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Now Playing: Elizabeth Olsen's First Acting Paid Gig Was in Her Sisters' 'Home Videos' Elizabeth Olsen's First Acting Paid Gig Was in Her Sisters' 'Home Videos'
2015-09-15 Spike Lee Joins HuffPost Live
2015-08-13 Is Jerrod Carmichael the New King of Comedy?
2015-08-07 Jerrod Carmichael Wants to Marry Meryl Streep
2015-08-04 Amazon's Spike Lee Movie Chi-Raq to Debut in Theaters in December
2015-07-15 Amazon Studios Acquiring Spike Lee Film as Its 1st Release
2015-07-15 'Mad Men' Actress Teyonah Parris Joins Spike Lee's 'Chiraq'
2015-06-18 'Chiraq': Working Title of New Spike Lee Film Ignites Firestorm in Chicago
2015-06-08 Spike Lee Talks Drafting Story For 'NBA 2K16' Video Game
2015-06-04 New Spike Lee Film ‘Chiraq' To Focus On Violence, Possibly Feature Kanye
2015-04-10 ‘She's All That' Reboot Reportedly in the Works
2015-04-09 Which Celeb Wants to Dunk on Kevin Hart in the NBA All-Star Game?
2015-02-15 Spike Lee and Zaraah Abrahams Talk 'Da Sweet Blood of Jesus'
2015-02-12 Rosie Perez: She's Been There, Done That
2015-02-01 'Da Sweet Blood of Jesus' Trailer
2014-12-14 Jamie Foxx, Diddy, Gabrielle Union & More Celebs React to Eric Garner Decision
2014-12-05 Everything You Need to Know About the 1st MLK Biopic
2014-11-12 Michael Rapaport -- Squashes Beef with Spike Lee ... But Fires One Last Shot!
2014-10-21 How Spike Lee's 'Do The Right Thing' Changed Race Relations In America
2014-07-01 Hollywood Reacts to Ruby Dee
2014-06-13 Spike Lee Sued Over 'Oldboy' Movie Posters
2014-05-28 On This Day: March 20
2014-03-20 Brad Pitt & Spike Lee Are 12th Cousins?
2014-03-07 Spike Lee's Courtside Clothes Are Getting Out Of Control
2014-01-16 Wolf Of Wall Street Curses Its Way To A New Record With The Most F-Bombs EVER!
2014-01-04 Top 10 Worst Movies of 2013
2013-12-28 Escape to the Movies: Oldboy
2013-12-08 Oldboy Soundtrack - Track 9 - Closing In
2013-11-22 Oldboy Soundtrack - Track 17 - Destiny
2013-11-22 How Spike Lee Squashed His Feud with Samuel L. Jackson
2013-11-11 Spike Lee on Tyler Perry: "One Day We Might Work Together"
2013-11-11 How the Granddaughter of a Slave Put Her Grandson, Spike Lee, Through College
2013-11-11 Spike Lee on His Trayvon Martin Tweet: "I Did a Stupid Thing"
2013-11-11 Oldboy Movie Cast and Filmmakers Featurette
2013-09-29 Should Celebs Be Allowed To Use Kickstarter?
2013-08-02 Spike Lee to Kickstarter Critics: 'You're Plain-Out Wrong'
2013-07-30 Spike Lee: Steven Soderbergh Pledged $10,000 To Kickstarter Campaign
2013-07-24 Celeb News: Andre 3000 Wows As Jimi Hendrix
2013-07-24 Spike Lee Discusses Kickstarter: "This Is A Hard Thing To Do"
2013-07-24 Spike Lee Talks 'School Daze' Sequel
2013-07-24 Spike Lee Not Happy About the Gentrification of Brooklyn
2013-07-24 Poor People! Fund My Vanity Project!
2013-07-24 Spike Lee Launches $1.25 Million Kickstarter Campaign for Next Film
2013-07-23 Spike Lee Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Film
2013-07-23 Spike Lee's On Kickstarter
2013-07-23 First Look at Spike Lee's Take on Cult Film 'Oldboy'
2013-07-12 Oldboy- Trailer No.1
2013-07-11 Filmmaker & Author Tonya Lewis Lee LIVE
2013-06-28 Tyler Perry Responds to Spike Lee and Other Critics of His Movies
2013-05-28 Celebrity Basketball Fanatics
2013-04-18 Katie Holmes Looks Beautiful as She Goes Make-Up Free
2013-04-11 Celebrities Before They Were Famous
2013-03-07 Celebrities Before Fame - The Embarrassing Ones!
2013-03-04 Real Talk With Rick Ross
2013-02-20 Spike Lee Blasted By Rapper For Dissing Tarantino's 'Django'
2013-01-16 Spike Lee: 'Django Unchained' Disrespectful to Ancestors
2012-12-25 Spike Lee Slams Django: " I Will Not See It"
2012-12-22 Spike Lee Talks "Red Hook Summer"
2012-12-21 Shooter - BTS Clip No. 1
2012-12-16 Latest Additions to the 2012 TIFF Roster
2012-11-20 Highlights from the 2012 Sundance Film Festival
2012-08-21 Kim Kardashian Gives Kayne West Boys Night Out on Broadway
2012-08-02 Spike Lee Is Gearing Up to Release Michael Jackson Documentary
2012-07-17 Sharlto Copley on 'Maleficent' and 'Old Boy' at Comic-Con 2012
2012-07-15 Michael Jackson Documentary in the Works from Spike Lee
2012-07-11 Spike Lee Making Michael Jackson Documentary For "Bad" 25 Year Anniversary
2012-07-11 Red Hook Summer - Trailer No. 1
2012-07-03 Latest Celebrity Gossip
2012-06-22 Mike Tyson Brings Show To Broadway
2012-06-19 Mike Tyson Is Headed to Broadway with His One-Man Play
2012-06-05 Celebrity Alumni Show Support at The 2012 Tisch Gala
2012-04-25 Spike Lee Biography
2012-03-20 Malcolm X - DVD Clip No. 1
2012-02-03 Spike Lee Goes After Hollywood at Sundance
2012-01-24 Spike Lee and Francis Ford Coppola Talk George Lucas