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Now Playing: Letterman's Newest TV Gig Is a Documentary Series on Nat Geo Letterman's Newest TV Gig Is a Documentary Series on Nat Geo
2015-09-18 Ask Alan: Tougher Task: Trevor Noah or Stephen Colbert?
2015-08-13 David Letterman Comes Out of Retirement to Slam Donald Trump
2015-07-13 "LIVE with Kelly and Michael": Jimmy Kimmel
2015-06-24 David Letterman Debuts New Beard After Leaving The Late Show!
2015-06-05 Top 10 David Letterman TV Moments
2015-05-25 David Letterman Retires From 'Late Night' in Star-Studded Finale
2015-05-25 Ask Alan: Goodbye to 'Mad Men' and Letterman
2015-05-25 Top 10 Athlete Interviews from 'Late Show with David Letterman'
2015-05-22 David Letterman Bids Farewell on Final 'Late Show'
2015-05-21 Letterman Tribute! Seth Meyers Revamps Original Late Night Opening
2015-05-21 Celebs Beg Letterman to Stay
2015-05-21 David Letterman Takes the 'Late Show' Stage One Last Time
2015-05-21 Conan O'Brien On Letterman: 'He Completely Rescued Me'
2015-05-21 How David Letterman "Completely Rescued" Conan
2015-05-21 Testing Your Letterman Knowledge
2015-05-21 David Letterman Says Farewell to the 'Late Show'
2015-05-21 Highlights from David Letterman's Last Late Show
2015-05-21 The Last Show with David Letterman
2015-05-21 Letterman Says Thanks and Goodbye
2015-05-21 David Letterman's Final Broadcast Was As Subversive, As Punk Rock, As Ever
2015-05-21 David Letterman's Bows Out for Last Days for 'Late Show'
2015-05-21 David Letterman Signed Off In Star-Studded Fashion Last Night
2015-05-21 Conan Tells Viewers to Stop Watching His Show and 'Turn to Dave'
2015-05-21 Marines Get Ship-Faced At David Letterman After-Party
2015-05-21 David Letterman's Last Show
2015-05-21 Conan Tributes Letterman In The Most Spectacular Way
2015-05-21 Letterman's Last Show: All Laughs and A-Listers
2015-05-21 Watch Conan O'Brien's Poignant David Letterman Tribute
2015-05-21 David Letterman's Last Show Could Make Anyone's Top 10 List
2015-05-21 David Letterman Hosts Final U.S. Talk Show
2015-05-21 David Letterman Arrives To His After-Party
2015-05-21 Inside David Letterman's Low-Key After Party
2015-05-21 What Will We Do When Letterman's Gone?
2015-05-20 David Letterman by the Numbers
2015-05-20 ET's Top 10 Moments With David Letterman
2015-05-20 Bill Murray Says Goodbye to Letterman - - Pops Out of Cake!
2015-05-20 Letterman Will Be Sorely Missed
2015-05-20 Blake Lively Was Positively Giddy in Her First Appearance on Letterman in 2008
2015-05-20 "LIVE with Kelly and Michael": Jimmy Kimmel
2015-05-20 Jimmy Kimmel Gets Emotional Honoring David Letterman
2015-05-20 Bill Murray's Sweet Goodbye to Letterman
2015-05-20 Jimmy Kimmel Cries as He Says Goodbye to David Letterman
2015-05-20 Bill Murray Demands That David Letterman Stays on TV
2015-05-20 Drew Barrymore Talks About Flashing David Letterman In 1995
2015-05-20 Drew Barrymore Fondly Remembers the Time She Flashed David Letterman in 1995
2015-05-20 David Letterman Kicks Off Last 'Late Show' Week
2015-05-19 Jimmy Fallon Says Farewell to David Letterman!
2015-05-19 Jimmy Fallon Bids Emotional Farewell to Letterman, Who Paved the Late-Night Road
2015-05-19 Tom Hanks Teaches David Letterman How to Use a Selfie Stick
2015-05-19 Rebel Wilson Allegedly Caught Lying About Her Age
2015-05-19 Jimmy Fallon Salutes David Letterman: 'I Will Miss Him'
2015-05-19 David Letterman and 'The Late Show': Facts You Should Know
2015-05-18 All the Hollywood News
2015-05-16 David Letterman Talks Failed Marriage, Giving Up Alcohol With Jane Pauley
2015-05-16 Bill Murray, Tom Hanks and Eddie Vedder Will Be David Letterman's Final Late Show Guests!
2015-05-15 WATCH: George Clooney Handcuffs Himself to David Letterman
2015-05-15 George Clooney Handcuffs Himself to David Letterman On The Late Show
2015-05-15 Tom Waits Perform Letterman Ode 'Take One Last Look'
2015-05-15 Sarah Jessica Parker Praises David Letterman
2015-05-15 Winding Down For His Curtain Call David Letterman Dreads the End
2015-05-14 Julia Roberts Reveals Why She Was Afraid of David Letterman
2015-05-14 Bill Clinton Will Return to the White House, If Hillary Asks
2015-05-13 AMC Blacking Out Affiliated Networks During 'Mad Men' Series Finale
2015-05-13 Howard Stern's Favorite Radio Guest Will Surprise You
2015-05-12 'Late Show:' Tina Fey Disses Met Gala, Gives Dave Her Dress
2015-05-08 Tina Fey Strips Down to Spanx to Honor Letterman
2015-05-08 Tina Fey Strips Down to Her Spanx as a Farewell to David Letterman
2015-05-08 DaveWatch: Countdown to Letterman's Last Show
2015-05-08 Reese Witherspoon Wears Sexy Dress, Has Blonde Moment When David Letterman Jokes About Daughter Ava
2015-05-07 President Barack Obama Discusses Retirement Plans On The Late Show
2015-05-07 Jimmy Kimmel Won't Air New Episode Opposite David Letterman's Last Show
2015-05-07 See Reese Witherspoon's Hilarious 'Late Show' Blonde Moment
2015-05-06 David Letterman and President Obama Talk Retirement Plans
2015-05-05 Paul Shaffer Talks David Letterman Sign-Off: Which Guests Flirted the Most?