. A trailer branded with "A film by Martin Scrosese" instantly becomes a must-see for cinephiles, no matter what clips preceded the title card.

Images of dramatic shootouts scored by classic rock and sharp-tounged dialogue of the underworld enter people's minds when they think of Scorsese. The man has changed much about the way films are made. His use of popular music inspired a generation long before MTV, and the way he made violence pop off the screen was a direct antecedent o...

Starpulse Q&A: Chit-Chat With the 'TalkShow' Host Spike Feresten

11/9/2007 3:56pm EST
Spike Feresten
Growing up, Spike Feresten's father gave him an education in comedy, fostering in him a craving for all things funny. Feresten sought humor in school, employing it in his assignments and in his reign as a class clown, thinking up ingenious pranks that he instructed his minions to carry out, managing his flock like the head of a Fortune 500 company. Feresten's wit eventually led him to a career as a television writer, where he worked for Letterman, Seinfeld, The Simpsons, and Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Now Spike is in charge of his own show, the hilarious and inspired Talkshow with Spike Fe...

Dean Martin Is Forever Cool With New All-Star Collaborative Album; Win A Copy!

8/28/2007 6:30pm EDT
Dean Martin
Hollywood, California – June 26, 2007 – Around the world, entertainment superstar Dean Martin has the market cornered on charisma, easygoing charm, playful wit, and gracious humility, all of which combine to make him infinitely cool. To honor Martin's broad appeal and countless contributions to modern entertainment via his legendary music, stage, film and television career, many of the world's top artists have recorded new collaborative tracks with him for a new album titled Dean Martin: Forever Cool. To be released worldwide in CD and deluxe CD/DVD packages and digitally on August 14 by Ca...

Celebrity Birthdays, March 16

3/16/2007 3:00am EDT
Flavor Flav
Happy Birthday to "Firefly" actor Alan Tudyk (1971), "Gilmore Girl" Lauren Graham (1967), singer/songwriter Patty Griffin (1964), Public Enemy rapper Flavor Flav (1959), Heart guitarist Nancy Wilson (1954), French actress Isabelle Huppert (1953), English stage star Kate Nelligan (1950), stage actor Victor Garber (1949), "ChiPs" actor Erik Estrada (1949), low-budget director David Cronenberg (1943), outlaw country artist Jerry Jeff Walker (1942), game show host Chuck Woolery (1940), "Last Tango in Paris" director Bernardo Bertolucci (1940), folk-rocker Fred Neil (1936; d. 2001), comedian/act...

New Jersey Hall of Fame Nominates 25 Notables, Including Bruce Springsteen & Meryl Streep

12/28/2006 4:01pm EST
Bruce Springsteen
Thomas Edison, Bruce Springsteen, Frank Sinatra, Althea Gibson, Vince Lombardi -- these are five of the final 25 nominees announced recently for election to the first class of the New Jersey Hall of Fame, a new museum dedicated to celebrating the leaders and legends associated with the state.

"We have so many big names from New Jersey," said Bart Oates, former New York Giant captain who now heads up the Hall of Fame Board, "that it was difficult paring it down to the top 25. The list of those who didn't make it, including Paul Robeson, Philip Roth, Count Basie and Bon Jovi, is just as ...

Jerry Lewis To Guest Star on 'Law & Order: SVU'

10/5/2006 10:25am EDT
Jerry Lewis
Legendary comedian Jerry Lewis makes a rare and dramatic guest star appearance on NBC's Law and Order: SVU as a homeless man who may have a clue to the brutal rape and murder of a mother and daughter. The episode, "Uncle," will air Tuesday, October 10 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

When a homeless man is found in New York's Central Park and brought in for questioning by Detectives Stabler and Beck, one member of the Unit is dealt an emotional blow as Detective John Munch recognizes the homeless man as his long lost uncle, Andrew. This powerful episode deals with many societal issues including the ...

Jerry Lewis Suffers Heart Attack

6/14/2006 10:11am EDT
Jerry Lewis
Jerry Lewis has had a minor heart attack. The legendary comic is recovering in hospital after having the minor seizure on Sunday having just flown from New York to San Diego. His publicist, Candi Cazau, said: "It was determined that he suffered a very minor heart attack, and that he has a touch of pneumonia. He's doing extremely well."

Lewis, 80, is expected to make a full recovery.'s Jerry Lewis Homepage

Celebrity Birthdays, March 16

3/16/2006 3:00am EST
Flavor Flav
Happy Birthday to "Firefly" actor Alan Tudyk (1971), "Gilmore Girl" Lauren Graham (1967), singer/songwriter Patty Griffin (1964), Public Enemy rapper Flavor Flav (1959), Heart guitarist Nancy Wilson (1954), French actress Isabelle Huppert (1953), English stage star Kate Nelligan (1950), stage actor Victor Garber (1949), "ChiPs" actor Erik Estrada (1949), low-budget director David Cronenberg (1943), outlaw country artist Jerry Jeff Walker (1942), game show host Chuck Woolery (1940), "Last Tango in Paris" director Bernardo Bertolucci (1940), folk-rocker Fred Neil (1936; d. 2001), comedian/act...

Guests & Musical Acts on Conan This Month

11/2/2005 4:47pm EST
NBC has announced the guests and musical performers on Late Night With Conan O'Brien for the rest of November. Guests on the show this month include Jennifer Aniston, Joaquin Phoenix, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ryan Reynolds and Eva Longoria; plus musical performances by Green Day, Neil Young, Big & Rich and many more. The full list is below...

These listings are subject to change. More performers/guests are still TBA. Check local listings for exact showtimes.

Wednesday, Nov. 2:

Philip Seymour Hoffman, John Krasinski, Neil Young

Thursday, Nov. 3:

Jake Gyllenhaal, Neil Young